Tai Cheng, Week 1

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Yes, I did download a checkmark symbol and manually add it to every circle. I enjoy checking things off, don’t judge me.

Back in January I mentioned I had officially given up on P90X3 and was moving on to Tai Cheng. Well I have. And I finished Week 1! I started it, did the first few days, then got iced in and did NOTHING for a week, then finished it all in one night. And now I’m back on track! I did Week 2, Day 1 last night. It’s super low-intensity. Like…you don’t even break a sweat. Like…you don’t really move all that much. At least not yet. And I’m 99% sure you never will.

I took a Tai Chi class in college and, yeah – this is the exact same thing. He’s teaching it differently than the college instructor did, but that’s about it. At MTSU the sweet lady barely spoke English. She had a CD that she would play and we started at the beginning of the routine and slowly worked our way through it over the course of the semester. Our final exam was performing it in groups from start to finish without any instruction.

Dude in the videos is incorporating the “Neural Reboot” which is a really low-intensity flexibility training sort of thing. Then all last week we just worked on static positions – muscle memory and all that. Now we’re working on combining moves. The ones we did last night were the first two at the start of the routine (or I guess they call it a “Sequence”) from when I was in school. It looks like all this week we’ll do combos, and then combine them all into Sequence 1 next week.

Looking ahead, after Sequence 1 we spend two weeks learning the moves/combos for Sequence 2, then do that sequence for a week. Repeat that same process for Sequence 3. Week 10 we combine Sequences 1 and 2, Week 11 is Sequences 2 and 3, and then then last two weeks are doing all three Sequences. #party

There are also four Neural Reboots, so I’ll be interested to see what he does differently later on. I don’t move on to Neural Reboot 2 until we start on Sequence 2, though. I’m gonna be patient and not look ahead. 8}

I will say…even though it’s not super intense, I don’t think it’s a waste of time. The instructor – Wait, seriously? His NAME is Dr. Cheng? Is that why it’s Tai Cheng, instead of Tai Chi? Well. Anyway, he really takes the time to get you to focus on proper technique and posture. Since we’re taking it so slow, we do the same move over and over (and over and over and over) so you really get the moves down and can focus on technique. And I for real need to work on my posture. Plus, it helps get me into a working out routine without the misery of working out…maybe after I complete this I can more easily pick up a more challenging work out!

P90X3: Week 1

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So last week I announced that we were going to reboot our P90X3 experience. Theoretically we were on Week 3, but I don’t think I even made half the workouts of Week 3, and missed a couple from Week 2. Mr. T had already pretty much fallen off the wagon during Week 2, and when he got sick last week it was all over. He decided he was going to restart and that would totally jack with our planned rewards – we wouldn’t hit the monthly marks at the same time. So, REBOOT! And here are our new dates:

  • Day 30: Wednesday, December 3
    Spend the entire day in bed (exact day depending on vacation days)
  • Day 60: Friday, January 2
    Date night…maybe massages??
  • Day 90: Sunday, February 1
    Sex every day for a month – this now lines up perfectly!!

In that Beach Body Facebook group I joined someone jokingly suggested I give myself a gold star on a calendar every day I work out. They didn’t understand my love for marking things off lists or using whiteboards. We even have a little calendar desperately looking for a purpose!! Consider yourself purposed, calendar!!

P90X3: Week 1 | The Wilson BuzzLook at that glorious first mark, too…GLORIOUS. With exercise, there are no winners or losers – everyone is a winner!! But I’m definitely MORE of a winner than Mr. T at this point.

Day 1: Accelerator

I was definitely able to tell I’d been exercising – it was much easier this “Day 1” than it had been three weeks ago. :) I still don’t like the two moves where you have to scuttle around on the floor in the plank position. That puts too much pressure on my wrist, so I usually just alternate between plank and child’s pose, or just take a break and drink some water. 90% of a workout is better than no workout at all!!

There was no yoga on Tuesday morning because I worked from home (it’s election day!) and therefore slept in until the moment I had to get up and work. I look forward to doing yoga tomorrow, though!!

Before Pictures

P90X3: Week 1 | The Wilson Buzz P90X3: Week 1 | The Wilson Buzz

I hate my picture so much. I told Mr. T to take another one and he said “No! The before pictures are supposed to look bad! But he is TOTALLY sucking in his gut in his picture. And POSING. >.> I’m so upset. Ignore the clothes in the floor – I’ll finish my closet one day, I promise.

