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I’m going to start this by saying my nursing story is not the norm. It’s not as unusual as one might think, but it’s definitely not the norm. One thing I have learned from my 5 months of parenting experience (I’m totes a pro now, you know) is that holy bejeezus it’s hard. It’s so hard. There are a million different ways for it to be hard. It’s hard for you in a way that might be unique to the people you know, but it’s definitely not unique to the world of parenting. I am totally digressing. This is not about you and your struggles, this is a recap of the two months of total misery that I experienced. LET ME TELL YOU MY TALE OF WOE.

So, yeah. The few days in the hospital are a total blur to me now. I remember Wade not wanting to nurse at first. He projectile spit up this horrible black liquid…it was straight out of The Exorcist, I tell you. They assured us that was normal – he had just swallowed amniotic fluid and his stomach was full, so it had to get cleared out before he would nurse. So he didn’t really eat anything the first day. That led to him dropping nearly a full pound in the first 24 hours.

LBW: Nursing | The Wilson Buzz

I don’t have any pictures of him nursing in the hospital.

Like I said…the rest of the stay is a blur. Every time a lactation consultant from the hospital would come in and try to help me get him to nurse, it would be different advice. For some reason or another we settled on the “football hold” as the best method of feeding. idk why/how that happened. But that’s pretty much the nursing position we used throughout our adventure together.

The next two weeks…also a blur. We went home. I’d feed Wade whenever he cried, I guess? I really don’t remember. I just know it took him AGES to nurse. I had no idea this was unusual – I had never breastfed a baby before, or really been around anyone that was breastfeeding. Especially a newborn. But he would for real nurse for an hour on one side, then another 30 minutes on the other. And then he’d sleep for an hour or more. Which, everyone says that newborns are supposed to nurse ever two-three hours. I was like “How the frick is this supposed to work? As soon as he’s done nursing he’s supposed to start nursing again?!” So he definitely wasn’t nursing as often as he should. Which contributed to his weight loss and my supply problems, I’m sure.

LBW: Nursing | The Wilson Buzz

This is his 1 Week picture. SO TINY.

We went to his two-week checkup and he still wasn’t back up to his original birth weight. I think he was within 5oz? The doctor didn’t seem too concerned, but did want us to come back after a week to see how things were going. I had read that it usually takes 2-3 weeks for everything to get settled with breastfeeding, but that if it still hurt at that point to go to a lactation consultant to make sure the baby was latching correctly and didn’t have any tongue/lip ties. It was still a bit painful when Wade initially latched, so I figured I’d go ahead and swing by the hospital’s lactation office to get things checked out.

Dude. The lactation consultant kind of freaked out over the fact that he wasn’t up to his birth weight. She also told me he should not be nursing for so long. She immediately gave him 2oz of formula, told me I should be taking fenugreek supplements, and gave us a new nursing routine. I now had to nurse for no more than…I think it was 10 minutes?…on each side, then supplement with 2oz of formula or expressed breast milk, and then pump until I was empty. I was like…I just wanted to make sure his latch was okay!! I called the doctor to verify that I really needed to start doing this, since he hadn’t seem overly concerned about Wade’s weight. He deferred to the consultant’s recommendation.

LBW: Nursing | The Wilson Buzz

A great example of a horrible latch.

I was like…no. So I reached out to my doula and asked her if she knew of a lactation consultant I could use. She directed me to a woman who came out to our house. She basically did the same thing the one at the hospital had done – said he wasn’t getting enough and that I should nurse, supplement, and pump for every feeding. I believe she recommended up to 20 minutes on each side, though. As if that was better.

So, fine. That’s what I did. For two weeks. And it was pure hell. I tried to be really positive about it, and not complain. Mind over matter and all that. But it was rough. People telling me it was rough did not help, for the record. That was something I struggled with for the first three months. I really didn’t appreciate people telling me how much I was struggling, or how difficult it was, or how they had struggled, or how much easier it would be if I switched to formula. I mean, yes – the glorious relief of giving up was overwhelming, and life got a million times better after I did (spoiler alert, we don’t breastfeed anymore). But still. I was trying really hard to stay motivated and look for the light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone telling me how awful things were did not help. I’m going to try really hard to not do that to other new moms. End side rant, lol!

LBW: Nursing | The Wilson Buzz

The good thing about it was that Todd could get involved with feeding him!

Anyway. It was awful. Do you know how hard it is to maintain that schedule? Then Wade started to refuse to latch. He would pull off and cry. I would offer the bottle and he would immediately start drinking. So then I would cry. And call Todd. I was definitely hysterical more than once. And I would cry when Todd left for work. We both kind of have some sort of PTSD from this time…he’s still pretty firmly convinced we should never have another baby, because I was such a wreck. >.<

I finally called another IBCLC that had come highly recommended from a breastfeeding support group I had joined on Facebook. (I cannot recommend enough joining parenting groups – they have kept me sane.) If you are in the Middle TN area and looking for an IBCLC you have got to go to her. She was a game. changer. I called her on a Friday and maaaay have started crying when I left the voicemail. (And Wade was definitely crying in the background. lol!) She scheduled a meeting with me on that Saturday because she could tell how desperate I was.

