Day 4

This Book Will Change Your Life

Day 4: World Coloring-In Day

Country by country…

  • been there, done that
  • intend to go there this year
  • intend to go there sometime before I die
  • happy never to set foot there in my whole life

Been There, Done That

  1. United States (obviously)
  2. Canada, in 6th grade. Took a road trip with my parents and best friend up to Vermont. We hit up the Statue of Liberty (Jersey side), Niagra Falls, and went up into Canada for about an hour or two. That was pre-9/11 and passports weren’t required between borders.
  3. Costa Rica, for our honeymoon. Tamarindo (or Tamagringo as the locals call it)… It was beautiful! And that leads us to…

This Year

  1. Costa Rica, for our fifth anniversary! We’re thinking about doing an all-inclusive resort this go around, now that we have more money. Maybe we’ll get to see more of the sights, and interact with native English speakers… I am a gringo, and I am not ashamed!

Before I Die…

  1. Somewhere in Europe… I honestly don’t care where. UK, France, Italy, Ireland, Scotland…Spain? I don’t really care, lol! Maybe hit up several of them on one tour after we’re retired and rich.
  2. India – I want to adopt a child from India at some point, so that would more than likely mean traveling there…probably quite a bit.
  3. Japan, because they’re cray cray out there, and I want to see it in person.
  4. Mayyyyybe Australia? But I’m kind of scared of all of Australia at the same time. lol!

How About Never?

  1. Russia
  2. North Korea
  3. Anywhere in the Middle East…
  4. Any war-torn country.

Oh, by the way,  in the book there is a map and you’re supposed to color in the various countries, instead of listing them:

Day 4, This Book Will Change Your Life | The Wilson BuzzIt’s incredibly tiny, and impossible to read. Also, my public school geography lessons haven’t stuck all that well…I had to do some Googling. Don’t judge me. #murica

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