Day 2: The Warrior

In the three weeks that I was “doing” P90X3 previously, I only did this video the first week. lol! Neither of us remembered ever doing half the moves. I kind of hate it. 8P There’s a lot of getting up and down and my wrist is all no bueno about it. But whatever. It’s probably because I haven’t been doing it. I’ve found ways of making The Accelerator work for me, so I’m sure I’ll come up with something for this one over the next few weeks. I’m amazed at the woman’s Boston accent, though – it’s one of the thickest I’ve ever heard and I wish she talked more in the video. lol!

*ducks head in shame* Still no yoga today. I’m fighting a cold, or something. I slept in this morning and it was glorious! I love taking showers at night!!

Day 3: X-Yoga

You guys – I’m sick. It’s just a head cold (or maybe only allergies) but I’m miserable. I got home yesterday, ate dinner, and then passed out on the couch. I woke up long enough to drag myself to bed, and woke up for a minute or two when Mr. T got home, but I slept for a solid 10 hours last night. It. Was. GLORIOUS. But I didn’t do my P90X3 last night.

But! Since it was the yoga video, I did it this morning instead of doing one of the yoga videos I usually do! (Well, theoretically I usually do them…this week I haven’t been so on top of things. Which, I’ve been fighting sickness, so I think the extra sleep might be more beneficial. God, I wish I was still in bed.)

Day 4: CVX

I passed out at 8:30 last night. >.< I got hit with a time change, a head cold, and PMS all in one week – it’s destroyed me. I thought I’d be able to get up and do this one in the morning like I had the yoga yesterday but NOPE. Maybe if I’d gone to bed at 7:30 like I did on Wednesday? I’m super bummed I missed it, but I think CVX was one of the only workouts I followed through on the previous three weeks, so it’s not the end of the world. I will survive!!

Nope, no yoga. Just glorious, glorious sleep.

Day 5: Isometrix

Friday was crazy, okay? I got home, fed the animals, ran to The Square long enough to say hey to Liz and congratulate her on her trunk show, then I had to bolt over to Mai’s thing and attempt to paint Russell Brand. I’m really bummed I missed Isometrix because it’s one of my favorite videos so far. :( I had good intentions of trying to make it up Saturday, but…

Also, no yoga. Sorry!

Day 6: Agility X

I did do this one! On Sunday instead of Saturday, but I did it! And we were super late for church because of it. >.< I really hated it. The weird tape on the floor with the X’s? No clue where that came from. He said something about an instructional video?? I don’t know if we overlooked it or if the friend that lent us these DVDs just didn’t have it, but I don’t know what that was all about. Neither of us knew what we were doing half the time on this one, and I’m sure if you filmed it you could make millions. Somehow this was one neither of us did the entire first three weeks, and I can’t say I missed it… Probably won’t be trying too hard to keep my Saturday workouts from now on. ;) It looks like that video doesn’t come up that much, anyway. So maybe I can just do a different video on those days?

Yup, no yoga at all this week. Next week I’ll do better!! I do feel much more refreshed after my three days of sleeping. 8}

Day 7: Rest

Yeah, I didn’t really deserve a day of rest, but technically I didn’t rest on the actual Day 7 (Sunday) – I did Day 6! The days I rested were…Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. And I legit did rest on those days! I slept so much!! lol >.< Ahhh, what a fail of a first week. Week 2 won’t know what hit it!!

Calendar Update

I lost that whiteboard marker. YES AFTER ONE DAY. So we haven’t updated our calendar. But…contrary to the start of the week, Mr. T is definitely winning more than I am. I don’t think he missed a day this week!! He would come home, half wake me up, work out, then take a shower. What a good man, that Mr. T. 8D


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Alright, alright, alright – don’t judge me, okay. This is a happy post! One full of joy and optimism!!

The main reason I cut back on posting about my P90X3 journey is because the first three weeks you do the same workouts in the same order. After the initial post of each one, there wasn’t much to talk about. So I thought I’d just post once a week at the end. Well…the other pretty significant reason that I cut back is because I got sloppy on keeping to the schedule. I did great the first week, alright the second, and missed a good chunk of the third. :( But! Mr. T did worse!! He pretty much fizzled out on Week 2 and never got momentum back before getting sick this past week.