LBW: Nursing | The Wilson Buzz

Me nursing at a friend’s wedding. Seriously…that’s a horrible latch. Poor baby. Poor boobs.

She was shocked about how much the first lactation consultant had freaked out over Wade’s weight, and assured me that he was most likely doing fine at that point. New research has shown that women who were on IV while in labor tend to have babies with a lot of water weight due to all the fluids. I think hospitals in other countries are even waiting 24 hours before they take the baby’s official “birth weight” just to make sure they’ve flushed out all that water weight.

Wade had a severe underbite that everyone before had commented on, but told me would get better in time. Something to do with the plates in a baby’s head shifting in the birth canal, blah blah blah. While this is true, she pointed out that it would obviously have a negative impact on the breastfeeding experience and was so severe that it could be hiding a tongue tie (I had been assured by every other LC that he did not have one). So she sent me to a massage therapist for a cranial massage. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen – after an hour of working with him, the therapist had shifted stuff around enough that his jaw had moved forward significantly. Then we went back to the IBCLC and she was like “Oh, yeah – he’s got a tongue tie.”

LBW: Nursing | The Wilson Buzz

I always joked that Wade would “self-censor” nursing sessions by throwing his arm over my boob. Look at how long he was!!

So then we had to go to Chattanooga to get a tongue-tie revision. At this point I had already started back at work, so everything was super difficult. The doctor there told me his tie was one of the thickest ones she’d seen in a long time. The change in nursing was IMMEDIATE and AMAZING. I almost cried. Wade and I never got his latch back to that perfect glorious moment, but it did get at least somewhat better after that.

LBW: Nursing | The Wilson Buzz

The last nursing session before the revision, and the one immediately after. Look at the difference in latch!!

By this point, my supply was destroyed. I have no clue if it could’ve been saved had I gone to a good IBCLC sooner…so many things went wrong – the first day of not nursing, followed by two weeks of nursing poorly, followed by two weeks of listening to janky advice… His revision wasn’t corrected until he was already two months old. I had tried SO many supplements. Fenugreek, blessed thistle, reglan, domperidone…I don’t know what else. I ate oatmeal every day. I drank a TON of water. I drank Mother’s Milk Tea. I ate everything anyone even kind of suggested might boost supply. But Wade kept dropping percentiles. He was gaining weight, but dropping percentiles.

LBW: Nursing | The Wilson Buzz

This was at the doctor’s office when we went back for his two-week checkup post-revision.

He dipped down below the 10th percentile and that’s when I called it quits. I kept telling myself that as long as things were getting better I’d keep trying. And a little thing would happen here, and then another there… The final thing was the tie revision. EVERYTHING rode on that, and his weight gain after it. And after…two? three?…weeks – nothing. I couldn’t do it anymore. I felt like I was starving him. I dreaded breastfeeding. The god-awful routine of supplement, nurse, pump was about to drive me insane.

And then – AND THEN – my supply got worse. I was back at work full-time and where I had been pumping about 4oz a session when I was working part-time, now I didn’t even get 2oz. I had a hardcore ugly-cry session in my pumping room once that happened. Like…UGLY CRY. So I called it. I was done.

Well, I was going to give it one more month. I must be a masochist. I was giving it one more month to see if he would gain weight. I upped his supplement from 1oz to 2oz. And then two days later he totally refused to nurse. He wasn’t fussy about it – he would just…stop. He’d pull off, look at me, and grin. No matter how many times I tried to get him to latch, that’s all he would do. It’s like he was saying “Okay, Mom – that’s enough. We both need to make a change.”

LBW: Nursing | The Wilson Buzz

Our opinion of this whole “nursing” thing…

So I switched to bottle-feeding him full-time. He gained FIVE OUNCES in three days. He hadn’t gained that much in a WEEK prior to that. I only pumped to relieve the pressure. I only leaked once on the first day. I had NEVER leaked breastmilk the entire time I had been breastfeeding. Not once. The first day after we’d given up my right side had a small trickle. I only pumped about once every…6-8 hours?…for I think like 3 days. And then I didn’t need to pump anymore. My boobs were sore, and got kind of hard. But they never got red or showed any other signs of mastitis or anything. Within a week they had totally deflated. Which is super depressing to look at in the mirror, let me tell you… lol!

LBW: Nursing | The Wilson Buzz

I circled the two data points that show the weight gain after stopping nursing.

Wade is now 5 months old. He’s in the 90th percentile in height, and the 20th in weight. He’s 26.5 inches tall, and 14lbs 6oz. And he’s the most perfect baby on the planet.

