Big Plans, Per Usual

I’ve been working on a New Year’s Resolutions post, but I need to consult with Mr. T on his list before I publish. I also keep adding to mine…the thing I just added was setting up a cleaning routine. I was scrolling through old blog posts and saw so many times over the past year that I had cleaned a room, and how nice it always looked, and I was like…dang, girl maintain that shizz. Then I remembered that my sister had requested I find some sort of home cleaning guide that lasted the entire year, rather just a one-off thing that only lasts for about a month and focuses on one room/project. So I began my quest. It lasted like 10 minutes. I posted in a FB group I’m in and was directed toward two separate (and free!) resources: FlyLady and The Confident Mom.

Apparently FlyLady emails you approximately a BILLION TIMES every day (seriously, I signed up this morning and have already gotten…like 3-4 emails) and reminds you to do things. I think this is a service more for women who are home all day. But she has a 31 Days of Baby Steps thing to help you get started on a routine. So I’m going to start on those next week. No, not today – it’s freaking Christmas Eve Eve and I’ve got better stuff to do, yo. Like not clean. Her big first thing that is super important and you have to maintain daily is keeping your sink shiny. Ho boy. Our sink is my cleaning kryptonite. HOW DID SHE KNOW?! But! I will do my best!!

The Confident Mom has a Weekly Household Planner (that is customizable!) to help you stay on track. I went through the next two weeks and tweaked her schedule a bit, which included adding reminders to do a FlyLady Baby Step every day! I’m not looking forward to having children, though, for real. She had dishes/laundry listed under Daily Tasks, which is nutso. I wonder how many kids she has?? And it’s another one that seems like it’s kind of for women that are home all day. I’m sure I can tweak it as the year progresses, too. And God knows what will happen to me come April when I HAVE A CHILD HOLY CRAP WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH A CHILD?!

And I just remembered that last year I did a Home Tour. If I can get the rest of the trash from Thanxmas 2015 cleaned up in the next week or so, I should be shooting another one soon. It was cool to see the obvious ways our house has changed over the year. Well, the bad changes are less cool than the good ones… lol! But I’m excited to overshare with you soon!!

2 thoughts on “Big Plans, Per Usual

  1. I will miss your posts on “The Cure” and the cleaning culling done with that plan. I signed up for the 2016 January event. Figured it will help me resort and get to a few areas that I never got to last year. That’s where I found your blog last year. Congrats on little one on the way :)

    • I didn’t know they’d started another Cure! I may try to follow along with that, too…or that may push me over the edge into “hopelessly overwhelmed” territory. :)

      Thank you!! We’re very excited/terrified at the though of having a tiny human overlord.

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