This morning, while lying in bed debating on if I had time to get up and do the workout for Friday (I didn’t – curse you, Snooze!) I thought “Let’s just start over.” Mr. T had pretty much already decided that’s what he was going to have to do, anyway. So, yeah – we’re rebooting P90X3!! I want us both to finish at the same time, because our rewards coincide with certain dates. The dates are wrong now, anyway, but I feel like we should both hit them at the same time. Of course, if he falls behind again I’m gonna leave him in the dust – ’cause ain’t NOBODY got time for that! And of course I’ll never be the slacker. Of course!

The best news about all of this is….we have another chance to take “before” pictures!! And I’ll be in marginally better shape than I would’ve been if we’d actually done it three weeks ago!! Huzzah!

Oh, hey – unrelated, but I just found out this blog has been in the wrong timezone since forever.

P90X3: Week 2, Days 2-7

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Ugh, sorry I haven’t been posting! As I mentioned before, P90X3 follows the same schedule for three weeks, then has a transition week, then three weeks of a new schedule, and so on. So this week was exactly like last week – including my inconsistency. 8D I did better keeping up with the P90X3 than I did yoga, but I did miss the X3 Yoga and Agility X workouts. I’ve missed Agility both weeks!! I will never be agile. >.< And of course we haven’t taken any not-so-before-anymore pictures.

I meant to do the agility one yesterday (Saturday was cray-cray busy) but ended up occupying myself with other activities. Get your mind out of the gutter! Look for a post under “home improvement” a bit later for more info on my Sunday project. 8} Ugh – that reminds me… I was supposed to do something for that Style Cure this weekend. Oh God – there are TWO more activities I’m supposed to do!! #HopelesslyBehind

P90X3: Week 2, Day 1

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Okay, so I never did go back in and do Days 6 & 7 for Week 1. Cue “Let it Go” and move on.

Accelerator and Bend & Stretch

So Week 2, Day 1 was exactly the same as Week 1, Day 1. Deal with it. After screwing around with a bunch of crap yoga videos (that was a bit harsh, I apologize) all week, I wanted to do one I knew would be a legit workout. So I did the Bend & Stretch one again. I was sore after doing the two workouts on Saturday, so the yoga was definitely beneficial. If you look at the schedule again you’ll see the first three weeks of P90X3 are the same. The perk there for you is that my posts will get shorter! ;)

We keep forgetting to take “before” pictures! Hopefully we do it before too long. I kind of feel different (sore), but don’t think I look all that different yet. Someone posted in the Beach Body Facebook group I joined a picture thing that said something along the lines of it takes 3 weeks for you to notice a difference, 6 weeks for close friends and family to notice a difference, and 12 weeks for the general public to notice. I guess that’s…comforting? And also depressing. And explains why I’ve never seen improvement! I usually give up after about two weeks. >.< Hopefully being part of that group will motivate me to follow through! That and my 30 Before 30 looming. I have a need to mark things off lists.

P90X3: Week 1, Days 4 & 5

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So this happened…
Sputnik | The Wilson Buzz
…and put me a little behind on P90X3.

But we’re catching up!

CVX, Isometrix, and Leg Strength

I was supposed to do the P90X3: CVX workout on Thursday, but Mr. T found a stray dog that we’ve since taken in. So when I got off work, I had to go to Two-Tone and pick the dog up, then take him to the vet to check for a microchip. he was COVERED in fleas. Not neutered, not chipped. No collar. He’s pretty well behaved, and knows how to “sit” but he isn’t house trained. Frankly, I don’t trust people who haven’t fixed their pit by 6 months. He weighed in at 45lbs, but based on his paw size, the vet said he could easily double in size. Weee… Anyway – all that to say I didn’t really get to CVX Thursday night.

I did do the Leg Strength yoga video Friday morning! It was alright. A lot of the same moves we did for the P90X3 yoga video, lol.

Friday night we had a show at Two-Tone. A local artist – Kelly LaMure – had some art up and this was her big closing night. Mr. T has to work on Fridays, so I was the Two-Tone representative sitting awkwardly in the corner, trying to cope with social anxiety. The show was great, though! Here is one of my favorite paintings from the show. So cute!! Anyway – that’s my next poor excuse as to why I didn’t work out. So I missed the FRIDAY video as well.