LBW: Nursing | The Wilson Buzz

I love him so hard.

LBW: The Birth Story

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It’s been four months, guys… I’ll try to get it right, but I’ve slept once or twice since then. And more importantly – I haven’t gotten a good night’s sleep since then!! Anyway, I’m going to try to recount the tale of the birth of LBW. In as much detail as I can remember, so it might cross over into TMI territory…we’ll see how it goes.

At our second ultrasound I swear the doctor said the due date was March 31. But I guess he didn’t update the chart. We went in for an appointment on March 30 and I was only dilated to 1cm. I had been at 1cm for three weeks. No Braxton-Hicks contractions or any other sign of labor. I did lose my mucus plug at some point, but apparently that doesn’t mean much. My doctor doesn’t let you stay pregnant past 41wks, so he brought up scheduling an induction for one week past our due date, which we told him was March 31. When he went to write it in his calendar he saw that the due date was actually April 3. So he said we could push the induction back longer if we wanted. Well…I had woken up around Week 38 or 39 and was done with being pregnant. DONE. So I said “No!” and we kept the April 6 induction date. I never had a single contraction until the hospital. LBW was in no hurry to greet the world.

LBW: The Birth Story | The Wilson Buzz

The last picture of us as a family of two! This was right after we got into our room at the hospital.

We had to check in around 9:00pm on April 5 to start the induction process. April 4 we had a chill night at home with the animals, watching TV and attempting to get a good night’s rest. April 5 we went to Olive Garden for dinner, then I think we might have gone to Books-A-Million? Finally we headed into the hospital. To start the induction process, they put this little pill called Cytotec up…me. It helps ripen the cervix and *could* kickstart labor. So I got one of those when I first got in, and then again at some point in the middle of the night. I also got an IV for the first time ever and omg it was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Worse even than labor, because it shouldn’t have been so bad. The girl tried 3 times before she called in someone else to do it. Mr. T’s cousin said they used a humongous needle – way bigger than necessary. AND IT WAS IN THE BACK OF MY HAND. Anyway, I had very – very – mild contractions throughout the night, but was able to sleep for most of it.

LBW: The Birth Story | The Wilson Buzz

Fracking IV hurt like a sunuvabitch.

I think around 8:00am they started the pitocin drip. They said I could get an epidural whenever I wanted, but at this point I felt fine so I said to wait. We were keeping our doula informed, but again – I felt fine – so she was holding off on coming to the hospital. Everyone kept telling me it would probably be hours before the show really got going. My parents showed up at some point in the morning…I’m not sure if it was before or after the epidural. I’ve already started to forget things. I’d say maybe around 10:00 or 11:00 I started to really feel the contractions. At that point I was approx 5cm dilated (that’s about halfway). They told me from that point on it’s about 1cm an hour, so the baby would probably be coming around dinnertime. I asked for an epidural and was then told that I actually had to wait until I’d gotten a full bag of fluids before I could get it. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS BEFORE. So that sucked. I stared that bag down as it slowly dripped. Mr. T took a picture of the hand prints on his arm where I was squeezing the crap out of it.

LBW: The Birth Story | The Wilson Buzz

I think Mr. T was showing my parents how to do stuff on an iPhone…maybe.

omg, you guys. Epidurals are amazing. I highly recommend them. HIGHLY. It didn’t hurt at all. And it brought glorious relief. I do have a redonk curve in my spine, though, so they were a bit worried that it might not take, or only partially work, or wear off too soon. Also, since you don’t feel contractions while you’re on an epidural it can slow labor down, so they try to keep you moving around. Or something like that. All I know is 45 min after I got it, they came in and rolled me over onto my left side. I had started to feel contractions again, which I thought was kind of strange. But they were super mild, kind of like what I’d felt through the night, so I figured maybe they were just so strong that they were pushing through the epidural, but it was a normal thing that happened.

LBW: The Birth Story | The Wilson Buzz

I’m pretty sure this was after the epidural had started to wear off. Holy crap, my neck has rolls for days.

Anyway, they rolled me on my left side so I could talk to Mom & Dad. The nurse checked on me after I’d been on my side for a few minutes, asking if I felt totally numb. I told her that I could kind of feel my right leg a little, so she decided I should be rolled over onto my right side. Maybe that makes the epidural juices trickle down? idk. I also mentioned that I was feeling a bit of pressure. She said that it’s pretty common to feel like you need to urinate, but if I ever felt the need to poop that might be cause for concern. At this point the contractions were getting pretty intense…almost back to when I’d started asking for an epidural. Almost as soon as the nurse walked out I was like…yeah, maybe get her back in here. I told Mr. T to tell our doula to head over.

LBW: The Birth Story | The Wilson Buzz

This is the last picture taken of me before shizz got real. No time for pictures until after LBW was born!

