Christmas 2013

Oh, goodness, where to begin? I’ve already put in a request to have December 22, 23, and 26 off next year, so I don’t have to come in to work the day after Christmas. This is for the birds. I have had a CRAZY two days, and had to be in at 8:00 like it was just another Thursday. Thanks, but no thanks. Let’s do a play by play…

Christmas Eve

9:00am Went to IHOP with Mr. T and a girl from work. She’s gonna need a nickname. Hmm… I’ll call her Sookie, because she’s an actress and was actually an extra in an episode of True Blood. This nickname may not stick. We shall see. Anyway, we went to IHOP. Surprisingly busy. Or maybe not. I don’t usually do things on Christmas/Christmas Eve. The food was delicious, though. Mmm…stuffed French Toast…

11:00am Had to take Khat to the vet. She has a UTI, apparently. If it’s not one thing it’s 500 other things. In case you didn’t know that already, let me warn you now. Nothing’s ever easy.

12:00pm FINALLY get started on painting the bedroom! Exum, Sookie, and…I can’t remember if this guy has a nickname yet or not. I kind of regret this nickname nonsense. I can’t keep anyone straight anymore. Should’ve never done it in the first place. We’ll call him Hero. Not because he’s like Superman, but because the abbreviation of his last name that most people call him is also a common name for sub sandwiches, as is “hero”. Anyway – Exum, Sookie, and Hero came over to help me paint the bedroom. We got at least one coat on 3 walls, and I got about 3 coats on the dresser. I made chalk paint and supposedly it’s supposed to cover anything with only one or two coats…I did not find this to be the case. But the dresser was kind of a darker wood. I had plenty of paint, so no worries. AND it kept me from having to paint the walls! ;) We still have a ways to go – I’ll probably need to buy another gallon of white paint (and a new broom, thanks to Hero) to finish it out, but it’s already looking loads better in there. It’s going to be so fresh and clean!! We also need to paint the trim – the white we bought is whiter than the trim, so now it looks dingy. *pout

3:00pm I had lunch with Exum and Hero. Oscar’s Taco Shop – so delicious.

5:00pm Panic sets in – I haven’t finished shopping for presents, or wrapping the ones I have, or packing for our trip to my hometown, or making mac & cheese for Mr. T’s family Christmas at 6:00.

6:00pm Leave for Mr. T’s grandmother’s house to celebrate with them. We end up being about 10-20 min late, but it doesn’t matter because they started early – way, way early. We verified at least 3 times on Sunday that it was going to start at 6:00. There is NO WAY they were able to eat and open all their presents in 20 minutes. No way! I was kind of pissed about that. I hate the way Mr. T’s family treats him. He gets so down about it – how hard is it to be considerate to your son/nephew?? We haven’t even seen his parents yet. His mom may  be coming down this weekend to eat dinner with us. I doubt we’ll see his dad, unless it’s on accident. Even when they come to M’boro we don’t find out about it until after they’ve already left. I just found out recently he didn’t even bother attending Mr. T’s high school graduation! They came to our wedding, but got there late and left as soon as the ceremony was over. Suffice to say – I’m not impressed with the majority of his family. Also, excuse the rant. It just…bothers me. A lot.

7:45pm Rush into Walmart, feeling super guilty about all the people having to work on Christmas Eve, 15 minutes before they close to get one last gift. There were some people who looked like they were doing all their Christmas shopping, though. And that’s just awful. Shame on you!

8:30pm Mad rush of packing, wrapping, and writing notes for MR to take care of our dogs, and then we’re out the door and on our way to my hometown. Fairly uneventful drive.

9:30pm Do Christmas exchange with Mama N and hang out with them for a bit before they head home. Stay up and chat with family for an hour or two before going to bed.

Christmas Day

6:00am Wake up to the sound of “Fat-Bottomed Girls”. Merry Christmas, world. Mr. T is sick – woo! We take showers and head over to the main house (we, along with my brother, slept in one of my parents’ cabins). Had to wait on my nephew to wake up before opening presents. Also, my brother had to WRAP his. >.< It’s nice to know I’m not the only procrastinator in the family! Although, his wife is pregnant and suffering from severe all-day “morning” sickness, so their life has been a bit hectic the past few weeks. My niece was more impatient than I was! Oh, cute story – she told my mom that she and I needed to open presents. I was like “You got that right, gurl!” ;) She must be a mind reader, because I definitely didn’t put her up to that.

The present-opening was fun. Mr. T got a lot of tools, and I got a lot of kitchen stuff. Way to break stereotypes, us. lol! It’s what we asked for, so it wasn’t my family’s fault! Mr. T got a lot of Ghostbusters stuff, as usual. Two TeeFury t-shirts, and a set of prints that I picked out and my family chipped in on. My #1 gift….hmm…I’m not sure. Everything I got was so practical… lol! I like all of it, though! I’m just becoming a boring adult. :( There is a funny story regarding one of my gifts, however…

Remember how I said my brother’s wife is preggers? Keep that in mind. I’m a huge fan of giraffes, so my brother bought me a bottle of dish soap that had a giraffe on it. The only problem is, it’s “baby” dish soap. I’m not sure what the difference is, but they say it’s good for washing bottles. Maybe less harsh chemicals? Or just an excuse to charge more? No clue. The point is – giraffe. Well, Mom just happened to turn around as I pulled it out of the bag – not knowing it was from my brother. I don’t know why she thought we would announce our pregnancy this way, but the look on her face…priceless. lol! There was a distinct lack of JOY that I find mildly upsetting, but still – hilarious. I told her she’s still got a couple more years before she gets any such announcement from us!

12:00pm-ish At some point in the afternoon my sister and her family left to do Christmas with her in-laws. Not sure on time… By this point Mr. T was feeling pretty awful and had passed out on the couch. Mom and I played this new Monopoly card game she had gotten – I won 2/3 hands and we both accused the other of cheating any time they won. Good times. ;) Dad was upstairs trying to copy home videos from VHS to DVD. He’ll probably finish about the time DVDs are obsolete and then we can begin copying them over to the next thing. Blu-ray?

Evening-ish Yeah, time gets fuzzy on Christmas. But at some point my brother went home. Mr. T and I took a nap on the couch. We ate dinner. Then we had to load our car up. I would have liked to stay longer, but Mr. T felt awful and I can’t say no to a sick Mr. T. Plus I missed my dogs. They seemed to miss me, at least at first. But after I fed them and gave them some bones (they got more presents than we did!) they didn’t give me the time of day! We stopped by CVS to pick up some medicine for Mr. T on our way home. So he dozed and drank Theraflu all night while I attempted to bring order to the chaos of our home. I failed, but we were in bed by 10:00! I still wasn’t ready for work this morning. :\

Day After Christmas

8:00am I had to be at work! Boo! I almost immediately emailed my boss asking for the entire week off next year. I asked off Dec 22, 23, and 26. But my grandboss pointed out that I could ask off the 26, 29, 30 and Jan 2 and get way more time off…so I may do that. lol! It’s only one more vacation day and I go from having 9 days off in a row to 12. Hmm… May not be worth it.

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