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I really enjoyed this book! It was pretty spooky scary, which I’ve really started to get into in the past couple years. It was an audiobook, though. And the narrator was a woman. I feel bad, but…I reaaaaaally hate female narrators of audiobooks! I’ve never had a good experience. The closest was one last year…Witch’s Daughter, I think?…that had a woman with some sort of European accent. And of course Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were fine. Memoirs are different. Less dialog.

What was I talking about? Oh, right. As far as the plot goes, I really wish we had found out more about the Creatures. That was kind of a letdown. The one at the end, with the blindfold?? *shivers* And the poor dog!! And can we TALK about the timing on that phone call?!? I was so pissed. I kept hoping for a different outcome for the housemates. The kids were pretty cool, but at the same time I hated them with a burning passion – all because of the voices the narrator gave them in the audiobook. It was just the worst. Just the absolute worst. But overall it was a great book!

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