The nurse said that the epidural was probably just wearing off and would need to be adjusted, but she would check me again to make sure. She had me do a “test push” just to see how things were progressing. Almost immediately she was like “Okay…no more pushing. I need to get Dr. Williams here NOW.” Also, apparently in another delivery room some poor woman had been actively pushing for 30+ minutes and PULLED HER IV OUT THREE TIMES. Just…how? idk. But ALL the nursing staff were helping her. She ended up needing an emergency c-section. The next…maybe 15-30 minutes? Were just this poor woman telling me to NOT PUSH NO MATTER WHAT PLEASE JUST WAIT DR. WILLIAMS WILL BE HERE SOON and me thinking “God…I’d REALLY like to push, though…” She would spread my legs, check, then immediately push my knees back together and say “Okay, yeah….don’t push or the baby will get here before the doctor does.” So, yeah. THAT was a lot of fun.

And then Dr. Williams finally showed up and I could push and holy hell it hurt. I was like “I really thought epidurals would do more to block the pain” but now I’ve come to the realization that mine must have almost completely worn off because  people with working epidurals have told me they never really felt anything. I pushed through several contractions and omg I could feel EVERYTHING. It was like Dr. Williams was trying to stretch me open more (which he was) but omg it was not fun. I distinctly remember thinking “How about we get some lube down there, broski?” because it…well it did not feel good. And I would feel the head allllllllmost get out, but then the contraction would end and it would *ploop* disappear again. They kept insisting that I almost had it, but I think they just tell everyone that. The most unpleasant feeling, though – not the most painful, but the one that made me go “Oh, ew…” was the feeling of the rest of the body coming out. The head was the worst. Freaking stupid big-headed baby… But the rest of the body…I can’t explain it. It felt like a slimy tiny human body slid out of my vagina, is what it felt like. It was so gross. lol! So, so gross. I just shivered a little remembering it.

Of course, then they held the baby up and were all “it’s a boy!” and I made this god-awful sob/gasp noise, Mr. T cut the cord, and I got to hold Little Baby Wade for the first time. They tell you that you’re so caught up in holding the awesome new baby that you don’t even notice what happens next – that is a lie. I noticed it all. And it sucked. You have to deliver the placenta, which is gross. And they massage your stomach, which is fracking painful. Then they stitch you up. Somehow – SOMEHOW – even with my giant baby and crazy fast delivery I didn’t have any external tearing. But! I think the internal damage was pretty significant, because he was still down there stitching for a long time. It was not fun. I think they were worried about how much I bled. I know I was…I definitely had these random thoughts about dying in the middle of labor and how Mr. T would have to raise the baby on his own. It’s weird how you have time to think all these random thoughts. It doesn’t seem like you will, but you do. I did get really lucky with the lack of external damage, though. Really, really lucky.

LBW: The Birth Story | The Wilson Buzz


A few other things to note about recovery… My stomach felt SO WEIRD for the next week or two. Because it doesn’t go away immediately, which everyone tells you. I knew to expect to still look pregnant…but I didn’t think about the fact that there would just be all this empty space, and everything that was compressed would suddenly have all this extra room. I felt hollow and bizarre. And they kept doing the stomach massages. They kept hurting. And all this blood would squish out when they did it. Oh it was so gross. Plus they left my IV in, which blew. I finally asked someone if they could take it out sometime around 3:00am and she did. Then it bled like a stuck pig for like 30 minutes. It was ridiculous.

LBW: The Birth Story | The Wilson Buzz

My sad, stretch-mark covered stomach and the creature that did it to me. <3

Oh, and LBW’s stomach was full of amniotic fluid, which I guess happens. He projectile vomited this horrific black liquid several times. He also refused to nurse for probably a good 12+ hours. That (plus an undiagnosed for two-months tongue tie) caused his weight to drop nearly a full pound from birth to when we left the hospital. That turned into a two-month nightmare…but that’s a story for another post. lol!

LBW: The Birth Story | The Wilson Buzz

The happy family in our first week back home.


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Wade Wilson!

wade-wilson-20160709You guys, my baby’s almost four months old. I haven’t written a blog post in ages because frickin babies are exhausting!! We have had a roller coaster of a time these past few months. I plan on writing about it all soon. I’ve been meaning to for at least the past month. The first couple months I didn’t even consider it, because all I could focus on was getting through the day. lol! Anyway, I plan on at least getting the birth story out, and a bit of a rambling tale about our attempt to breastfeed. So there’s something to look forward to!

And yes, we named our child after Deadpool.

First Nursery Craft

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So, yeah…we’ve had a roommate in our nursery the past few months. >.< We’re so bad at not taking on roommates!! The good news is both of our roommates will be totally gone by the time LBW gets here – I’m pretty sure no one wants to live in a house with a newborn that isn’t their own (I’m sure there are plenty that don’t even want to live with their own!) so I think we’ll be good for at least a little while post-birth. ;) The only downside (well, other than not getting to walk around without pants on) to having a roommate in the nursery is that I couldn’t really do much to “nursery” it up. Which is fine. Our bank account appreciates it.

