Well, shit…

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Sorry, that’s not very nice language.

2016 really has been a cf, though, hasn’t it? I mean, Donald Trump is our President-Elect – wtf, America?!

The icing on the cake is that my company – the company that on Thursday I was telling my coworker I was so relieved to work for, because it was a stable and reliable company that I knew was never, ever going anywhere – that company…was sold. To a company based in FRIGGEN OHIO. They announced it on Friday. (Please note the timing – less than 24 hours after I proclaimed that we were a solid, stable company…we were sold.) For the average employee, this purchase won’t have a huge effect. But for those of us at the corporate office…well, we’re getting information about our severance packages this week. They’ve made sure to inform us that no one is losing their jobs for most likely the next year, but…we’re gonna lose our jobs eventually. I’ve had indigestion ever since. I mean, maybe – maybe – they’ll offer us similar jobs. But will those jobs be based in TN? Um, no. They’ll be in FRIGGEN OHIO. You think Mr. T is gonna move to Ohio?! lololol (Do you think I would move to Ohio?? No. No, I would not.)

So, yeah…there will be some changes in the upcoming year, I do reckon. Some changes, indeed.


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I had a dream last night that my grandparents got to meet Wade. The entire family was at their house in Spring City. It was a beautiful sun-shiny summer day – the light was streaming in through the windows like whoa. Papaw was playing with Wade while Mom talked to Mamaw on the couch. I wanted to get a video but I didn’t want them to see me crying.

I’m tearing up now just thinking about it, lol! I woke up thinking that that must be what Heaven is like – bright and beautiful, surrounded by all your loved ones…

And then I felt guilty because it was just my mom’s parents and not my dad’s. Why were they left out, subconscious?? And then I started panicking because what if Wade had died? He has started sleeping on his stomach, and that study did just come out about how they shouldn’t do that before the age of one… *rushes to check baby monitor* And then of course I started thinking about how my parents are now the grandparents and one day they will die, and omg I really should call them.

It really was a great dream, even if reality kind of ruined it. >.<

Product Review: Peter Pan #SnackWithSimply

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Just an FYI, I got Peter Pan® Simply Ground™ fo’ FREE through Influenster, in exchange for an honest review. If you want to give it a try, there is a limited supply of $1 off coupons you can download from the Peter Pan website.

I just had a sudden flashback.

My family used to camp at Harrison Bay every summer. Right about the time I really started to be able to form memories our family got too large and it was too complicated to try to organize trips like that, so we stopped. Which basically means there are pictures of me at Harrison Bay, but heck if I remember much about it. But! I’ve now had two sudden flashbacks. Yes, I had one in the middle of typing that last sentence. Because my brain is weird and irrational.

Memory #1: I stepped on a piece of glass and cut my foot pretty hardcore. You don’t care about that one so much. Memory #2: I saw my cousin eating peanut butter with a spoon. A SPOON. Straight out of the jar! Why I had never done that, I do not know. But it blew my fragile little mind. You probably don’t care about that too much, either. Do you eat peanut butter straight? I never really have. I’ll dip stuff in it, or make stuff with it. Anyway, not the point.

Product Review: Peter Pan #SnackWithSimply | The Wilson BuzzSo the Simply Ground line from Peter Pan (I got honey-roasted) is new. It’s not quite creamy, but not quite crunchy, either. They say it’s easier to spread on bread (RHYMING), but I haven’t tested that statement. They also say the jar’s the right size/shape for dipping, and I did test that. It’s true! It’s a pretty shallow container, so you don’t have to worry about having to stick your hand down into the abyss. And it’s got a really wide top, so people with man hands can snack with ease. I also really dig the taste. I’ve been known to make peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Another good one – peanut butter and maple syrup. That tip’s on me. You’re welcome.

What’s that? You want a series of pictures documenting my first taste? WELL IF YOU INSIST.

