Busy, Busy

I have so much going on this weekend!! Hopefully this cold/allergies doesn’t ruin it. :\


  • Davis comes over to watch Project Runway with me.


  • Mr. T has to take Sputnik by the vet to get some shots (and potentially neutered – don’t tell him), so I can take him to puppy obedience school.
  • Trunk show for a friend of mine. Check her out at Pop & Pulp.
  • I’m taking a portrait painting class from another friend of mine. I don’t think she has a FB page…


  • If Sputnik does get neutered, I’ll have to pick him up on Saturday since they close early on Fridays.
  • I have a hair appointment.
  • I have the second round of that painting class…which I might be late for thanks to my hair appointment.
  • One of my friends is having a potluck in the evening.


  • I think there’s a meet-and-greet with Operation Education in Smyrna…not sure if they need me there or not.
  • I really want to get more work done in my closet. Maybe even FINISH all the painting?? Maybe?!

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