Becoming a Morning Person, Lesson 1

So I’ve signed up for this free online “class” through Little Green Dot about becoming a morning person. If you’re interested in it, tough toenails, ’cause the class is closed. ;) But you can read along in my blog!!

Set Yourself Up for Success

Step 1

Visualize your ideal morning, in as much detail as you can. Are you by yourself, or with others? What are you doing? Write it down if you can, it really helps. Now review your ideal morning. Choose one small action from the list that – if completed – would make you feel the most happiness. The key here is to choose something small and attainable.

Mmm… Ideal morning…

I wake up, and just like in the movies the sun is shining. I feel 100% refreshed and ready for my day! Wearing robe and slippers, I take care of all the animals, brew a cup of coffee and make a light breakfast, then sit down at our kitchen table to read…something. Imgur, probably. But maybe a devotional…something to ground my mind and prepare me for the day. After that (or maybe before) I do at least 30 minutes of yoga. If it’s warm out, I do it in our beautiful and pristine backyard. Or maybe, instead of yoga, I take the dogs on a walk. Either way I take deep, calming breaths and prepare for the day… I’ve already showered and picked out my outfit the night before. I don’t second guess my wardrobe choices, so getting ready is quick and easy. Then I’m out the door and headed to work, on time and unrushed. Even better – I work from home so I just set up at my home office and get to it.

  • I do at least 30 minutes of yoga (or walk the dogs)

Step 2

Now, use that action to complete the following sentence:
“I am becoming a Morning Person so I can _____________”

Write your statement down and put it somewhere you can see it every day – beside your bed, on your bathroom mirror, the wallpaper of your phone. I want you to remember why you are doing this, so that you can check-in with yourself regularly.

I am becoming a Morning Person so I can get active early.

2 thoughts on “Becoming a Morning Person, Lesson 1

  1. Thanks for blogging your progress through How to Become a Morning Person. Notice those deep calming breaths when you do yoga or walk the dogs? As you begin this journey, perhaps focus on that as you small action. Rain or shine, you’ll always have the opportunity to just breathe.

    • Very true, even if I can’t make time for a yoga routine, I can at least pause and BREATHE. Thanks for the suggestion!!

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