Product Review: Peter Pan #SnackWithSimply | The Wilson Buzz Product Review: Peter Pan #SnackWithSimply | The Wilson Buzz
Product Review: Peter Pan #SnackWithSimply | The Wilson Buzz Product Review: Peter Pan #SnackWithSimply | The Wilson Buzz

I approve!

Like I said, I’m not big on eating peanut butter straight out of the jar – even though this was pretty tasty. I knew they said it was a good “snacking” PB, so I looked around Kroger for something easy to dip in it while at work.

Side note: Work snacks are the best snacks. A little blip of sunlight in an otherwise bleak day… ;) I’m being melodramatic because I’ve had a long week at work. TGIF, y’all. T.G.I.F.

Anyway, another flashback for you: a treat my mom would make that I haven’t had in AGES and now really wish I had fully prepped for was PB spread across graham crackers, with some mini marshmallows on top. Pop it in the microwave for a couple seconds and omg…heaven. I didn’t do all that (much regret now), but I did get some graham cracker “stix” from Kroger. AND I discovered another awesome feature of the container – tiny snack bowl!! Feel free to share that tip, Peter Pan. I’m quite proud of it.

Product Review: Peter Pan #SnackWithSimply | The Wilson BuzzAnywho, Peter Pan® Simply Ground™ is delicious and you should try it.

Thanks, Influenster! Thanks Peter Pan!


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Just checking in with a blog post that isn’t me failing at some personal life goal. ;)

Mainly I want to say that I’m really really freaking tired this week. SO TIRED. I blame LBW but it’s probably my own fault. For real, though, I think I’m gonna take a nap after work today. I really need to do the dishes. Maybe after the nap. Actually, I might go sit in my car on my lunch break. It’s supposed to be like 60-something degrees today. Which is nutso. I remember talking to someone around the end of fall/start of winter when we were having a warm day. I said something like “The next time it’s this warm, I’ll probably have a baby!” NOPE. Well, hopefully not. LBW still needs to percolate a few more weeks, please and thank you. I didn’t even wear a coat today. Just a long-sleeve shirt. I wouldn’t even call it a sweater, really. Part of that is because I get hot as balls these days. My hands and feet sweat like it’s going out of style. I for real have to take my shoes off. And I pray no one wants to shake my hand or touch something I recently touched. “Shh, no…give that time to dry off a second…” Oh oh oh, and twice this week a coworker has commented that I’m moving more slowly than normal. One was my boss!! >.> Someone came up looking for me and he said “She just went that way. But if you hurry you can probably catch up with her – she’s not moving so fast anymore.” DUDE’S GOT JOKES. The other was a woman from another department. She walked by me and I think you can just see how tired I am right now, because she kind of did a double-take and was like “Well you’re getting around slower now, aren’t you?!” Haha, yes. I’ve also noticed that I have NO patience anymore. People talk to me and I’m just like stfu and gtfo. It’s not good on a personal or professional level. I’m SURE having a newborn will put me in a better state of mind. I’m sure of it! I have started a little freezer section of food for post-baby. I think we’re slowly getting prepared. And then all of a sudden we’ll have a TON of stuff, thanks to the baby shower tomorrow. TOMORROW. omg it’s tomorrow. I’m also going to get my eyebrows waxed and do early voting for the primaries. Which I have never done before. #feelthebern I need to take a bath, too. I haven’t shaved my legs in ages, and the dress I’m wearing tomorrow stops at the knees. I think I’ll have better luck reaching at least parts of my legs if I’m in the tub rather than the shower. But I might also get stuck in the tub… I should probably wait until after Mr. T gets home from work to embark on that adventure. Or time it just right so he can help me out of the tub… So tonight the plan is: nap, dishes, cook dinner, eat dinner, bath, help from husband to get out of bath, bed. If you haven’t noticed this post has turned into a rambling stream-of-consciousness post. It’s because I’m tired. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned that little factoid yet. ;) Someone crashed their car into my chiropractor’s office. A couple people had minor injuries, but one had to be flown out. So that’s kind of scary. It just happened yesterday afternoon and I haven’t seen any updates other than the initial report that it had happened. I really hope everyone’s okay. :( And I really hope they get the office back up and operational again soon, because this pregnant lady needs her back cracked!! We have our first birthing class on Sunday. I’m pretty excited about it. It’s going to be one-on-one with the instructor rather than a class with other pregnant couples, so I’m curious to see how that plays out. I was kind of looking forward to getting to meet other pregnant ladies, but after our bizarre L&D tour last month maybe I don’t care to interact with any of them after all. ;) Plus this way it’s a little more personal and might help us participate more. We’ve only got two classes, but each one will run three hours. We’re meeting up with the instructor this Sunday and next Sunday. And then we’ll be pros and totally 100% prepared for labor at any moment!! At some point in March we’re also doing breastfeeding and newborn care classes. I think with the same person? Maybe? Oh, right – that’s supposed to happen on like March 20 which is like 10 days before my due date…so those plans may fall through. Or we may show up to class WITH a newborn to practice on. lol! I also have to pee all the @#*! time…and my feet have started to swell. My vet actually commented on my cankles when I took Chairman in last week!! I do not have cankles, ma’am!! She’s an old friend of my sister’s so I don’t hate her too much. But anyone else try to tell me I have cankles… >.> I’ve also developed some smexy stretch marks, let me tell YOU. They’re all under my bump, so I can’t see them unless I’m looking at a mirror. I can’t really see anything under my bump…if you know what I’m saying. Honestly, I’m not even sure what I’m saying at this point. But I really have to pee. – Okay, I peed. I really feel like I should wrap this up, but at the same time I never want it to end. I just love you so much… And don’t worry, I haven’t sat here and just word-vomited all this out in one go. It’s been up and active for probably a couple hours at this point. I just pop over any time I think of something important to tell you. But, alas, I think our time has come to an end. I’ll leave you with some photos from our maternity shoot earlier this month:

