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Golly gee wiz it’s been a day or two, hasn’t it?

My brother and his wife are having a baby today! Well, his wife is having a baby. I’m sure he’s behaving like the average baby daddy and freaking out. She’s had a pretty miserable pregnancy…she had to deal with extreme nausea that never went away the entire 9 months. She had to quit her nanny job because she couldn’t leave the house. After all the difficulties they had getting pregnant, I’m sure that was a total bummer. Her due date was Monday (July 14), but at their last checkup the doctors discovered the baby was getting ready to come out and her body was like “Naw, I got noooo plans on having this baby any time soon.” so they had to schedule a c-section for today. It’s currently 9:45, so it should all go down sometime in the next hour. I’m so excited for them!! I’m really hoping/praying that Niki is one chill baby, too. She has so far not been very cooperative.

For the record, Mr. T and I are NOT pregnant. While every female I know is either in the process of creating new life, trying to create new life, or raising tiny spawn, I am thoroughly enjoying not doing any of that. So in case I ever post something somewhere that might make you think “Oh, hey – Mrs. Wilson is knocked up!” let this be the post that you think back on where I’m saying “Nope. Not at all.” When/if I do get pregnant, I will announce it in such a way that there is no doubt as to the validity of the statement. Note: This is not that announcement.

I just made a new set of pages where you can view all the snippets from books I’ve highlighted on my Kindle. Exciting, I know. Try to not get too overwhelmed with joy. Apparently as I get sucked into a book/series I highlight less, and the stuff that I do highlight is usually bizarre and might not make sense anymore. Sorry, not sorry.

My birthday’s a little over a week away! I’m going to be 26, you guys. Twenty. Six. I just crossed the halfway point between 20 and 30. That is a bit terrifying, I think. I need to go back over my “30 Before 30” checklist to see where I stand… Mr. T will be 28 in three weeks! And our marriage will be 4 the week after that. My, my, my how time flies. My niece turned 3 in February, her little brother turned 1 in December, and apparently her older brother is now 12 (happened in September?). Insanity!

I’ve started playing Batman: Arkham Asylum again. I need to blog about that. I just need to blog again. I’ll never be a world-famous blogger if I don’t post more!! ;) I bought a Humble Bundle that came with a handful of games. And I think I bought another one…so I have a lot of games that need to be played. Not to mention The Sims 4 is being released September 2!! That’s 53 days away. I am so embarrassingly excited about that. I deleted all my Sims 3 games in preparation. Dude, there’s no going back. Don’t pretend there is. I tried to install The Sims on my laptop once and omg it was awful. Forget the fact that I spent HOURS playing that game in high school. Hours. As I did with the following two iterations. It’s been a hot minute since I played The Sims, though. Adulthood caught up with me. My free time is pulled in 500 different directions – when I actually have any, that is. Dogs, family, friends, the art gallery….busy, busy. So we’ll see if the obsession will be revived.

Anyway, I need to get back to 100% focused on work. Just wanted to pop in and say “Holla!” Cross your fingers that I’m going to be posting more from now on! Or cross your fingers that I don’t, I guess, if you hate me.

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