Comment Frustration

Guys…let’s take a poll on how we want comments to work here. The plugin I currently have is pretty sweet – it allows you to comment either via Facebook, G+, or the standard WordPress comment system. BUT (and it’s a pretty big but) I have no way of knowing when you comment, unless it’s via WordPress. There is no notification system in place for G+ or FB.

I found one module that does allow FB comments and does send me emails, but it’s only Facebook. You cannot comment using either G+ or WordPress. I don’t particularly like that option. Now, you can tag me, or whatever it’s called, in G+ by typing “+Sarah Wilson” (only if we’re in each other’s circles, I’m assuming) and I will be notified. But if you do the same thing under the FB tab it will not notify me.

I don’t know what I want to do… I’m tempted to just stick with the plain WordPress comments. I don’t think you’re required to create an account or anything. And once I’ve approved you once, you can comment as often as you want. I’ll still have the “share” buttons to post a link on FB or G+ and then you can tag me that way, if you’re my friend. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Comment Frustration

  1. Those options do kind of blow. I’d probably go with the WordPress one if I were you. I know, these days, everyone has a FB or G+, but there are still those that don’t and I hate the idea of having to have an account with another site to be able to use the current site. That’s just lame. But it’s whatever you decide really. Have you looked in to seeing if there are any other options at all, or is that pretty much it?

    • Someone mentioned Disqus, but that requires an account.

      I didn’t see any other plugins that had multiple options combined in one, and I didn’t want to limit it to just one, like what Blogger had done. At least not one that required an account.

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