Bedroom Planning

Now, I’m not quite finished with the bathroom renovation. But we must press on! We were supposed to redo our bedroom as a Christmas gift to ourselves. We’re…a bit behind on that. BUT WE’RE WORKING ON IT. Well, we’re about to be working on it. Groupon is a terrible website. There are so many good deals! Here are the things we bought:

Groupon Purchases | The Wilson BuzzLovely, no? It’s the first mattress either of us has ever purchased. FINGERS CROSSED! It can’t be any worse than the one we’re using that Mr. T had long before I met him. Loooooong… Oh gross. I just realized he probably had relations with other women on it. Did he?! DID YOU?! Let’s forget that just happened.

New mattress! It was 52% off, so we got a mattress that is usually over $1k for under $600. The comforter set was marked down 80% so what was once over $250 we got for around $50. Sheets went from $85 to $30; throws went from $60 to $30. All the shipping was free, but taxes bumped the total to a little over $750. NOT BAD. Definitely the most we’re going to spend on anything.

I’m going to be embedding a lot of pins here (hopefully – never done this before). If you want to see all of them in a disorganized fashion (why can’t we reorder, Pinterest?!) here is my board.

You know what? SUCK A DICK, WORDPRESS. They freaking try to make web dev easy and just end up making it freaking difficult. WHY CAN’T I JUST EMBED CODE? Bah! And now I’m pissy and don’t want to try to save all the images and then reupload them, because again – WordPress is the lame. I need to just learn Bootstrap and design my own friggen blog. *glare at the world


Mr. T wants to build the bed. We’ll see how THAT turns out. ;) Nah, I think it will be really cool. I’m not sure what tools he thinks he owns to be able to do this. Or where the clean, empty, warm, and usable garage is. Because I doubt we could find a single hammer or screwdriver that belongs to us, and our garage is so full of crap our kids will be trying to sort through it. Anyway, he had me look up bedframes that I like and I eventually found this one. It’s an IKEA bed and we could buy it for $600. But it’s leather. That may be a bit much… I did read a blog tutorial on putting fabric onto a bed once. If I did pin it, it’s not on my Bedroom board, which means it’s on my DIY board and f that – there are a lot of pins on that thing. I’m thinking we may stain all the wood…but we’ll see. Here is a tutorial I found about building a simple bed frame. So there’s that. I don’t really like the way they stained the wood, but the format seems legit.

As far as headboards go, I’ve had several ideas. First I really liked the idea of having a large “curtain” that draped over the bed and down behind it (pin). I don’t dislike that now, but I’ve seen other things that I also like. An extra-wide cushioned one; a wood slate one; even a full-on sheer canopy. We’re not sure that one will work due to a ceiling fan that we’re in no hurry to lose, thankyouverymuch. Mr. T has also mentioned wanting to do something with a canvas. Not sure on that one, though.

Other Furniture

I found these easy-peasy nightstands made out of plywood for Mr. T to make as well. I say “easy peasy” because I don’t have to make them. There are also these super cool lamps made out of 4x4s. I could do those. ;) There isn’t really much else to make. I mean, isn’t that enough?? We do need to finish Mr. T’s grandmother’s desk. We started sanding it and were going to stain it, but things happened and it never got finished. It’s currently in our garage. >.< Another reason to get it cleaned out! Anyway, between that, a long dresser, and our (future) bed, the room will be pretty full. Oh, and we need to get dog crate(s) in there somehow, too. I’ve got this brilliant idea to build a box to sit over Vigo’s crate that will then hold Splinter’s crate – so Splinter is on top of Vigo. Yay for vertical storage! ;) It could have a little ramp/staircase and be oh, so classy. 8}


I thought about doing a stencil of some sort – I even picked one out. But after dealing with the bathroom…maybe plain walls aren’t so bad. ;) I do want a gallery wall full of awesome art. Some made by me and some purchased from Etsy or other places. I’m not going to link all of them here, but there are plenty on my Bedroom board for you to check out. Some of them are just ideas for ways to make art, like the puff paint and the cut-out. I feel like that will be filled in gradually, because trying to cover an entire wall with art will get expensive… I do want to do this awesome plate thing, though.

As far as color scheme, we’re thinking black, white, and red. Maybe. That’s what Mr. T wants. I’m not sure on the red…we’ll have to see on what shade, exactly. We’re also going to have hardwood floors in there – one day. And plenty of wood furniture between the dresser, desk, bed, and nightstands. I was thinking about painting the dresser, but maybe staining it to match the other stuff would be better… So many decisions!! 8D I’m excited.


  1. Order a bunch of crap off of Groupon on a whim to get yourself in the spirit of things.
  2. Finish that bleep-bleeping bathroom!
  3. Clean out the garage.
  4. Make a bed frame.
  5. Clean the bedroom.
  6. Finish that desk.
  7. Paint the bedroom.
  8. Make end tables.
  9. Make lamps.
  10. Start hanging art.
  11. Build dog hotel.

Oh, look – I’m already able to cross something off my list!! >.<

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    • Hm. I wrote about it somewhere…either on another post, or I accidentally deleted it from this one. Oops!

      Anyway, we have two dogs and two crates that are pretty big, so I want to build a box around Vigo’s crate and put a ramp/stairs on it, then have another box on top of it that will hold Splinter’s crate. We could potentially just throw doors on there and cut out the crates all together! I’ve never really seen anything like what I’m imagining, so I can’t link a picture. But I can assure you it will be awesome. ;)

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