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I’m not counting these guys toward my 2015 Reading Challenge, but I’m still gonna talk about them.

I really enjoy Mary Balogh‘s books. They’re all fluffy romances, and with 70+ books all with the same theme (love) and time period (Regency era), there are some aspects that can get a bit…repetitive. But as long as you don’t read only her books, they’re fun! I usually read one series every year or so.

Anyway, between March 28 and April 6 I read…

Like I said, they’re all pretty good. I’d feel guilty if I gave them less than a five-star rating, considering how many times I’ve read this series over the years. Wicked and Sinful are the two I like the least, but they aren’t terrible…just not my favorites. And if you care at all, you don’t really need to read them in order – there’s no great surprise about who ends up with whom, and they are tragedies where someone eventually dies off or anything like that.

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