Here I sit, Saturday morning, two videos behind. Catchup weekend!! I’m about to do CVX, then take a break, then I’ll do Isometrix and die, probably. Weeee…

Just finished CVX! I think it’s my favorite video so far. Now I’m taking a break to watch an episode (or two) of The Office while I recover. ;)

Just finished Isometrix! I liked both of these more than the previous three. So that’s cool. It might be the fact that it’s Saturday, though. I didn’t wake up early to do it, and I didn’t have to force myself to do it when I got home from work. There was a lot of planking in this one…I tried doing that fist thing and it just did not work. So I didn’t hold it for the full 45 seconds. I would go a few seconds, then break the pose for a couple seconds, then go back into it. And I focused more on getting the plank down rather than doing the more elaborate raising an arm and leg up in the air nonsense that was going on. lol

Anywho, I’m just glad to be (almost) caught up! I’ll have to do two tomorrow as well, but I should be back on track for Monday. 8} Mr. T is going to be so far behind!!

P90X3: Week 1, Day 3

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X3 Yoga and Carpal Tunnel

I always enjoy the yoga sessions of P90X workouts. They’re a bit more chaotic than usual yoga, but aren’t as high-impact as P90X usually is. Makes for a good mid-week “break”. Which is exactly why they set it up they way they did, I’m sure. 8P This did hurt my wrist quite a bit, though. When transitioning between moves they have you do an upward-facing dog, a pushup (or two), and a downward-facing dog. So it’s not really planking…but it’s a lot of weight on your wrists. One of my friends suggested making my hands into fists and keeping my wrists straight to help relieve some of the pain, and the coach on FB recommended getting those pushup whatchamadoogles…the handles that sit on the floor. I’ll try the fist thing first, since it’s free. :)

I did the Carpal Tunnel video for my yoga this morning. It really helped with my wrist, which was cool. But I think I’ll just do the hand stretches at work, instead of the full workout in the mornings. (The hand stretches start around the 13:30 mark and go for about 5 minutes.) Other than the very last one, you don’t really need to be seated on the floor to do them. It could serve as a nice morning and afternoon break to pause and stretch. I’d still rather have a more exercise-y sort of workout

Side note: Ended up working out with Mr. T again last night, since Wednesdays are his day off. Near the end of the video you do the whatever move where your feet end up back behind your head, with your stomach over your face. They moved on to something else, but I couldn’t see it due to my position. Mr. T, who had been facing the other way, could. So I asked him what they were doing and he said “They’re posing…like MERMAIDS!” in the most majestic voice I had ever heard. I glanced over at him. He had decided to work out in jeans (and no shirt) for some reason. So he’s on his back, resting on his elbows, with his torso raised up – chest out, head back (like a mermaid) and…it was beautiful. The combination of his hairy belly, his jeans, his pose, and the way he proclaimed the position was amazing. Just thought I’d share. ;)

P90X3: Week 1, Day 2

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The Warrior and Love Yourself

Miss C came over to watch American Horror Story like she do. :) We get together every Tuesday night to watch AHS. We’re watching Season 2 on Netflix right now, while a backlog of Season 4 builds on my DVR. Because of that I didn’t get to work out as early as I did on Monday. Which is fine, because Mr. T had overslept and not done his workout when he should’ve, so we worked out together! I was wrong, for the record, about “The Warrior” being less wrist-intensive. If anything it was worse about it, because a lot of the moves involved being on your feet, then jumping down to plank, then back up to your feet – over and over and over again. I just took it slow. I’m still not sore today…probably because I was taking it so slow. It’s a bit disappointing, because I like the feeling of being sore after a workout. It’s like “hey…I did something” and without it I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything. :/ Hopefully as I become more familiar with the workouts I’ll be able to keep up better and get more out of each video.

This morning I tried the Love Yourself yoga video and…it’s not for me. The woman is a sort of yoga therapist type person, so the verbiage she used was along the lines of “hug yourself” “you deserve this” “give yourself the love you give to others” and the first and last 5-7 minutes were spent just lying on the floor, not moving. Not really what I’m looking…lol So I’ll probably go back to the Bend & Stretch. Of course there is also the Twist & Stretch, or I might try some of the focused videos, like Upper Back, Legs, Shoulders, Hips, Hamstrings, & Back, etc. Oh, look – they have a Carpal Tunnel video!! And a few beginners Pilates videos…plus several videos that are only 10-15 minutes long that I could combine. I’m excited to try out new options. :) Oh, and sorry for the link attack – that was mainly for me if I’m in a rush and forgot to pull up a video the night before.

