Christmas DIY Update

What an absolute cluster those DIY ornaments turned out to be. We got the tree up! We put lights on it! It was so lovely. We spent all Thanksgiving morning working on Christmas stuff. I made my pom pom snowflakes. Mr. T worked on the retro-inspired ones. Things were going GREAT.

Then I went out of town. And Mr. T felt bad because Splinter and Sputnik were in their crates longer than usual those two days. So he left them out on Sunday. Thank GOD he got home before I did, or murder would have been in the air. Sputnik had a FIELD DAY (sorry, there are a lot of caps in this post). He got in leftover movie popcorn, the trash, the recycling, a bag that had Mom’s Christmas present in it, he pooped like 5 times, and I don’t know what else. Isn’t that enough? And then. AND THEN. Monday morning I left him loose – like I do every work day – for the few hours between when I leave and when Mr. T wakes up. Again – I do this every day. But apparently the joy he took from ruining the house the day before carried over, because he went on another rampage. Mr. T cleaned up the poop, at least, but I had to take care of the trash when I got home.

The part that upsets me the most with all this…my pom pom snowflakes. He DESTROYED them. I had just threaded them with needle and thread, so they weren’t tied on in any way. He pulled half of them off. :( There are pom poms EVERYWHERE. And he somehow managed to pull the lowest strand of lights off the tree, and broke them in some magical way that causes them to no longer light up, but still transmit electricity to the second strand. If I knew how Christmas lights worked that might make sense, but I don’t know and I don’t care – I just really hate that stupid puppy. *pout*

I did get to send Mr. T one of his favorite texts of all time, though. It read “I think I know why he pooped so much. He ate an entire stick of butter.”

I haven’t even tried to make any salt dough, or the kind with applesauce and cinnamon. I just don’t have the heart. Oh, and then the retro ornaments… I wondered while he was making them if Mr. T was using enough glue. He wasn’t. There is sand everywhere. I haven’t wrapped any presents, either. What’s the point? WE CAN’T PUT THEM UNDER THE TREE! Sputnik will ruin those, too. I’ve lost all motivation to even try anything else this year. Dogs ruin lives. Put that on a bumper sticker…


No, there are no pictures. What about this post made you think there would be pictures?!

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