BioShock: Infinite, Day 4

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Wow it’s been a minute. Day 3 was 24 days ago! If it’s any consolation, I haven’t played the game in that long. So you haven’t really missed anything. Except that I did continue after I made that post, and now I don’t really remember what happened. So, uh…the deets might be a bit spotty here.

I do know that I had a bloody nose. Which means I died in this alternate world. But here I was not dead! I had become some sort of martyr for the Vox, so of course the leader was suuuuper pissed that I was alive. Soooo…she tried to kill me. But Elizabeth killed her, instead. And then Elizabeth cut her hair off dramatically. I think we were trying to kill her dad, but he tricked us into bringing her mom back to life? And her mom can raise the dead? Have I already told you all this? Maybe I’m just remembering talking to Mr. T about it. Anyway – I died so many times trying to kill the mom that the game started reminding me I could change the difficulty level from the main menu. >.< I persevered, though! And somehow finally managed to beat it.

Turns out, the two people I saw everywhere were the brains behind the floating city. But the prophet had them and Elizabeth’s mom killed, for whatever reasons his crazy brain came up with. But those guys can hop around through dimensions, so they’re dead but not really dead? I think they’re using us to avenge their deaths? Honestly, I’m really confused about everything. Even the stuff I remember. So we’re following the mom ghost and Elizabeth has this revelation that she’s not actually her mom, but she’s partially her mom and partially her – so she’s a pissed off version of her mom. Or something. And now I’m down in this bank and the mom is raising the dead again and I have like NO ammo and I’ve already died 3 times. So I decided to take a breather and write up to this point. 8}


OH MY GAWD I DID IT! I just kicked butt and took names! Like a BAWSE! WOOOOOOO! By the way – the machine gun is pretty much the ONLY weapon I use in this game. lol!


You guys. I for real have no idea what’s going on. The giant bird that I may have never mentioned came and took Elizabeth and then suddenly it was winter. Now these suuuuuper creepy masked founding fathers are being controlled by these even creepier megaphone things and they are so hard to kill! SO HARD. I’ve died a lot more since that last paragraph of excitement. My how the tides have turned…

I think a lot of time has passed for Elizabeth, and none for me. Because she’s gone cray and I think she’s going to try to kill me. They brainwashed her hardcore. I’m so stressed out. SO STRESSED. I shouldn’t write blog posts while I’m playing the game.


*whew – now it’s tomorrow. lol! I’m much more relaxed now that I’m away from the game. I stayed up until after midnight and I STILL haven’t beaten the dern thing. So apparently Elizabeth from one possible outcome pulled me into her world to warn me to not let her to out like…she did. Inter-dimensional travel is no joke, guys. She gave me this note to give to past her, to warn her away from becoming that version of herself. And now we’re off trying to kill the prophet again. Also, turns out her mom wasn’t her mom. Not just the ghost mom not being the woman she thought was her mom – the woman she thought was her mom wasn’t her mom at all! The prophet is sterile thanks to those two people and some sort of machine. So they stole the girl or created her or something.

One fun note – those creepy megaphone things? After I did something that involved a cut scene I turned around and THERE WAS ONE DIRECTLY BEHIND ME. So I was face to no-face with him. And….I totally screamed like a little girl. >.< Mr. T and MR (male roommate) were both down there and it was super embarrassing. But it scared the bejeezus out of me, guys. Like no joke. I was not expecting it at all. Also, if you GIS “creepy faceless things bioshock infinite” this is the first result:

creepy faceless things bioshock infiniteomg so creepy! >.< If you click on the image it will take you to an article discussing the game before it was released. It’s interesting…I’m not sure if they changed things since the article, or if I’m missing out on some stuff. But let’s all just take a moment to bask in the total creepy of this guy. Blech. I screamed, I tell you.

The worst part is…I’m still not done with this game! I have no idea how much longer I have left. Surely all that can happen is killing the prophet and finishing. Right? DON’T TELL ME IF I’M WRONG. I do know one thing – I will not play the first BioShock on “normal” – I’ve heard it’s way creepier than this one, and I die enough on this one. I will be playing the OG on “easy peasy, rich and cheesy” if at all possible.

Thank you, and good day.

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