BioShock: Infinite, Day 3

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Alrighty, so…where did I leave off last time? Technically this is Day 4, but I only played for about an hour last time and didn’t make it very far. I kept thinking I’d be playing again soon, so I put off writing about it, and now it’s been a hot minute and my memory is fuzzy.

I have killed one of the handymen! I think. lol! I can’t remember 100% if that actually happened. I May have just dreamed it. *shrug But I met the leader of the Vox and she told me to get guns for her, so I go to get the guns. And of course it isn’t easy. I got shot at lots and lots and when I finally get to the gunsmith, he’s been captured and his wife (little Chinese woman) is just crying and crying and is praying to Buddha to save him. Well, Buddha isn’t available, so off I go to find him.

Turns out he’s dead. But wait! (Have I mentioned the tears yet? I don’t think I have. Elizabeth (the cunt) is able to rip open these tears in space/time (now that I say that, I think I remember typing that, so I think I have already gone over this and now I’m not sure how many sets of parentheses I’ve opened and things are just out of control – I’m sorry.))))))))))

So the gunsmith is dead, but there is a tear, and the two people that keep showing up all the time are there and they’re all “heads or tails? I always see heads – he always sees tails – there are alternate universes, open this tear and he isn’t dead” So…we open the tear and alter the universe forever. Dead people aren’t dead anymore, but they vaguely remember being dead and have bloody noses and it’s just a mess. Also…it seems like everything is worse. More people are locked up, more things are confiscated, and the poor people are a lot more poor. But the gunsmith is alive! After we battle our way to his shop, though, he’s one of the crazy used-to-be-dead people, trapped in a world where his machines are in the shop (but there are no machines in the shop). Also, his wife is now a white woman, and she worships the prophet. OF COURSE.

She’s all “They took his machines – go get them!” And we’re all “Okay!” BECAUSE WE’RE JUST PUPPETS ON STRINGS, I TELL YOU. So off we trot into more gunfire and more of me dying and of course there is a huge pile of machines. Kind of funny – I (in the game) said “We really didn’t think this all the way through.” And I (in real life) chuckled.


Anywhoodles – of course there’s another rip. LET’S JUST SCREW WITH TIME SOME MORE, WHY DON’T WE? So I tell Elizabeth to give ‘er a rip and whoosh the machines are gone. But now there are lots of booms and people screaming about the Vox and then chanting “Vox….Vox….Vox….Vox…” aaaaaand….I’m scared to go back outside. I’ve been shot at a lot, guys, okay? I’m sick of dying. >.< I also have no way of knowing how close to the end I am. Although…I doubt I’m very close, considering how hard I suck at this.

So, yeah. Maybe I pussied out and decided to start writing a blog instead of walking out to see how badly I’d screwed up the world with my space/time ripping. Is that a crime?? If I waited much longer to write this post I would have forgotten things! (omg, Khat just had a dream or something and woke up growling and panicked and she was laying on the back of the couch behind me and scared the ever-loving poo out of me)

Also, Mr. T has started playing the original BioShock, and says it’s super creepy. So it doesn’t sound too promising for me. Alright, I guess I’ll sign off here and get back to dying hardcore in the alternate future I’ve created. PEACE (I think Vigo just farted. Okay, I’m gone for real now.)

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