Becoming a Morning Person, Lesson 5

So I’ve signed up for this free online “class” through Little Green Dot about becoming a morning person. If you’re interested in it, tough toenails, ’cause the class is closed. ;) But you can read along in my blog!!

Your Morning Mat

In our busy, tech-connected, layered lives we must find ways to manage our time in order to stay healthy. Being healthy and fit does not mean your entire life revolves around fitness, it means your lifestyle allows for it. Pilates works your full body with every exercise, making it the most efficient way to go these days. Every inhale and exhale strives to knit you stronger and more narrow throughout each exercise.

Pilates creates incredible posture. It creates inner strength and regal lines, like you’ve been shrink wrapped to your best body for your frame. It gives you awareness and ownership of your personal system so you can be on a journey with your body rather than at the mercy of it.

Your challenge today is a simple one. 

Write out an exercise schedule that makes sense for your life. Not what you think you should be doing, what you CAN do. It’s about meeting yourself on the mat each day, and seeing what your body is willing and capable of doing.

Alright, alright – I see you guilt-tripped into starting my Tai Cheng workout… I’ll order the necessary supplies right now.

So my plan is to follow the Pilates video(s) given to me via Morning Person emails in the mornings, and then Tai Cheng workouts when I get home from work. As soon as my stuff is delivered to me. That I’m ordering tonight. The problem with people letting you use their old workout videos is that they don’t always have all the supplies, so you gotta piece stuff together. 8P Beach Body is big on “Do your best and forget the rest!” or whatever, so it should fit right in with the whole, “just do the best you can” mindset here.

I’ve accepted that I don’t have the drive/focus/motivation to have a “perfect body” – and I like being soft and curvy. But my new body goal is improvement. As long as I’m actively trying to live a healthier lifestyle, I’m going to call it a win. Eating better, and moving every day. If I’m wearing flats, I take the stairs at work. Once it’s warm I want to start walking the dogs mostly regularly. I’m a cubicle drone, so I sit for a solid 9 hours a day at work, plus an hour commute…so that’s nearly 11 hours sitting that I can’t really change. Nearly half a day of sitting. That will kill a person. I don’t need to spend the other 13 hours in the day also being sedentary. Except I am. BUT NO MORE! *scuttles off to Amazon*

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