Maternity Shoot | The Wilson Buzz Maternity Shoot | The Wilson Buzz Maternity Shoot | The Wilson Buzz Maternity Shoot | The Wilson Buzz

SleepBot, Week 1

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So I’ve been using my new SleepBot app for about a week now.SleepBot 02/06/16 | The Wilson Buzz

Feb 6 – The first night I forgot to turn on the movement tracking. Oops.

SleepBot 02/07/16 | The Wilson BuzzFeb 7 – This was one of the first nights my acid reflux really hit me…as you can see from my note. lol! I’m not really sure if you can tell the difference between when I rolled flailed over and when I actually got up to pee. But you can see how many times I woke up…freaking pregnancy.

SleepBot 02/08/16 | The Wilson BuzzFeb 8 – I actually got a pretty decent night’s sleep! You can see every time I hit snooze there at the end, though. lol!

SleepBot 02/09/16 | The Wilson BuzzFeb 9 – I can’t remember if I bought the Tums on the 8 or the 9, but they made a huge difference. Look at that sleep!!

SleepBot 02/10/16 | The Wilson BuzzFeb 10 – This was nota good night. I took at nap around 7 which was a HUGE mistake. My reflux/heartburn got crazy bad – I ate about half my bottle of Tums that night with no relief. And then Chairman jumped up on the bed and put WET PAWS on my face. He may have gotten into the shower…but the only other source of water was the toilet, which I don’t flush at night because of how often I get up to pee. SO I COULD HAVE HAD PEE WATER ON MY FACE. That’s the area of excitement there in the middle. I also tried sleeping on the recliner, but didn’t doze off for very long…then I became very aware of the air vent blowing directly onto my face so I staggered back into the bedroom and got that hour or so of flatline sleep you see right at the end.

SleepBot 02/11/16 | The Wilson BuzzFeb 11 – I was very much exhausted yesterday thanks to my sleepless night the day before, so I passed out pretty hard.


So…yeah. I don’t really know what, if anything, I’m supposed to do with this data. And don’t worry – I won’t make a post like this every week. I bet it will get crazy exciting in April, though. lol!


