So I went camping this past weekend. My family tries to go every year. Two years ago we went to Henry Horton State Park. Last year we went to Tims Ford State Park. This year my sister-in-law had to go and have a baby over summer. ;) My niece Niki was born in July. My brother and his wife wanted to participate in the camping experience, but still be able to take the baby back home as needed. So we camped in Huntsville – Monte Sano State Park. AL state parks are so much nicer than TN state parks.

My parents stayed in a cabin (I called it the “murder cabin” all weekend, because it totally looks like the setting for a horror film), my brother either stayed in the cabin or went back home at night, his wife and Mama N both stayed at his house (it was about 10 minutes away), my sister and her family stayed in a camper, and I was in a tent with the dog. Woo! PICTURES:

Camping | The Wilson Buzz

Murder Cabin

Camping | The Wilson Buzz

I got to wake up to this beautiful face every morning.

Camping | The Wilson Buzz

Campsite Setup

Camping was pretty fun, even though Mr. T couldn’t go (work thangs). I would’ve been a LOT of fun if he had been able to go. *sad trombone* It did rain every night, though. It got pretty bad on Sunday/Monday nights. Not as bad as it did back in M’boro though – they got hail! Side note: One of my FB friends posted a FB status about the hail. She said “It’s hard and large” so of course I giggled, took a screenshot, and texted it to a friend of mine. He replied: “I’m no weather man, but you can expect more than a few inches tonight!” Heeeeeeeee…. I’m a thirteen-year-old boy.

Let’s give a quick play-by-play of the trip:

I got up there around 2:00. Everyone that was already there was off somewhere doing something more fun. So I hung out at the murder cabin alone for about an hour. Wasn’t murdered, thankfully. Around 4:00 my sister and her husband showed up, so we got our campsite and set up. Ate dinner, played cards, hung out with everyone at the cabin…went to bed around midnight. Crazy storms, but slept like a rock…you know, how I do. I really need to start journaling again, because my memory SUCKS.

What on earth did we do on Monday?? I have no idea. You know, I didn’t really hike at all? I didn’t. It was a weird trip. The weather was gross, there were too many people (especially kids under the age of 4). What on earth did we do on Monday?! I think the kids played at the playground… Then I went with Mama N to buy groceries, which took forever, and we cooked (way too much) spaghetti at my brother’s house, for dinner that night. Went back to the cabins, played cards, stayed up super late.

We went bowling on Tuesday! It had rained Sunday night, Monday, and Monday night – and rain was in the forecast for Tuesday, so we decided to go bowling. And the weather ended up being amazing. Oh, well. >.< That night I visited a couple of my friends who used to live in M’boro and now live in Huntsville. He actually works at Redstone as well. We were going to meet at a coffee house, but apparently it closed at 7:00. I’m still trying to decide if that makes sense or not… We ended up hanging out at a supermarket. And I’m pretty sure the cashier thought I was their child. Then we got pestered by a homeless man. It was a good time.

Wednesday was all about packing. It was pretty lame and boring, and then I drove home. I finished Let the Right One In (or Let Me In). Super creepy book – I highly recommend it. The narrator was pretty fantastic as well. You will make horrified faces, though. It’s probably very amusing (or disconcerting) for other drivers.

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    • Yes! We bought it to sleep under during Bonnaroo, because it would be cooler than an actual tent. It worked out pretty fabulously. I didn’t actually take it to use as a bug tent this go around – it was mainly to help keep water off the sleeping tent when it rained. And it did a great job! This was the first time in YEARS that I slept in a tent in the rain and it didn’t leak. 8D

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