Becoming a Morning Person, Lesson 4

So I’ve signed up for this free online “class” through Little Green Dot about becoming a morning person. If you’re interested in it, tough toenails, ’cause the class is closed. ;) But you can read along in my blog!!

3 Minutes of Mindfulness

You’re going to start your day with mindful thinking. I’m going to show you the technique first, and then offer some suggestions on how to incorporate it into your routine. Here it is: Ask yourself these 3 questions and spend one minute thinking about each.

Question 1: What are you grateful for?
Question 2: What impact do you want to have on people?
Question 3: What are 3 important things you want to focus on today?

I anticipate you’ll have some questions:

Where should I do it? The best way to make mindful thinking a habit is to attach it to something you already do every day. Think about what would be best for you, as long as you can be in silence, uninterrupted.

What if my mind wanders? That’s natural. See the thought and choose to move back into focusing on your questions.

Should I write it down? You can, I do.

I’m excited about this one! I wish I’d opened the email earlier, but I’ve had a hectic weekend. We threw a surprise party for Mr. T!! I’m so proud of him for opening his own shop. <3 AND I got my (drumroll please) PASSION PLANNER!! So this is the perfect time to start this.

Becoming a Morning Person, Lesson 4 | The Wilson Buzz

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