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Right-Oh. It’s been a day or two since I posted anything, much less about a crafty craft or something similar. Anywho, here is my inspiration:

Button Name | InspirationMy sister told me she was redoing my niece’s bedroom for her birthday (she turns 3 tomorrow). Her party was today and I finished this…about 30 minutes before the party started. BUT I FINISHED IT. A few things went wrong…the website the inspiration woman used no longer had a large selection of buttons, so I had to buy them from Amazon, which bumped up the price and lowered the amount. Turned out to be okay, because I didn’t have a random chunk of fence to use like she did, so ended up using a 1’x3′ burlap canvas from Hobby Lobby. But whatever. Nothing goes as planned.

I started off using Google Fonts…found a good fat one. “The Luckiest Guy” I think? Blew it up nice and big so it fit about one letter per page. Well, when I finally found the canvas it only fit about four pieces of paper on it, portrait orientation. My niece’s name has seven letters in it. When I shrank the font down I was afraid it would get a little muddled, and was too short, so I searched for a taller, skinner font.

Button Name | The Wilson BuzzYeah…this is going to require far fewer buttons than I was thinking… Also, how the f are you supposed to get the outline of the letters onto the canvas? She cut them out, then traced them. That seemed ridiculous and time-consuming. So what I did just wing it. BLAM! It’s the Wilson way.

Button Name | The Wilson BuzzAlso, decided to put a little birdie in the front. Tweet, tweet motherf*cker. Anywhoodles, this took for-freaking-ever. I had a friend helping me and it was still the most tedious thing ever. Well, I made the letters myself and he helped me glue them down. zomg that was the worst thing ever. At first we thought we could just Mod Podge around them without having to glue each button down individually. NOPE. The wiggle around. So we glued down each and every friggin button. At this point I was glad I couldn’t do the big fat letters.

Button Name | The Wilson BuzzFinished!! The Mod Podge was super shiny, so I knew I was going to have to fill in all the background with it. Wooooo… But first we had to add in the stencils.

Button Name | The Wilson BuzzDon’t let this picture fool you, Mr. T only painted the wing and the ribbon for the heart (you’ll see it later). I did most of the intense stenciling. #hardworkinglady 8P

Button Name | The Wilson BuzzHere is my niece reading each letter. With the help of the employee at the crazy bouncy house place my sister rented for the party.

Button Name | The Wilson BuzzOkay, one more picture because she’s so gosh-darn cute!! 8} Anyway, here it is all finished:

Button Name | The Wilson BuzzPrettttttty cute, if I do say so myself. I do kind of hate the ‘M’, though. And a couple of buttons on the ‘Y’ moved while gluing and I didn’t notice until it was too late. I’ll probably never do this again, because HELLO, MONOTONY. But it was fun. Now I have approximately eleventy-billion pink and yellow buttons. Got any suggestions??

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