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I’ve had glasses since I was in the first grade. I didn’t start wearing my glasses until I was in the second grade. The first day I wore them to school I was called “four eyes” and I didn’t wear them again for another year. >.< From that point on I’ve always had glasses.

Once…maybe early high school, or late middle school…I tried hard contacts. I have astigmatism and at that point in time I think they recommended hard contacts. Let me tell you – that was rough. With hard lenses you have to put the contact directly on the pupil. I was so. bad. at it. I hated touch my eyes! Still do, actually. My sister makes fun of the way I put in/take out contacts. Apparently it’s really weird. WHATEVER. The hard contacts didn’t work out.

A few years late as technology improved I was able to try soft contacts and those really worked for me. I went contacts-only for a few years but then I finally got a pair of glasses I enjoyed wearing. It ended up being about 50/50 on if I was going to wear glasses or contacts. These days I wear glasses more than I don’t. I’m lazy, but I also stare at a computer all day. Apparently they’ve done studies and you don’t blink enough when you’re looking at a monitor. I know from personal experience that my contacts get super dried out by the end of the day, which makes me tired. I saw a commercial recently about a new type of contacts that should help with that…maybe I’ll look into that at some point.

But this post has nothing to do with contacts at all!! It’s alllll about glasses. Excluding this rather lengthy introduction.

Have you heard of Zenni Optical?? I bought my red glasses from them last year and even though they’re a bit too big for my face, I love them! I get all sorts of compliments about them, too. Guess what? They were only $6.95! Oh, look – I wrote about buying these glasses last October. #MAGIC

Anyway, they were dirt cheap. I got the frames for less than $7. I got clip-on sunglasses for less than $4. I got the most premium protective coating for less than $15. If I wasn’t blind as a dad-gum bat they would’ve been much cheaper, but I had to get the next-to-most-fancy lenses so they didn’t turn out looking like Coke bottles. They still weren’t too bad, only $34.95. Once you add in shipping, I paid $65.75 for a smashing pair of glasses.

They have a little “frame fit” app on the side of their website where you can “try on” frames before you buy them. I was bored and thought I’d give it a go. Sweet Mother Mary it was rough. I was like SURELY this isn’t accurate – these glasses can’t really look like this on my face, right?? So I “tried on” the red ones I already owned… Oy…

Saturday Product Placement | The Wilson Buzz Saturday Product Placement | The Wilson Buzz

I mean…yeah. If anything, it looks better, because my prescription doesn’t go all wonky with the perspective. Also I’m a bit sick so attempting to smile and look perky gave me kind of a crazed look… The point is – the fit is pretty accurate. Unfortunately. And THIS is why I don’t take front-facing pictures when I wear these glasses. Stupid blindness making my face look all weird and stuff.

Anywho, I found a few different ones I liked, although God knows what they’ll actually look like on my face. I posted them on a FB group I’m in that has like 3k women in it (that makes for some interesting times) and everyone that commented on it chose the same pair. Mr. T was taking a nap, but I needed to make a decision right then, because reasons, so I woke him up and asked him. He picked a different pair. Then I posted it on my FB wall and the first wave of people there all went with Mr. T’s pick! But a few people went with the other pair as well. I really couldn’t decide…

why not both?!What’s the point of having an HSA if you never use it! (We totally use it all the time, thanks to the chiropractor and now the dentist.) So I bought two pair of glasses! The frames I had picked out were both around $20, so I didn’t get any clip-on sunglasses, and I didn’t get the super fancy coating (but I did get the next level up from free so there is some protection). They were still only about $58 each, and with shipping my total was $117.80. I’m really looking forward to getting them!! Yay new things! 8D

And since I can’t keep you in suspense any longer, here are the pictures:

Saturday Product Placement | The Wilson Buzz Saturday Product Placement | The Wilson Buzz

Gah – I can’t get over how jacked up that straight shot of my face in my red glasses looks…is that what I look like when I’m talking to someone?!

Saturday Product Placement

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It’s been a day or two since I did this, eh? I’m not getting any sort of compensation for this post, just wanted to share a life-changing product with you guys. Well, you ladies. The guys probably won’t care one way or another. Actually, guys will probably want to avoid this post. (It’s about PMS.)