Of course, I still managed to come up with a project I could work on, and spend an ungodly amount of money on – frames are not cheap, people!! It all started with this pin:

First Nursery Craft (source) | The Wilson BuzzThe blog post is actually instructions for making that bench, which is a lovely and nice bench. But I shan’t be making that bench. My (hopefully finalized) 30 before 30 list now includes #28: Make something…challenging… but still. Not this bench. What I thought was neat was the framed children’s book! Isn’t that neat?! SO NEAT. Even if you don’t think it’s neat, pretend you do to humor the pregnant lady. We’re a sensitive lot.

Our nursery is Giraffes & Rain Clouds, in case you didn’t know. So I wanted a book that involved giraffes. Honestly…I have no fond memories of a favorite children’s book that incorporated giraffes in any meaningful way. But I found this book on Amazon and bought two copies, sight-unseen. I for real never even read the flipping book until I got the package. lol! It’s The Chandeliers, by Vincent X. Kirsch. Don’t let me know if it ends up being some sort of Nazi propaganda piece or something. It’s a pretty cute book, and I do like the illustrations. Plus there are tons of giraffes in it, which was basically my only requirement.

It’s a book about a family of giraffes that perform, except for the youngest. So he’s all sad because he’s not involved. BUT THEN – something tragic happens to each family member (MURRRRRRDER (not really)) and the little guy steps in to save the day. So at the end of the performance he gets to take a bow, too! So sweet! Or at least sweet enough. Whatever. It’s giraffes. PICTURE TIME.

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz1. You need two books. Unless the book you chose only has content on one side of the page for some crazy reason. Somehow this occurred to me before I started the project – one of the few times I’ve actually planned ahead successfully for a project. Go me!

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz2. I used an exact-o knife to cut each page out. I attempted to cut in straight lines. I often failed. I have no regrets. I did just notice that in the source they included the cover and title page for their book. I did not. My book was like 32 pages long. That is a lot of frick-fracking frames. I won’t tell you how much money I spent, other than to say too much. >.>

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz3. Of course the page won’t fit perfectly into the frames. I don’t know the original people did it. Witchcraft, most likely. I can never get frames to fit anything exactly, it seems. The pages were the right hight to fit in these frames, but too skinny.

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz4. So…the first frames that I saw were the silver ones. But they didn’t have 32 silver frames. So I had to get some black frames, too. After I got home, opened a pack of silver frames, and put page #1 in (so, past the point of returning them) I went “WHY DIDN’T I JUST BUY ALL BLACK FRAMES?!” I was way too smug about remembering to buy two books. I switched things up after this picture. I put all the silver frames in the middle and outlined them with black. It worked out perfectly, thank goodness.

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz5. Here’s what they’ll vaguely look like once it’s all finished!! I just set the paper on top of the frame (you can kind of see how I sorted the black/silver ones) to get a feel for how it would flow. Not too bad, imho. Of course, I did have to go back to Michael’s to buy some cardstock so I could put black borders on the sides. Boo, hiss for extra steps. >.> Note the measuring tape – I made sure they would fit width-wise on the wall in the nursery where I want to hang them. Redemption for the frame debacle?

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz6. Listen. Think for like 2 seconds before you start cutting paper. Seriously. Take 2 seconds. Because the frame is 11″ tall, right? And the cardstock is 12×12″ square. So you just gotta lop off the top inch. Then, if you want an inch of black on each side of every page, you can cut twelve 1″ strips (that are now 11″ tall). I didn’t screw anything up, thankfully, but I did strugglebus it at the beginning.

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz7. Okay, so. I was using the black for two purposes. The first was to expand the width so it would fill the frame. The second was to hide how uneven my cuts were on those pages. So my (ingenious, if I do say so myself) idea was to use one of the pages that came in a frame to help with the layout. I put the two black strips down first (face down), then eyeballed it to put the page in the middle of them (again face down). It does get a bit confusing on which side of the page to use. This required all my concentration. Probably because I don’t have much concentration…

First Nursery Craft | The Wilson Buzz8. Ta-da! Bee-yoo-tee-ful. Now repeat Steps 6 & 7 until you’ve lost all sense of time and space and kind of hate giraffes – the Chandelier family in particular.

Oh, and as to what’s going under the frames (I know you were very curious), I’m going to make these to store books!

