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So two or three years ago (curse this faulty memory of mine) Mr. T and I went through Financial Peace University (Dave Ramsey). We made a budget, we did cash envelopes, we started sinking funds and debt snowball. And we got out of debt! And we had some pretty nice sinking funds! And we set up an emergency fund! We were building up savings and getting organized and everything was awesome.

And then Mr. T had the awesome, amazing, stupendous opportunity to open his own shop. And I don’t regret that at all! I’m so proud of him, and he’s doing amazing things and it’s for all intents and purposes wildly successful. But we emptied most of our sinking funds to cover the costs – always planning to replenish them. But then Mr. T (and I agree with this logic) thought it would be good to save up a fairly substantial nest egg in the new business account before taking on an income. Once he has $X in the bank, then he’ll take on 100% of the profits. When he has to buy supplies, he’ll pull $Y from the business account and then stop taking an income until the $Y has been replaced.

The good news is he’s halfway there! We finally broke down and took out a loan right at the end, to finish off some of the construction so he could open on time. That’s now been paid off, and he has half of his target amount in the bank. That’s super amazing! But we never really changed our lifestyles. And that’s biting us in the butts big-time right now. I’ve been meaning for the past week to sit down and rework a budget, using only my income. But I don’t like being an adult, so I keep putting it off. >.< But it’s ridiculous that we’ve come this far and are suddenly practically living paycheck to paycheck, with me putting off things like vet visits and new tires for my cars.

IT’S TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE. Plus, all my motivation from before means nothing if I can’t afford to buy supplies to hang my curtains or paint my walls.

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