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Alright, I vaguely took your comments (the ones I knew about, anyway) into consideration. But mostly I went with what seemed like the best option to me – I’m sticking with WordPress comments.

According to the plugin developer for the comments plugin I was using, there is no way to get notifications if someone commented via G+. (Am I the only person that hates putting a period after a symbol? “G+.” is so ugly to me…) I didn’t see any response from him regarding FB, but if any of them don’t work I don’t want to deal with it.

I don’t have the type of blog that has a comments section full of back-and-forth between readers, like a mini-forum. My comments (when I get any) tend to be a direct message to me, that only I reply to. I know that when I comment on other people’s blogs it makes me sad when there is no response from the blogger (even though I usually forget to subscribe to future comments, so I never really know if they reply or not >.<) and I don’t want to do that to you guys.

My original hosting was Blogger, and I tried a few different things over there for comments. You could be anonymous, but had to use a CAPTCHA. Or you could be anonymous and I had to approve your comment before it was posted. Or it could be set up so you had to use your G+ profile to comment. I got complaints from all of those (well, the “needing approval” one was just me complaining to myself, but it still counts). Basically…you can’t please everyone.

So I’m just gonna stick with WordPress for now. If that plugin is ever updated so that I can be notified for G+ and FB comments, I’ll switch back to it. You do have to submit some sort of “name” and an email address before you can comment via WordPress, but you don’t have a to have a special account, and once I approve one of your comments you should be able to comment on anything without needing approval from then on. At least I think that’s how I have it set up.

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