First Nursery Craft (source) | The Wilson BuzzI’m not going to use that fabric, though. Her bedroom was cowboys or Wild West or something… I’m not going that route at all. At. All. :) But! Isn’t that neat?! (Remember the whole “I’m pregnant and agree with me” comments from the top of this post.) It’s so neat!! 8D

Anyway, I’ve been working on this post since November, apparently. I’m sick of seeing it in my “drafts” list. So I’m just gonna go ahead and post it. I’ll post an update once we get the pages hung. They’ve been stacked on some shelves in our living room since mid-December.

Nursery Colors!

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So there are only 70 days until my due date (thanks, Wolfram Alpha). If you consider my due date March 31, that is. I get a few extra days if we go with the initial due date of April 4. But I guess a kid can come like 3-4 weeks early and it’s nbd. You’re pretty much ready to go around 37 weeks. This is terrifying to me. January is practically over. Then we have February – JUST THE SHORTEST MONTH OF THE YEAR – and after that we’re officially in The Month. Basically I could go into labor at any point in March, right? Is that what we’re saying? AT ANY POINT IN MARCH? I have a baby shower planned for March 6. I think that’s still in the “safe” window, at least. I had thought about doing it on the 13th. But I could have a baby on the 13th, couldn’t I? COULDN’T I?!

Anyway, all that to say I think it’s time we start on the nursery. 8P Mr. T started ripping the carpet up in the bonus room. Which, unfortunately (but not surprisingly) revealed some sub floor damage. What exactly that means…I dunno. But there you go. We need to fix that, I guess. How? Ugh. Call the landlord!! We also need to finish ripping up that carpet. And organizing all the junk in that room. Then – and THEN – we can move Anthony in there. *cue the music* Then it’s nursery time… *cut the music*

I made Mr. T meet me at Home Depot last night so we could pick up paint swatches. I briefly explained to you what I want to do paint-wise. Mr. T thought it was a solid plan. But maybe he just wanted to get dinner so he’d agree to anything. Either way we have a plan. I was super excited, so I snapped a picture of the swatches as soon as I got home. But it was nighttime, our living room doesn’t have the best lighting, and I was using my phone. So the colors came out kind of janky. WHOOPS.

Nursery Colors! | The Wilson BuzzAgain, the colors will be mainly gray & yellow, with some brown spots in the yellow. Giraffes, and all that. ;) The gray wall will have some type of mural on it. If you want to get a better feel for the colors, they are:

Screenshots from the websites:

Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz

I think it’ll look nice, don’t you?

And now that we have the colors picked out, I can take my swatches to Hobby Lobby and start picking out fabric!! I have so many things I want to sew…after I learn how to sew…

I did see some fabric while I was walking around the ol’ HL last week. I even snapped a few pictures!

Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz Nursery Colors! | The Wilson Buzz

The green doesn’t match our color scheme, but I think it’s super adorable. Maybe I could use it to sew something else I have pinned for future babies. I have two boards for that – clothes, and not clothes. ;) I don’t really know what fabric works best for what application, or any other aspect of sewing. So I need a lot of help.

Baby Check-In

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LBW is still percolating. ;) Every day I think “This is is…this is as big as I can get…” and then the next day I’m just a little bit bigger. I’m at 29 weeks! Which means at most I’ve got mayyyybe 10-12 weeks left. That’s all. That’s it. That’s…nothing. No time. Excuse me, I need to go lie down. *hyperventilating*

But really, I’m (mostly) fine. I feel like we’ve done little to no preparation for this Great Life Event, but other than that, things are going great! I think everything will come together, eventually. I’d prefer for most of it to come together before LBW arrives, but eventually all will be finished. Even if “finished” just means I’m dead. ;) Mr. T and our roommate…I don’t remember what nickname I gave him, so I’m just gonna call him Anthony. Which is his name. Whoa. Anyway, they are supposedly going to start ripping the carpet in the bonus room up today. Fingers crossed there isn’t extensive sub-floor damage, because if there isn’t we’re going to move Anthony in there. He can live the rest of his days (with us – he’s not dying) with Chairman. *meow*

THEN WE CAN START ON THE NURSERY. What exactly we’ll be doing…I’m not sure. Painting the walls? I have An Idea for that. It involves a lot of effort on Mr. T’s part, and for that I apologize. He just shouldn’t be so awesome at arting, is all. ;) Some of it I can do. I don’t think I’ll get no/low VOC paint for all the walls, though, because that shizz is expensive. Wait, I’m not explaining well. So. I want to paint three of the walls yellow, and one wall gray (as a reminder, the theme is giraffes & rain clouds and the colors are yellow and gray). The gray wall is where the crib will be. I want Mr. T to paint a mural on that wall. Something to do with, you guessed it, giraffes and rain clouds. ;) And then on the three yellow walls I want to paint giraffe spots on the lower half. Kind of like this, but without going all the way up the wall. I also don’t want a hard cut off, I want it to kind of be organic. So, yeah. I think I could be not-anal enough to do the spots myself. Maybe. So if Mr. T and Anthony – if that is his real name (it is) – paint the base coats, and we let it ventilate well while drying, I can go in later with low/no VOC paint and do the spots. omg, I can’t wait to start. <3