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Sorry I’ve disappeared guys. I have a billion emails from Apartment Therapy, Little Green Dot, FlyLady… I may never catch up. Two things happened in the past couple weeks: #1 – My personal laptop crapped out. Either the cord is busted or the laptop is busted…either way it won’t charge. #2 – I’ve hit the third trimester wall. I’m not quite as exhausted as I was in my first trimester…but I’ve lost all motivation. The kitchen is a disaster – the sink is NOT shiny, you guys. Not even a little bit. The one consolation for you, though, is that you haven’t actually  missed anything about my life since I last posted. So don’t panic! :)

I’m going to try to catch up this weekend, but it might be difficult. I have a birthday party for my cousin’s kid on Saturday. I haven’t seen her since my brief visit while they were at the hospital, and now she’s a year old!! Then I’m meeting with my sister to go shopping for baby shower supplies and some accessories for the maternity shoot. Oh, yeah – the maternity shoot. That might happen on Sunday. After our tour of Labor & Delivery. And we have a doctor’s appointment and tour of a day care on Friday. Which is tomorrow. You know…I’m tired already, just thinking about this weekend. >.<

Want a sneak peek at our maternity shoot outfits?? I still have to buy some boots/tights – and a belt for the shorter dress. Mr. T will be wearing shoes for the actual event. I just wanted to make sure his clothes actually fit. And I need to track down our iron…if we even still have one…and I can remember how to use it.

Disappearance | The Wilson Buzz Disappearance | The Wilson Buzz

I’m not sure I’ll even bother with a wardrobe change, though. I may save the orange dress for a baby shower? I really like the patterned dress, but it needs a belt or it gets a bit muumuu-esk. I tied a white thing around me just for shape in the second picture. I’m thinking I’ll go for a thin red belt and some mustard yellow tights. I really hope I can find some reasonably priced ankle boots, too. No clue what – if anything – I’m going to do about hair/makeup. On the one hand I feel like…since I never wear makeup, I shouldn’t do it for the photo shoot. But on the other hand, these are legit photos, not just selfies for Facebook, so I should probably try at least a smidge harder than I do for daily life.

Disappearance | The Wilson BuzzDoesn’t Mr. T look dapper?

And then, we bought these adorable shoes!! Aren’t they ADORABLE?! I figure no matter what the sex, LBW will rock these bad boys. :)

Disappearance | The Wilson BuzzOkay, back to work! I just wanted to check in and let you know that I’m still alive, just…tired. Tired all the time. Stupid third trimester slump. It’s killing me!! :)

FlyLady Day 6: Hot Spots

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So a Hot Spot is basically a spot in your house where junk accumulates. For this first attempt at diffusing a “hot spot” she suggests setting a timer for two minutes, getting as much done as you can in those two minutes, then stopping.

I decided to clear off our coffee table:

FlyLady Day 6: Hot Spots | The Wilson BuzzThis whole things sounds a lot like the “surface sweeps” that we do for January Cure. As a matter of fact, I think I cleaned off our coffee table last year during the cure. lol! The only distraction I had this go around was deciding to fill a glass with water. That really ate into my time, I think… FlyLady says to do it all in TWO minutes – Apartment Therapy gave me three!! Neither time limit resulted in success.

Coffee table after two minutes:

FlyLady Day 6: Hot Spots | The Wilson BuzzI mean…it’s better? But my attention span mixed with our ability to really clutter a space up really inhibits my ability to clean a space in under five minutes. So I switched over from Timer to Stopwatch on my phone and finished – including cleaning it off with Windex!

Coffee table after an additional 6.5 minutes:

FlyLady Day 6: Hot Spots | The Wilson BuzzNow isn’t that nice?


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Note: This is a post I started on Thursday, December 31 and I never hit “Publish” – I just kept adding to it all weekend. So it’s gotten kind of long and unwieldy – not to mention it was barely interesting to begin with! But I’ve dedicated three days to it, darnit, so I’m going to publish it. Feel free to not read it. ;)

I wish I had some sort of…competency…with being responsible, and could blog regularly, rather than 500 posts in one week and then silence for 3 months. But it is what it is, and if I try to save a post for later it will never get done, so you’re just gonna get posts when I write them, and you gotta be okay with that.

