Christmas Giddies

I got the Christmas Giddies, y’all! Shut up, spell check – “giddies” is a real word!

This happens to me every year. I flipping LOVE this time of year. Love, love, love it. Not to get too…political?…or anything, but my love for Christmas is one of the main reasons I see no need to tell my future children that Santa is real. Everyone’s all “Christmas is so MAGICAL when you believe!!” Well you know what, my parents never tried to push that fat man propaganda on me and I’m a twenty-six year old woman still OBSESSED with all things Christmas. But if Mr. T really wants to do it, I’ll probably let it be a “thing”. Only because I love that man…

Anyway, this post isn’t about Santa. It’s about Chrissssssssssstmasssssss… *birds sing*

I still haven’t fully recovered from The Great DIY Debacle of 2014. As a matter of fact, the animals continue to ruin our lives. Just this morning Vigo got hot fudge sundae all over the couch and Khat came out of Mr. T’s closet in a VERY suspicious manner… I didn’t have time to investigate that one. Chairman continues to gnaw on the lowest branches of the tree every chance he gets – which isn’t often, because he’s so scared of Sputnik. Oh, and Sputnik got in the trash a couple days ago and then pooped in the house multiple times. It’s been weeks since the last indoor pooping incident, at least. And this time he had the decency to stay on the hard floors.

OH. My niece came over to work on some crafts with me to give to grandparents as Christmas presents (I’ll blog about that later, maybe). She wanted to paint something not structured after we’d finished, so Mr. T was squirting some paint onto a plate for her and the back of the tube split open and red paint SHOT out of the back of it. We now have three huge red stains on our carpet. That we just shampooed a month ago. Kill me now. What was this post even about? Oh, right – how flipping happy I am right now. >.>

Grinch's <3 Growing

I do love Christmas… Mr. T is off from now until Saturday – glory be. I’m off Wednesday through Sunday. What on earth will we do with all this free time?! Well he is going shopping today. >.< Then we need to wrap presents – some of the things I ordered are still being delivered, and I, too, need to pick up a few things. Dear Brother didn’t get us his family’s lists until last Wednesday. I think all the Amazon orders should be in by tomorrow. Hopefully. Oh, and other than that, maybe we should finish my closet? And clean up the bedroom?? I’m *thisclose* to being done in the closet, and then we can finally clean up the bedroom!! I failed miserably on my Style Cure… Honestly, I don’t think that accomplished anything, other than giving me something to ramble about for a few weeks. I did rearrange the art on the wall, so there’s that. #EpicFail The good news is, I signed up for another Cure! Something about getting organized in January. I just know that one will go swimmingly. 8P

The most exciting part about this Christmas? We’re taking all three dogs to my hometown!! Dad’s cousin is going to board Sputnik, because he is FAR too crazy to be around my family/small children. But Splinter and Vigo are going with us. They’d probably have more fun at the boarding place, because I know Mom’s going to get all nervous and make us keep them in their crates most of the time, but they’re the closest thing to kids we have and I want them to be around during Christmas, darnit! Which reminds me – I need to get some doggie treats when I make my last-minute panicked Walmart run… Davis is going to come by the house and take care of the cats for us, God bless him.

Anyway, we’re getting together with Mr. T’s grandmother on Christmas day, around lunch time, then we’re driving to my hometown. We’ll stay there through Saturday night/Sunday morning…whatever ends up happening. Most of the family can’t get there until Saturday, and there was a rumor of us waiting until Sunday morning to open presents, so you get the magic of waking up to “Christmas”. Which…I like the idea of that, but Mr. T has to work Sunday so I’d hate to feel rushed to leave right after the presents are opened. Decisions, decisions.

The thing I’m most excited about, which I can actually post about here because my parents don’t know about my blog, is that I bought us all pajamas. *squee! Mr. T and I bought Dad a bike that has to be assembled, so my great plan is to hand out the pajamas, then have Mr. T and Dad assemble the bike. #ChristmasMemories The men have matching PJ bottoms that I won’t describe here, in case Mr. T reads this post (he won’t). Mom and I both have onesies, but they don’t match. I got Mom some made out of fleece with penguins on them. Mine are….mine are fabulous.

Christmas Giddies | The Wilson BuzzAin’t no shame in my jam-jam game!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Giddies

  1. Rocking the onesie ma’am! Now I want one, where did you find them? I’m having a little trouble with my Christmas spirit this year. I think it’s because I’m not getting out of anything. No break from school because I’m not in school, no break from work because I’m not working. It’s just another day, except more stressful because I have to drive to 4 different houses. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when it happens, but I’m not amped up right now AT ALL. I’m glad you’re having fun, though!

    Also, I take it your no-Santa stance means you won’t be an elf-on-the-shelf parent?

    • I hate Elf on a Shelf with the burning passion of ten-thousand suns.

      I got my jam-jams at Target!! And I wore them all three nights I was at my parents’ for Christmas. It was GLORIOUS. I will say, the buttons are a bit of a challenge. Don’t put off peeing if you’re buttoned up in a onesie!!

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