Becoming a Morning Person, Lesson 7

So I’ve signed up for this free online “class” through Little Green Dot about becoming a morning person. If you’re interested in it, tough toenails, ’cause the class is closed. ;) But you can read along in my blog!!

Weekly Focus

Week 1: Mindset, because what we believe ultimately affects what we do.
Week 2: Nighttime routines, because it’s hard to be a morning person if you don’t sleep well!
Week 3: Bodies, because we can create strength and energy on the mat.
Week 4: Food, because what you eat will affect the way you feel.

No More Dessert for Breakfast

People are still counting calories, which is a dreaded ‘low-fat’ hangover from the 80’s – we need to be counting nutrients not calories. Once your focus is on what you should be eating – you slowly start to crowd out what shouldn’t be making an appearance on your plate.

What should you focus on? 

  • Fresh vegetables – especially leafy greens
  • Cruciferous vegetables which are rich in sulphur content
  • Limited fruit
  • High quality fish and grass fed meat
  • Good fats like nuts, seeds, coconut and olive oil

One simple change you can make today

To bring in more of the right foods, start your day with a green smoothie. You’ll get a boost in nutrients and sustainable energy. If you compare a green shake with what people usually have for breakfast: croissants, muffins, cereal or toast there is simply not enough protein, too much refined flour and way too much processed sugar in our morning meals. We refer to this as “having your dessert for breakfast”, leaving you reaching for sugary foods all day as your energy and blood sugar levels dip and dive throughout the day. When you have taken the time and effort to prepare something healthy and have seen the amount of veggies you are sneaking into the start of your day, you are in an excellent position to make better choices.

So what is in a perfect smoothie?

  • vegetables,
  • fruits low in sugar (berries are best),
  • protein (nuts, seeds or a high quality brown rice based protein powder) and
  • healthy fat (nuts, coconut oil, coconut milk).

My challenge for you this week is: Get green, and start your day with a smoothie!

The aim is for more veggies and less fruit.  Remember, It is important for it to taste good so that’s it’s an easy habit to keep up. For sustainable change, it needs to be something you enjoy and not something that fills you with dread.

Step 1: Commit. Start your morning drinking 1 smoothie a day, for the next 7 days.
Step 2: Plan. Buy all the ingredients you need for the week.
Step 3: Make it. You can blend one up in the morning or right before bed, the night before.

They provide three different recipes for you to try. I wonder how bad my go-to smoothie recipe is? I don’t do exact measurements because ain’t nobody got time for that!! But here’s what I do (this makes two smoothies, because I make one for Mr. T, too):

  • several frozen strawberries
  • a couple of bananas
  • handful of almonds
  • generous pour of black chia seeds
  • several spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt
  • mixture of 100% fruit juices

Mr. T hates thick beverages (says he shouldn’t have to “chew” a drink) so I have to really water them down. Or…juice them down? lol! At any rate, I don’t have enough veggies in them I don’t suppose, considering I don’t have any in them. One of the recipes they suggested had frozen veggies instead of fresh – I may look into that. And I could start using mixed berries instead of just strawberries. That might be a bit healthier. First I’d need to go grocery shopping…ugh.

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