Doesn’t that look weird? And it’s bigger than I thought it would be (that’s what she said). I got the “1” – it’s for women under 30 that haven’t had kids. I’m guessing the “2” is even bigger and that is terrifying.

But let me back up. wtf is a DivaCup?? It’s brilliant is what it is. It’s made of silicone and reusable. You can leave it in for up to 12 hours, so I can put it in before work and clean it out when I get home from work, then it’s good until the next morning. I bought it over a month ago, but my last period started while I was traveling for work and I didn’t want to deal with a new regime while dealing with so many other things. But honestly it would’ve been fine. Maybe. I don’t think I would do it, even knowing what I know now. Too many hours in public restrooms and planes.

My period started Friday. Coincidentally Friday was the start of my sister’s three-day girls’ weekend celebrating her 35th birthday. So I spent all weekend hiking, swimming, dressing up, and being out and about with a group of ladies. Not to mention I got hit hard with allergies. Nasal spray, y’all. That should be another Saturday Product Placement post all on its own. Anyway – I used the DivaCup all weekend and it was amazing. I had some emergency pads and tampons but didn’t touch them.

Can I tell you how liberating it is to hike on your period and not need to worry about carrying a bag for tampons? CAN I? Oh yes I can. It was liberating. I don’t think I can use italics for emphasis enough in this post. brilliant ~ amazing ~ liberating I had one minor incident where I didn’t get the cup in juuuust the right spot, but thankfully caught it before we left the cabins. Thanks to my allergies I coughed and went “oh no” then rushed to the bathroom to fix it.

Anyway, using the DivaCup… It’s a bit intimidating at first. Like I said, it’s pretty big. You kind of fold it up and shove it in there, then wiggle it around to make sure it’s open (or it leaks, like what happened to me) and then you’re good to go for 12 hours! Less if you have a heavy period, which I don’t. I definitely suggest using a private bathroom with a sink any time you change it out. It gets a bit messy. Which is kind of gross, but whatever. It’s not any worse than a pad or tampon – it’s actually better, in my opinion. Pads are so, so gross. And tampons are barely better. I haaaated the way tampons felt coming out, especially if it was near the end of my period and they didn’t…fill up? Blech. I just had a shiver thinking about it.

Using the bathroom with it in was weird, too. It squished my pee channel (that’s the technical term) so my pee came out slower and it took longer to empty my bladder. Pooping felt weird due to all the pushing…it would move around quite a bit. But the same thing happened with tampons, so whatever. omg this is so much tmi. I’m sorry! One more thing: you have to push quite a bit to get it out. At least I did. It disappeared up in me…kind of freaked me out at first – I thought it was up too far but I don’t think it really was. I mean, it worked the way it was supposed to so I think it was in the right spot.

No more spoilers! I want you to experience the joy of the DivaCup on your own. Trust me – it’s totally worth it. I read a few hilarious accounts of DivaCup disasters online and they seemed to scare a few people away. I’m glad they didn’t scare me. Even if I do have a bad experience or two down the road, overall I know this is so, so much better than any of the other options I’ve tried. Hooray!

Spring Cleaning, Part the First

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Some things mentioned in this post I purchased with coupons I received as a participant in a BzzAgent campaign. I don’t get paid to discuss them, but my post here helps me get more free stuff, so I can do more reviews like this one. Unless they hate this review, which is entirely likely. I tend to ramble and be incoherent. Much like right now. Moving on!

You guys. You. Guys. I got my eyebrows waxed today. The woman (she’s quite lovely – I do so enjoy my hair salon) was all “It’s been awhile since you got this done, isn’t it?” Yes, yes it has. But there is something so satisfying in having bushman eyebrows and then suddenly having beautifully sculpted ones, don’t you think? If I were to always maintain them, wouldn’t it lose its excitement? That’s what I tell myself, anyway. What does this have to do with spring cleaning? Well, I have that same outlook on my house. I like to wait until it appears that all hope is lost and then do a massive scrub down. Usually right before people come over.

I imagine I’m not the only one. And Kroger knows this. They teamed up with BzzAgent for a “spring cleaning” promotion where they sent out some pretty sweet coupons for various cleaning products. You got me, guys – I’ll clean my house, alright? BzzAgent is so awesome they also sent me a coupon for some Glade Wax Melts and I don’t even have to post about that!! But I’m going to, because I bought them when I bought everything else and they’re in the picture I’m about to post. So.

Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson BuzzI got all sorts of goodies. Carpet cleaner, because freaking Vigo is trying to ruin my life – I won’t go into any details, mmkay; trash bags; Ziplock bags; wax melts; paper towels (not pictured); and laundry scents, which I didn’t actually get a discount for. I just really like them. I make my own detergent, but I missed all the fun scents. Kroger also had this special going on where you get 4x the fuel points on certain “spring cleaning” purchases. So that was pretty awesome. Love me some fuel points.

Anyway, I’m going to do some deep cleaning ’round these parts. Starting today, in my kitchen. And I’m going to be 100% honest with all of you. 100%. Are you ready for my shame?? Here are some “before” pictures.

Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz
Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz

Now you’ve seen my shame. In fact, I was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of “Oh, God – do you really LIVE LIKE THIS?” that I turned on my Scentsy (containing a Glade Wax Melt – don’t tell either company) and sat down to write a blog post instead of starting cleaning. Ah, well – procrastination time has come to an end. Now I must crank up my “happy” playlist and werk it.

*whew! I did it!! It’s so nice in here now. Just…don’t look in the living room, okay? Everything I did:

  1. Put away clean dishes and wash the dirty. I have some homemade dish detergent for the dishwasher, but use Dawn for any hand washing.
  2. Clean off and wipe down the counters. Again, I have a combination of home made and store bought cleaners. I use the Kroger brand sanitizing wipes sometimes, but I also use a home made cleaner that is a vinegar/water mixture.
  3. Clean out the dog crates and wash their blankets. I have home made laundry detergent and use vinegar for fabric softener.
  4. Cleaned off/wiped down the table and little island thing.
  5. Swept the floors.

Anyway, that’s not super interesting, but now my kitchen is cleaaaaaaan and I am happy. So thank you, Kroger and BzzAgent for guilt-tripping me into spring cleaning. Next Saturday I’ll clean the living room!! Fingers crossed we keep the kitchen clean until then.

Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz
Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz Spring Cleaning, Part the First | The Wilson Buzz

Saturday Product Placement

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This is a review of a product I received for free as a participant in a BzzAgent campaign. I don’t get paid to review it, but my post here helps me get more free stuff from them, so I can do more reviews like this one. Unless they hate this review, which is entirely likely. I tend to ramble and be incoherent. Much like right now. On to the review!

You guys, what is going on with me?? I took unboxing photos for the body wash I got forEVer ago, and have been meaning to make a Saturday Product Placement about it for WEEKS! I finally sat down to do it tonight and the pictures are gone. Where did they go?? This isn’t the first time I’ve done this – see here to not see before pictures of when we cut a tree down in our front yard because this exact same thing happened then.

Anyway, there is an image at the bottom that is way better than mine were, anyway. Anyway. Annnnnyway. I still need to blog about my journey with homemade body wash (spoiler: ends poorly) – I wanted to do that before I did this, so I could link to it right around this point, but that never happened and I just want to get this over with. Gah, that was a pointless paragraph.

This body wash is amazing. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve been using such awful body wash lately. At least I don’t think so. I vaguely remember the days when I just went to the store and picked up a $3 bottle of body wash and called it a day. Way before I was grating bars of soap and boiling them in water to make this slime that I then stored in a vinegar bottle, only to have it harden…then have to use approximately 3 tablespoons of it to get a lather going – if I can get any out at all. /rant (I really need to write that blog post.)

This is the latheriest (may not be a real word) body wash I’ve ever used. I love it! You only need a little bit to get a whole lot of suds going on. And it smells amazing. It’s supposed to be super moisturizing, but I always slather myself with lotion when I get out of the shower, anyway, so I can’t verify or deny those claims. But, yeah – I really like this body wash. I’ll be buying another bottle once this one is out. I got several coupons in the box – they were probably in those unboxing pictures I somehow deleted – if anyone wants one. I love getting free stuff. Especially when it’s awesome free stuff.

Saturday Product Placement

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Dude! I don’t think this is a sponsored post, because I’m not being paid to post this…but I did get something for free in agreement to tell people about it. I’m a whore for granola bars, basically. Or meal replacement bars, I guess. Pretty much anything free. You give it to me, I’ll tell people about it. Also, I know it’s not Saturday, but I wanted to go ahead and post about it while I was thinking about it. So…pretend it’s Saturday.