I also want to rearrange the living room so we’ve got room to bring the desk in. Then I can theoretically finish sanding/refinishing it. Then we can set it up in the bedroom, I can take the sewing machine I got for Christmas out of its box and I can learn to sew! Then I can make curtains and crap like that for the nursery!! What an exciting time to be alive!!! *hyperventilates again*

Anyway, I didn’t really plan on saying all that. I’m just really excited. All I wanted to do was post this picture:

Bump Photos, Weeks 21-29 | The Wilson BuzzLook at how much more room there was in my little rectangle back at Week 21, compared to Week 29! Nutso, man…nutso. And my boobs look HUGE at Week 25. I’m not really sure what that’s all about. I kind of look like a shapeless blob at Week 29. Ah, well.

Sort of a “Birth Plan” (In Development)

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Please note, this is a constant work in progress.

I was trying to think of a way I could start to work out a “birth plan” where I could share it with my doula and get opinions/thoughts from other mothers. Then I realized…why not a blog post! I can always come back in and edit it, and it’s visible to anyone on the Internet. Privacy? Who needs it?? >.<

Anyway, I get emails from Baby Center every week discussing what’s happening inside my body – Can we take a moment to discuss how absolutely freaky growing a womb parasite is? Because LBW was really active this morning and it was totally nutso. And I finally watched some videos of nearly full-term babies moving around and can you say horror film?? O.O It was terrifying. Anyway, the Week 26 (holy crap, we’re already on Week 26) email discusses working out a birth plan, and lists a few things to consider. I figured that was as good of a place as any to start. Oh, check it – they have a birth plan PDF! Nifty. I’ll add any additional stuff to my list below.

  • Moving around freely during labor:
    • I would like to be able to move around for as long as possible. When I was in that car accident and had to lie in the bed for two hours getting monitored I thought I was going to lose my mind. I do want an epidural, but want to push it off as long as possible so I can stay mobile.
  • Medical interventions: water breaking, membrane stripping, pitocin, etc.
    • I want to keep things as natural as possible for as long as possible. Minus, of course, the very definite confidence that I will want an epidural. lol! I don’t really want to have my membranes stripped, and would like to avoid pitocin unless I really desperately medically need it.
  • Drug-free labor vs epidural:
    • Epidural, please!! I would like to put off getting it for as long as possible, but not to the point of being too late and not being able to get one at all.
  • Labor props:
    • At this point in time I don’t really have anything in mind.
  • Visitors during labor:
    • I don’t mind family being there initially. Not everyone obviously, but my immediate family – parents, brother, sister, Nelda – could be in the room leading up to delivery. Once it gets to be about time, or I get super stressed out/in pain, they’ve all got to be okay with getting out. I don’t know about having them all there at once, though? And they may not want to be there, anyway. ;) The good thing about a doula is that she can be the bad guy and kick them out – it doesn’t fall on me or Todd to do it.
  • Ambiance of the room:
    • I’m sure this will depend on my mood in the moment. I don’t really have any particular music in mind…maybe Vitamin String Quartet? But I don’t really care…I guess some sort of music would be nice, rather than total silence. Dimmed lights/quiet voices seem like a good idea, too.
  • Skin-to-skin immediately after delivery, delay newborn procedures to allow for bonding/feeding:
    • I want to do skin-to-skin after birth. I don’t know how long it would take to clean the baby up, or the pros/cons of holding off on washing/measuring/etc. I don’t think taking a few minutes to do all that will make a huge negative impact on our bond, though.
  • Delay clamping, cord cutting, banking cord blood:
    • Todd does, in fact, want to cut the cord. He thinks. We want to delay cord clamping. I vaguely remember reading some stuff about it and it sounded like a good thing. I don’t think we’d pay to bank, but I’d probably donate it if we didn’t do the delayed clamping thing – I don’t think you can do both, can you?
  • Explanation of procedures done and all medications given:
    • I trust my doctors, but I think I’d like to know what’s going on. I don’t think having it done in my presence is totally necessary – I probably won’t know what’s going on anyway, and it might be nice to have a few minutes to recover. Todd might be willing to watch, though? Another thing to ask him.
    • One thing to note: If it’s a boy, we are not getting him circumcised.
  • Breastfeeding, bottles, pacifiers:
    • I do want to breastfeed, and definitely want to meet with a lactation consultant. I don’t know about the whole breast vs bottle feeding, or how likely it is that using a bottle will somehow cause the baby to not be able to breastfeed. I guess I still need to do research on that one. I do plan on using a pacifier, though.
  • Do you want your baby to stay with you around-the-clock?
    • Oh God no. I’ve heard how nice it is to be able to get sleep while you’re in the hospital. I think they’ll still bring them in for feedings, right?
  • Private room:
    • My initial thought is that I don’t really care to be in a private room, but I am a bit concerned about annoying or getting annoyed by another family. I guess it depends on the cost?