I tweet out every time I publish a blog post, and a coach from Beach Body replied and invited me to join a FB support group. They suggested I do the P90X3 in the morning and yoga in the evening…but I’m not sure that’s possible. You sweat so much with the P90X3 that you have to take a shower after. So a 30+ minute workout, plus a shower, plus drying my hair…that adds so much more time to my morning routine. I know me, and if I have to wake up an hour earlier than I usually do, I’m going to quit. It is what it is. Plus, I like the calmness of the yoga to ease me into my day. I’m not up for the high-energy of what’s-his-name in the videos. Dude is a bit intense.

P90X3: Week 1, Day 1

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Accelerator and Bend & Stretch

Yesterday evening when I got home from work I did the first video for P90X3. Mr. T and I actually did this one a couple weeks ago, when we first planned on starting P90X3. Then I realized I was going to be camping for four days and we postponed it until this week and proceeded to eat lots of cheesecake in preparation.

It’s strange, the first go around I got through the entire workout no problem. I mean, I couldn’t do everything, but I gave it the ol’ college try. I think I have the beginnings of carpal tunnel in my right wrist, so all the planking and crap they make you do was difficult. Plus I’ve never been good at planking, or push-ups, or exercise in general. And the very last move is this insane donkey kick BS that I kind of did when I was a kid playing around on a trampoline but if you think I’m going to attempt that in my living room as an adult… HA! And the next day I was sore in weird places, like my abs and arms. I mean…I guess those aren’t weird places to be sore after working out. But I’m not used to exercise, so being sore is just weird in general.

Anyway – last night I got a little over halfway and had to pause the video to lie down. My vision started to fade out and I kind of felt like I was going to throw up. I thought maybe I was just trying harder or something, but today I’m not sore at all. The first time we did it in the early morning, before I got ready for work, and this time it was around 6:30 in the evening, so that might have something to do with it. I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, though, so I had a mostly empty stomach both times.

Here is the schedule for the “lean” workout we’re doing. So last night was the “Accelerator”, and really the only rushed part is right at the very beginning. Even after watching it twice I still get overwhelmed. You’re up, then down, then up, then you do this other thing, then something else, then up, then down… I don’t know. I get frazzled. I understand that they’re trying to get a lot done in a short amount of time, but I need to ease into these things. I’m easily confused. Today is “The Warrior”. I skipped through it, to see if we needed any special equipment or anything. (I don’t think we will – one of the perks of P90X3.) It looks…not necessarily easier, but I don’t think we’ll spend as much time planking. They looked like they were on their feet for most of it. Mr. T does his before he goes into work, since he has a later start to his day. Which is cool for me, because he can warn me about what I’m going to experience. 8D

I did decide to do yoga in the mornings, though. Since I work out in the evening and get all sweaty, I’ll be taking showers in the evening as well (took a bath last night, drank some wine, started reading Dad is Fat…it was fabulous). So I have more time in the morning. I started looking for free yoga videos a few weeks ago and found this website. It’s pretty snazzy. Most of their videos are pretty long, but I found a beginner’s Bend & Stretch one that’s just over 30 minutes. It was perfect. Soothing music, soothing voice, soothing scenes to look at…and it wasn’t very strenuous. Although it was hard to not be friggen jealous of the woman doing yoga on the beach while I was using a Snuggie as a yoga mat in my living room, with all the animals looking at me like I’d lost my mind. lol! There is also a Love Yourself session that takes the same amount of time. I might try that one tomorrow morning. I’d love to look into some of the longer ones, but…we’ll see. I do enjoy my sleep.

I just had an epiphany. We’re going to finish this sometime in January. Well #19 on my 30 Before 30 list is to have sex every day for a month. Soooo…our 90 day reward is sex every day for the month of February! Text exchange with Mr. T:

Me: Just had a great idea! (explain the above epiphany)
Mr. T: No way I hate this plan.
Me: I find that unlikely.
Mr. T: The sarcasm is strong with this one.

Hooray! Now all we need is a 60 day goal…