I actually took “unboxing” videos!!

Fiber One Meal Bars | The Wilson BuzzHere is the box!

Fiber One Meal Bars | The Wilson BuzzAnd here is the open box!

Aaaaand…maybe I didn’t take any more pictures APPARENTLY. What the f, past me?? Anywho, I got two boxes of Fiber One Meal Bars – Chocolate Peanut Butter (“A classic combo of roasted peanuts plus creamy peanut butter and chocolate flavored chips”) and Strawberry Greek Yogurt (“Roasted almonds are complemented by strawberry flavored fruit pieces and a Greek yogurt coating”). There is also apparently a 3rd flavor: Dark Chocolate Almond (“Think delicious roasted almonds mixed with delectable dark chocolate flavored chips”), but I didn’t get a box of those. I can only imagine how delicious they are… Oh, I also got coupons. So if you want a coupon let me know. It’s $1 off, and the suggested retail price is $5.49. And you get five bars. So it’s like $1/bar. They’re meal replace bars, so it’s just over $1 for an entire meal!! Take THAT McDonald’s!!

Health-wise, they’ve got fiber (obviously) and protein. I ummm…I don’t really keep up with that sort of stuff, but I’m assuming that since they’re bragging about it on the cover of the box it must be good. 10g of protein, 9g of fiber, and waaaaay less sugar than those icky Special K bars (full disclosure: never had a Special K bar). In my 30 Before 30 list I said I wanted to cook more/eat healthier and exercise…well I’m still not exercising. But as part of my cook more/eat healthier bit I’ve been trying to eat breakfast every day. “They” say that’s important. These guys are great for that. I tried to eat one for lunch a couple times and got hungry pretty early on. But for breakfast they were great. Maybe if you paired one with a fruit or vegetables of some sort…

Taste-wise, they were pretty good. I liked the strawberry one better, and so did Mr. T. I really didn’t like the chocolate/peanut butter one as much as I thought I would. I loooooove Reese’s Cups. I guess these were too healthy for my junk food obsession. 8} But, yeah – super tasty little guys. If YOU would like to try one, they’re around with all the other bars/weight loss foodstuff, either in the pharmacy or nutrition section.

om nom nom

Fiber One Meal Bars | The Wilson Buzz

Saturday Product Placement

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Every Saturday I’ll discuss something I use and enjoy. This isn’t for any money (I doubt anyone pays someone with no readers to advertise their products…), but it’s just a little FYI for anyone interested.

I’m not sure this would qualify as a product, but I <3 Paul Mitchell, The School. I have been getting my hair cut there since I got married last year, and they have been great. It’s always very reasonably priced – I can get a bleach, dye, and color for around $40, including tip! And they’ve never screwed my hair up, which is always a fear when you go to a school. It does take, though. At least three hours, usually more.

green hair

 First I went green, and okay – they kind of went weird on the cut after awhile. That was my worst experience with PM, though…

new pink hair faded pink hair

After green I went pink. I really liked this cut and color, but I liked it the best when the pink had faded out a little – the tips went white and it was a really cool effect.


After pink came purple.

black hair

Then I got a job…so I dyed it black.

orange hair

This is almost a natural color. Maybe a little more orange than usual…

blue mohawk top/back blue mohawk side

And this is my current style/color. Be careful when you tell the people at PM that you want “something different” because if they know you as that girl with who always gets the crazy colors they will take that statement to mean a blue mo/faux/mo-faux hawk!!

Saturday Product Placement

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I’m thinking every Saturday I’ll discuss something I use and enjoy. This isn’t for any money (I doubt anyone pays someone with no readers to advertise their products…), but it’s just a little FYI for anyone interested.

Today I choose Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion. I’m going to be totally honest – my favorite thing about this lotion is it is dirt cheap. ~$2 at Walmart for 32oz. Every time I finally start to run out of the stuff I think “I’m going to buy something different. Just to switch it up.” I’ve been using this crap for…four years? And I put lotion on every day. Legs, arms, tattoos. (I will say that, for whatever reason, this stuff burns like fire on a healing tattoo.) I’m the type of person who changes shampoo, body wash, deodorant, etc. every time I go to buy a replacement. But Queen Helene has been by my side since my freshman year at university.

Queen Helene Lotion