Baby Check-In

LBW is still percolating. ;) Every day I think “This is is…this is as big as I can get…” and then the next day I’m just a little bit bigger. I’m at 29 weeks! Which means at most I’ve got mayyyybe 10-12 weeks left. That’s all. That’s it. That’s…nothing. No time. Excuse me, I need to go lie down. *hyperventilating*

But really, I’m (mostly) fine. I feel like we’ve done little to no preparation for this Great Life Event, but other than that, things are going great! I think everything will come together, eventually. I’d prefer for most of it to come together before LBW arrives, but eventually all will be finished. Even if “finished” just means I’m dead. ;) Mr. T and our roommate…I don’t remember what nickname I gave him, so I’m just gonna call him Anthony. Which is his name. Whoa. Anyway, they are supposedly going to start ripping the carpet in the bonus room up today. Fingers crossed there isn’t extensive sub-floor damage, because if there isn’t we’re going to move Anthony in there. He can live the rest of his days (with us – he’s not dying) with Chairman. *meow*

THEN WE CAN START ON THE NURSERY. What exactly we’ll be doing…I’m not sure. Painting the walls? I have An Idea for that. It involves a lot of effort on Mr. T’s part, and for that I apologize. He just shouldn’t be so awesome at arting, is all. ;) Some of it I can do. I don’t think I’ll get no/low VOC paint for all the walls, though, because that shizz is expensive. Wait, I’m not explaining well. So. I want to paint three of the walls yellow, and one wall gray (as a reminder, the theme is giraffes & rain clouds and the colors are yellow and gray). The gray wall is where the crib will be. I want Mr. T to paint a mural on that wall. Something to do with, you guessed it, giraffes and rain clouds. ;) And then on the three yellow walls I want to paint giraffe spots on the lower half. Kind of like this, but without going all the way up the wall. I also don’t want a hard cut off, I want it to kind of be organic. So, yeah. I think I could be not-anal enough to do the spots myself. Maybe. So if Mr. T and Anthony – if that is his real name (it is) – paint the base coats, and we let it ventilate well while drying, I can go in later with low/no VOC paint and do the spots. omg, I can’t wait to start. <3

I also want to rearrange the living room so we’ve got room to bring the desk in. Then I can theoretically finish sanding/refinishing it. Then we can set it up in the bedroom, I can take the sewing machine I got for Christmas out of its box and I can learn to sew! Then I can make curtains and crap like that for the nursery!! What an exciting time to be alive!!! *hyperventilates again*

Anyway, I didn’t really plan on saying all that. I’m just really excited. All I wanted to do was post this picture:

Bump Photos, Weeks 21-29 | The Wilson BuzzLook at how much more room there was in my little rectangle back at Week 21, compared to Week 29! Nutso, man…nutso. And my boobs look HUGE at Week 25. I’m not really sure what that’s all about. I kind of look like a shapeless blob at Week 29. Ah, well.

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  1. I was marveling at your progression in these pics when you posted it on Facebook and thinking how adorable you look (even if you don’t feel it!), and stressing about how far I have to go. Lol
    Also we may need to commission an artist for our nursery too. We want to a StarWarsTrekDoctorWhoFireflyBattlestar mural. (Lol! I sounds super complicated, but it’s really a good guys ship on one side from each fandom versus bad guys ship on the other side…or maybe that is complicated…I wouldn’t know, since I’m so not an artist!)
    Anyway, your picture progression is awesome, and I hope you get ready in the next 3 months! People keep helpfully telling me babies don’t need as much as we think they do, so there’s that advice for you.

    • I mean, Todd’s always an excellent choice ;), but Alicia Maynard is another favorite of mine that does a lot of mural work. You might want to reach out to her on Facebook.

      Everyone keeps reminding me of that as well, and that even after LBW gets here we probably still won’t be using the nursery too much…yada, yada, yada. But I really doubt I’ll have MORE time/energy with a newborn compared to now!

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