Bedroom Planning, Part 2

Part 1


  1. Order a bunch of crap off of Groupon on a whim to get yourself in the spirit of things.
  2. Finish that bleep-bleeping bathroom!
  3. Clean out the garage.
  4. Clean the bedroom.
  5. Paint the bedroom.
  6. Build a bed frame.
  7. Build end tables.
  8. Build dog hotel.
  9. Make lamps.
  10. Make curtains.
  11. Finish that desk.
  12. Start hanging art.
  13. Accent wall with plate art?

Alrighty, so let’s break this down a bit… Out of all the things we ordered back on the 6th, the only one that hasn’t shipped is the mattress. >.< The sheets came in first and I washed and put them away. Then we got the blankets. They are fabulous. And not really for the bedroom (we’re keeping them in the living room). But whateva. They’re a little short to lie under comfortably, but the fact that they are unbelievably soft makes up for it. The comforter set should get here…….TODAY! Oh yay!!

I found this tutorial on making a bed frame for a Queen-sized bed. Mr. T isn’t content to just copy an online tutorial, though (we’re very different in that aspect – I like to follow directions exactly so it’s not my fault if things break…he likes to get creative), so he’s gonna spice it up a bit. And either can’t or won’t explain to me what he’s doing. I’m pretty excited about it, even if it is scary to let go of knowing the plan. Homemade bed frame! How cool is that?? Even though I’m not the one making it, I still think it’s going to be pretty cool to have a DIY piece of furniture. Make my Mr. T seem all manly and rugged and stuff. ;) There is another tutorial for nightstands. We’re gonna make two, one for each side of the bed. Teehee – I said “we”. 8} I’m so silly!! (Sorry, that got kind of weird.) Anyway, I think these are gonna be pretty snazzy.

Mr. T cleaned the garage! Well, it’s better than it was. I think he has enough room to begin constructing this stuff. He’ll be going to buy the wood and other supplies on Wednesday. Hopefully we can get Lowe’s to do all the cutting for us so it won’t be an issue that we don’t own a saw. >.< God I’ve used a lot of emoticons in this post. I must be tired. I started cleaning the bedroom, and then it got less clean again. But we have a bare bones frame in place now, just waiting on a nice new mattress and custom bed frame. My goal for this week is to get all the clutter out so we can start fresh. And not embarrass ourselves when they finally do deliver the mattress.

We decided on black, white, and turquoise (Mr. T had originally wanted red, but….it’s just not for me) for the colors in the room. I’m thinking white walls, with an accent wall somewhere, somehow…just need to go buy some paint. I never thought paint colors were a big deal, but bloggers freak OUT about whites looking too blue, or too gray, or too I don’t even know what. I sure as sh*t can’t tell any difference. So I don’t think I’m gonna go out and buy a $50 can of paint because it’s “pure white”. We’ll never notice the difference. White is white is white. There are other things I’d rather blow my money on, like prints and frames for the prints. I guess that’s why I’ll never be a famous DIY blogger. Shuckens.

The only other thing to make is something that has no online tutorial (that I’ve found). It’s a double-decker dog house/crate. I’ve given Mr. T some measurements and suggestions for what needs to happen and told him to have fun. Not gonna lie – that is what I’m most excited about. I can’t wait to get rid of our ugly wire dog crates! And I think Mr. T can come up with something awesome for this.  8} Here is a link to my initial shopping list for Mr. T. He and Smithy were up I don’t know how late last night sketching plans. I saw a huge stack of papers in the living room this morning. I didn’t investigate too closely, mainly because I was running late. PER USE…

I had an idea for a DIY lamp pinned for forever that I wanted to do, but asked Mr. T once more again last night if he liked it and he said no. 8P So I’m on the quest for a new lamp DIY. Here is a list of options:

Any thoughts or questions? Want to come over and help me paint sometime in the near future. Oh! Maybe I could do it on Christmas Eve while Mr. T is at work!!! I’m stuck at the house until 5:00. *pout

2 thoughts on “Bedroom Planning, Part 2

  1. I think that bird’s nest lamp is Amazing! But you might be right about it not being a great reading lamp…I don’t know how you would resolve that…maybe leave a hole for light to shine through like a weaver bird nest would have?

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