Chicken Fajitas

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Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas from Love Grows Wild | The Wilson Buzz

I posted on Facebook that this was “accidentally dinner” and it was! Not like “Oops, how’d all these ingredients get in the crock pot?!” sort of accidentally, but what had happened wuz… I have two shredded chicken recipes saved to cook this week. One of them calls for precooked/shredded chicken. For some reason I thought both needed this. Also, when I went grocery shopping in all the store there was only ONE package of chicken breasts. No joke – ask Mr. T, he was there. So I got a package of turkey breasts and told him to tell everyone we did that to be more healthy. Anyway, the other recipe is a chicken soup sort of dealio where the amount of meat can fluctuate a bit. The above recipe is kind of dependent on the chicken. And it called for 2lbs. Well the turkey – oh my God, this has gone on too long. Look, I put the wrong meat in the crockpot and we’re out of Ziplock bags, okay?? It was 8:00pm and I started cooking a crockpot meal. Such a catastrophe. We ate dinner around 11:30 last night. It was delicious. But it was still 11:30pm.

Chicken Fajitas | The Wilson Buzz^^ Proof that I will never be a food blogger. So appetize, much yum.

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