Anyway, this is a post I’m using as an excuse to take a break in cleaning so I can brag about how much I’ve accomplished. I’ve had to stop myself a few times from going too far. I’m trying to stick to the items that were planned out in The Confident Mom calendar. Like she said to clean one shelf in the fridge. I cleaned one and was like “omg, that’s so nice – I should do the entire thing!!” But then I had to remind myself that I’ve got a dozen other small things to do, and if I spend an hour on the fridge that’s six little things that will fall through the cracks.

Dec 31

By 10:00 I had:

  • started our sheets in the wash
  • swept/mopped the living room
  • gathered up *most of* the Christmas decorations in preparation for packing them up
  • taken out the recycling
  • paid our ADT bill
  • made some sweet tea (this totally belongs on this list, stfu)
  • unloaded about half the dishes in the dishwasher

Now I’m gonna eat breakfast and take my vitamins.

Holy crap, it’s already 2:00?! I have accomplished less than I had hoped, but I got some stuff done:

  • dried the sheets and made the bed
  • started a load of towels
  • wiped down our back door and cleaned the windows
  • found a recipe for homemade laundry detergent (haven’t had to make any for 3 years, so I forgot how)
  • finished unloading the dishwasher and put the dishes from the sink back into it
  • spent an unGODLY amount of time getting our new Pack-n-Play assembled and set up in the bedroom


Progress! | The Wilson Buzz1: I had to pause to admire how tightly packed this whole mess was. Because that will NEVER happen again.

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz2: When I initially pulled it out, I thought “Oh, this won’t be so bad, after all!”

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz3: Aaaaand then I unrolled everything. Oh.

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz4: The initial frame was crazy easy! I’ve had a little bit of experience setting these up with my sister’s kids. I was feeling pretty positive at this point.

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz5: When your kids are still really little you can add in this mesh bit to raise the mattress up. That way you don’t have to bend down so far to get them in/out.

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz6: See? I was still feeling pretty optimistic at this point. I was so naive…

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz Progress! | The Wilson Buzz

7. It legit took about an hour to get from the first picture to the second – no joke. omg, this was the worst thing ever. It was freaking impossible. I’ve never been so frustrated. But! I assembled it! I am wonder woman! Raising a child will be easy after this!! ;)

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz Progress! | The Wilson Buzz

8. Sweet, sweet victory. Never has anything been so satisfying. Yes, the bar is set pretty low. I enjoy the simple things in life. Don’t question it. The picture on the left is the “napper” and the right is the “changer”. It’s super easy to flip between the two. So even though it was a beast to put together, I admire the engineering that went into it.

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz9. FINISHED! I guess they can look at and/or play with the little hangy stars? Or they just include those so parents can end on a high note. lol!

Progress! | The Wilson Buzz10. And then I moved it into the bedroom. Not sure if it will sit there for the next three months or if we’ll pack it up and wait to assemble it once it gets closer to time. Hopefully LBW actually sleeps in the stupid thing, after all this. >.>

Jan 1

It’s noon! Since I last checked in I have:

  • finished the load of towels
  • started a load of sheets
  • did another load of dishes
  • got dressed and went to Walmart, omgeeze
  • made homemade laundry detergent
    • 1 box borax
    • 1 box washing soda
    • 1 box baking soda
    • 3 bars fels-naptha laundry soap – grated
  • deep-cleaned the sink!

And more importantly, we hung out with friends and had a faaaaaantastic New Year’s Eve. We went out to eat dinner, then played Exploding Kittens and Uno. We actually managed to (barely) stay awake until midnight!! And then immediately went to bed.

Happy New Year! | The Wilson BuzzHappy New Year!

