Bonnaroo 2015: Fashion

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Because occasionally I go a bit girly and do stuff like this…

Last night Mr. T and I went to Walmart and spent an ungodly amount of money on stuff for Bonnaroo. And it was so obviously for Bonnaroo that the cashier asked us if we were going and we had a lovely chat about it. lol! And yes, we bought a rug. We’re classy.Bonnaroo 2015: Fashion | The Wilson BuzzSo, anyway. I bought four brand-new outfits that I’m super excited about, but kind of embarrassed to post about on Facebook because I’m afraid people will make fun of me for being girly. Occasionally I’m weird and worry too much about what people might think.

Bonnaroo 2015: Fashion | The Wilson BuzzHere are all the outfits laid out. Which, the two black bras got switched for this picture – they actually go the other way. Not that you care or it really matters, I just want you to know. I got everything but the shoes at Walmart! Which was surprising – I really didn’t expect to find any cute clothes at Walmart. I got four pair of shorts that are the same style, just in different colors. I got four different bras as well. They’re sports bras, so they should be comfy and not awkward to be visible under my shirts. Top-down the tank tops are Marvel, GIRAFFES, pineapples, and The Lion King. I love them all so much. <3

What’s that? You want a fashion show?? wellalrighthen

Bonnaroo 2015: Fashion | The Wilson BuzzHere are three of the outfits. I never know what to do with my legs, arms, or face when taking full-body selfies. I really love all these outfits. They’re comfy, I think they’ll be pretty cool, and since I already have them planned out, I won’t need to think/stress about clothes while I’m there. Because I do, you know. The past two years I’ve just taken a butt-ton of clothes and every morning panicked over what I would wear. NOT THIS YEAR, BONNAROO. Not this year.

Now for my favorite outfit:

Bonnaroo 2015: Fashion | The Wilson BuzzI love this so hard. I saw it from across the clothing section – it was hanging on the end of the clearance rack and I went “GIRAFFES!” and rushed over to it. The back is super cool, and when I was trying it on I realized it showcased my MLP tramp stamp to perfection. Basically this is the most perfect top ever conceived. <3 <3 <3

Anyway, those are the clothes I’m taking to Bonnaroo. I bought the hat at Walmart, the flip-flops at Target, and I have a pair of rain boots I bought for Bonnaroo last year that I’m taking just in case. The forecast is a bit…dire. Rain every day. >.< But it said that last year and we had really nice weather!! Fingers crossed! I’m still looking for a fanny pack. I have a friend that says I can borrow one from her. In case you don’t hear from me again until I’m back, farewell, little blog.

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