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I’ll just copy pasta the email I sent to Bonnaroo and Music Today, so you get an idea of how my day has gone:

I’m sure you’ll be getting a lot of emails regarding this Bonnaroo ticket debacle. But I figured I’d throw my voice into the mix. I got on right at 11:00 CST and hit “Buy Now!” – immediately thrown into a 7 minute waiting room. This wasn’t too surprising. When the screen finally “loaded” (I’m pretty sure it never loaded all the way – I’ll let you know if I ever get to that again) another 7 minutes had gone by. I finally was able to get a ‘2’ in my ticket window, then clicked on “Add to Cart” (or what I thought was “Add to Cart”). Nothing happened. I was terrified to hit refresh in the fear that I would get thrown back into a queue. I finally tried to view my shopping cart, even though it still said ‘0’ – maybe that would wake something up. I got an error message. Tried to hit back, was thrown into the queue again, this time for 14 minutes. When it hit ‘0’ it stayed there for several minutes and then went to a totally blank screen. I just hit refresh for lack of a better alternative. OH GOD I’M IN! The page definitely didn’t load correctly the first time. Just added 2 tickets to cart….come onnnnn, come onnnnn….

Ah, just read on FB that you had to reset the servers. I’m kind of surprised you weren’t prepared for this? I mean, I know I wouldn’t know what needed to be in place but this is kind of what you guys do. And Bonnaroo happens every year. I believe I saw somewhere that you’d been doing this (selling tickets online) for 12 years? I feel like you should know what’s up at this point. Sorry if I’m rambling – just making small talk until my shopping cart loads. The weather today is GORGEOUS! I live in Tennessee – right outside of Manchester. And can you believe last year is the first time I went to Bonnaroo?! I was kind of disappointed in the lineup this year, but Cake is my all-time favorite band, so I had to go back!

Alright, this is getting ridiculous. I was able to get in and get the Price 2 tickets again, but it’s still loading after I hit “add to cart”. So help me if I can’t get the “cheap” tickets after waiting AN HOUR I’m going to be so pissed. I see on Facebook and Twitter that people are buying them now, and my little tab just keeps loading away, with nothing happening. Yet again, terrified to click anything else or hit refresh in the fear that I will get an error or get thrown back into the queue. Can you believe I started this email TWENTY MINUTES AGO and I still don’t have any tickets?!? The most shocking thing is that I started trying to buy tickets AN HOUR AGO!! I’m not impressed with your service. Okay, I’m going to do it – I’m going to click “Add to Cart” again. Mistake?? Probably. But the alternative is lose my ever-loving mind.

OH I GOT AN ERROR MESSAGE. OH HOW LOVELY. OH THIS IS JUST GRAND. SO NOW I’M STARTING OVER – AGAIN. I would like to point out the lack of swearing I’ve done. I deserve some sort of award for that. Holy shit – sorry, I did so good… I got back to the order screen and now the “Add to Cart” button isn’t working. I hit refresh and it zero’d out my tickets. Tried ‘2’ and “Add to Cart” again – now it’s thinking!! IT WORKED!! I gave $5 to the “Greening Initiative” because the planet doesn’t need to be punished for your ineptitude. Oh, sorry…that was a little mean. Now I have a timer ticking down. Is that when my tickets expire? BECAUSE I’M WAITING ON YOU. It’s been over a minute of MY TIME ticking down. Alright, now we’re nearing 3 minutes. I hit “Continue” again to no avail. I now have less than 8 minutes to finish my order (if that’s what this countdown means). I don’t even know what will be asked of me after this!! I am now regretting that $5…is that what broke you? Can your servers no longer handle math?? “Oh gawd – we have to add $5 to the total!! What was the total before? Did anyone write it down?? Maybe if we just let her time out she’ll enter it again!” I’m down below 6 minutes now.

Holy shit – you charge over $1k for a TENT? My timer is now red and says I have approx. 3 minutes to finish my order. Oh, yay – another $15 to mail me a tiny packet. OH SWEET BABY JESUS I GOT IN WITH LESS THAN A MINUTE TO SPARE. The timer was flashing at me. FLASHING AT ME. AT ME! Like it was MY FAULT it was taking so damn long!!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know how my morning went. It is now 12:23 CST (exactly 1 hour 23 minutes after when I began this journey). My husband had to take my car to work because I couldn’t leave the computer, so now I can’t take our three dogs to the dog park. I guess I’ll just have to walk them around the neighborhood. More exercise for me, anyway. So thank you? And also fuck you. I’ll attach some screenshots so you know I didn’t make any of this up.

  1. I spent a lot of time on this page (note, looked nothing like this the first time I came to it). Sometimes the “Add to Cart” button worked, sometimes it didn’t. It was always a surprise, always lots of fun!
  2. I was stuck on this page until the timer dipped down below the 4:00 mark, leaving me exactly zero time to contemplate purchasing the $15 Bonnaroo book? wtf is that? I didn’t have time to read about it because I had less than 4 minutes and wasn’t sure how many pages of BS I would have to wade through before being done. I did have time to nice that two-person tents were going for over $1k – I’m not sure who to blame that one on, but if you get someone to actually pay that, GOOD FOR YOU.
  3. Now you see how angry my timer is?? Maybe it’s always red, I’m not sure. I also got slowed down on this page a bit because I was in such a rush I didn’t realize I had to pay another $15 to ship the tickets, and it took so long for the error to pop up it KEPT REFRESHING THE PAGE TO SHOW ME THE ERROR EVEN AS I TRIED TO CHOOSE A SHIPPING METHOD.
  4. This is me attempting to show you just how very little time I had at the end. Sorry, not sorry, you can’t see the timer – IT WAS FLASHING BECAUSE I HAD LESS THAN A MINUTE TO GO. And if you’ll notice my favorite little message ever is down there at the bottom of the page “Waiting for…”

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Just got this from “Benny Roo” (If that IS your real name!):

Thank you for your interest in the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival!

As you can imagine, we are experiencing high delays and heavy traffic due to ticket purchasing today. We can only ask you to be patient while we sort all of this information out. We realize that you may have been unable to purchase the tier you wanted because of problems so I will forward your email on to the relevant department heads for a refund of the price difference.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

See you on The Farm!


Benny Roo
Which, I’ll feel kind of bad if they try to refund me any $$, because I actually still somehow managed to get Tier 2 tickets.

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  1. You should NOT feel bad if they refund you any money. They killed an hour and a half of your day. And it’s f-cking beautiful outside. I’d be pissed, too.

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