Anyway, back to cleaning, I guess…

By the time we left the house around…6:00?…I had gotten a few more things done:

  • unloaded dishwasher
  • folded towels and sheets – put them away
  • wiped down the fronts of fridge, dishwasher, and stove
  • cleaned off/wiped down the kitchen counters
  • swept/tidied living room

But, yeah – we were going to catch the 7:15pm showing of The Hateful Eight at the movie theater in Franklin, because they were showing it in 70MM. We got there about 30 minutes early, but they were already sold out. Oops. So – unexpected all-night date night!! We went to Tin Roof 2 for dinner:

Tin Roof 2 | The Wilson BuzzAnd then we bought tickets to see Sisters at 8:20:

Deadpool | The Wilson BuzzAnd then we got to see The Hateful Eight at 11:15pm:

Deadpool | The Wilson BuzzOkay, so those pictures have nothing to do with the movies we saw. But we’re really freaking excited about the Deadpool movie coming out in February. And this is just further proof that Mr. T is better at getting his picture taken. Anyway, we got home after 3:00am last night/this morning and then I slept until about 10:30am.

Jan 2

So the FlyLady Day 2 is to “get dressed to lace-up shoes” first thing. Ha! Ahahahahaha! Ha! No.

Progress! |The Wilson BuzzI have shoes on?!

So I sat down on the couch to check in on my The Confident Mom calendar and update this never-ending post… And then the cats came downstairs. We have to keep them locked up most of the time because Khat doesn’t use litter boxes anymore. :( Our entire upstairs smells like urine. Soon we’ll be ripping up the carpet and replacing it with “hardwood” flooring – either laminate or vinyl. And at some point I’m going to have to put my sweet girl to sleep. She’s got arthritis, diabetes, and a severe litterbox aversion. We try to keep Chairman with her, so she’s not totally alone, but then he starts to get stir-crazy from being locked up away from people…it’s a mess. So, long depressing story long…we’re going to have to put her to sleep soon. :(

With all that being said, she came downstairs and climbed up in my lap:
Khat | The Wilson BuzzHow can I not spend time with her?! So now I’m playing The Lego Movie game for PS3 and it’s nearly 2:00pm. #dealwithit

Aaaaand, I got back on track around 4:30. >.< Between then and bedtime, I was able to:

  • schedule an appointment to look at a car tomorrow
  • clean out the freezer
  • run a load of my laundry
  • run a load of Todd’s laundry
  • sweep the living room
  • cook dinner
  • sweep/mop the kitchen floor
  • stay on top of dirty dishes

Oh, and spend lots of time on FB, watch several episodes of several TV shows on Netflix, and buy a stroller/car seat combo off our registry!


FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink

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I did it. I cleaned the stupid sink. We didn’t have any bleach, so I thought I’d get some at Kroger, but either I couldn’t find it or they don’t sell it. I also got kind of angrily/nicely chastised for leaving my cart unattended. But that’s neither here nor there. So I didn’t really follow the exact directions.


FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzHere is how things began. I did at least do all the dishes before I took this picture. So I’ve got that going for me.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzThe first thing I did was spray everything down with Scrubbing Bubbles. Then I scrubbed those bubbles. I scrubbed them real good.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzCan you see a difference? I could irl, but I’m not sure the pictures really show a difference.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzThen I sprinkled a bunch of Bar Keeper’s Friend all over the place and scrubbed that around. I may have used way too much, not really sure. It took ages to get it all washed away. But it was pretty shiny and nice when it was done.

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzSee? (Really – I’m asking. Is there any difference? I can’t tell. I mean I could tell when I was doing it, but in these pictures…I’m just not sure. Tell me you can see a difference. TELL ME.)

FlyLady Day 1: Shining Your Sink | The Wilson BuzzThe cherry on the freaking top of the cake, though, is this AWESOME new in-sink drying rack I bought. No more drying dishes on the counter, using up valuable counter space!! And no  more two sinks to fill with dirty dishes, allowing us to go FAR too long between running the dishwasher. It’s a new era, baby. NO LOOKING BACK.