One thing out of all this that I found interesting was the option to watch, either using a mirror during vaginal birth or a clear tarp for a c-section. Sweet Mother Mary…that’s a thing people want? No. No, no, no. I don’t even want Todd to watch that part. I don’t even want to think about that part. Apparently there is even a demand to touch the baby’s head as it’s crowning?! I legit just had a full-body shiver thinking about it.


Nursery – Planning

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Now that LBW is officially known, I can officially start working on planning the nursery! There isn’t much I can do until we clear out the roommate(s), but there are a few things I can probably start on…

Firstly, here is my Pinterest board. If you couldn’t piece it together, the colors are yellow & gray, and the theme is giraffes & rainclouds. I want three walls to be gray, and one wall to be yellow. That’s the one where the crib will go. I want Mr. T to paint a mural on that wall of three giraffes looking down into the crib. I think. I know where I want the rocking chair and book slings to go. We’re going to have a changing table, only because my sister has one she’s giving us. Sure, a dresser is more practical, but the changing table is free. She’s also giving us a crib and rocking chair. I’m not 100% sure on when all that will happen, but since we don’t really have anywhere to store anything…no rush! I know I want to build some shelves. (Or have Mr. T build some shelves.) And I want a corner net to store stuffed animals in. Other than that, it’s just small art projects that I guess I really could start on sooner…even if the room is occupied. And I actually have started on one! I’m hoping to finish it today.

So…some of my art projects.

I’m really hoping to get at least one of these patterns for Christmas:

Nursery - Planning | The Wilson Buzz
Nursery - Planning | The Wilson Buzz
Nursery - Planning | The Wilson BuzzWant to take bets on if I’ll even get one finished before LBW makes an appearance? I can’t imagine I’ll get three done…but maybe! >.<

This is the project I’ve already started on. It’s framed pages from a children’s book. And it got expensive fast. Freaking frames, man…they ain’t cheap! Look for a blog post about this one soon.

Nursery - Planning | The Wilson Buzz

I’m not going to link a ton of images, because it gets really tedious and who knows which projects I’ll actually start/complete?? You can check out the board. I try to keep it updated by deleting things I’ve lost interest in. There are lots of random cloud things. Several different mobiles…no clue which one(s) we’ll go with. LBW might have lots of things to stare up at. lol! Several prints to purchase or attempt to recreate, oh and I want to try to make something like this for the ultrasound picture:

Nursery - Planning | The Wilson BuzzSo many plans…so little time. There are only 113 days until my due date! That’s 3 months, 22 days. 16 weeks, 1 day. 80 weekdays. (Thank you, Wolfram Alpha.) If you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotten quite nervous and now need to go poop.

Pregnancy Announcement

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Mr. T and I shared this on Facebook like two months ago… I’m only just now getting around to posting it here. MY BAD. You love me. Pregnancy Announcement | The Wilson BuzzIsn’t it glorious? The only *womp womp* was that the text at the top was so blurry. Mr. T was working on a small screen, late at night, and I can only assume alcohol was involved. (He was visiting his cousin, home on leave from ze Navy.) More than one person didn’t realize it was actually a pregnancy announcement… Since we posted it at the end of September, and there is a new Ghostbusters movie coming out next spring, some people thought it had to do with a Halloween party, others the movie. >.< Oops!

The Biggest News of All

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7wk Ultrasound | The Wilson BuzzIT’S A BABY!

The Wilsons done made a baby, y’all. Aren’t you just so proud of us?? Out little ray of friggin sunshine is due somewhere near the end of March/start of April. Before I went to the doctor, a random website told me my due date was April 1. The first doctor’s visit told us April 3. And our most recent ultrasound said March 31. So, yeah… SOMEWHERE IN THERE. We’re really hoping for April 1, because come on – an April Fool’s baby?! How perfect is that?? Oh, and since I waited so long to get around to blogging about this…

19wk Ultrasound | The Wilson BuzzANOTHER ULTRASOUND!

Yes, I’m already at like 19 weeks. Well, if Monday was 19w4d, I should be at…basically 20w. TWENTY WEEKS, I SAY. That’s full-on halfway through this pregnancy, dewd. And I am in no way ready to have a tiny human overlord. I mean…what are we even doing right now? WHO THOUGHT WE WERE RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH FOR THIS?! Mr. T did find out the sex of ze wee one on Monday, but I want to be surprised at birth. Also, no one else can know. I’ve threatened his life. NO ONE CAN KNOW. So don’t even ask him. He knows better.

So, yeah… Lots going on. Lots and lots. And lots.

Bump Photos, Weeks 11-19 | The Wilson BuzzEVERYONE LOVES A GOOD BABY BUMP.