AT Style Cure #7: Weekend Homework

​​One of my favorite blogs is Apartment Therapy. For the month of November they’re doing a Style Cure room makeover challenge to help you prepare for the holidays. I’m going to makeover our bedroom – while it’s not really a room that will get a lot of visibility from guests I think having a “safe” place to come back to for family overload recovery will be very beneficial. :)

#7: Do a Clean Sweep & Pick Up Some Chips.

1. Clean Your Room and Use the Outbox

  • Declutter! Clear off those surfaces and over-crowded storage spots – make good use of your outbox.
  • Floors: Clean them completely. Vacuum, sweep, mop, dry mop, scrub! This step puts you in touch with the space and makes a HUGE difference in how the room feels and will also help you when it comes to space planning.
  • Clean Furniture, Appliances, Fixtures and Cabinetry: Depending on the room, this can be about beds, sofas, refrigerators or toilets. The idea is to truly clean all the big items in the space. Move furniture to clean under things, vacuum upholstery, wipe down furniture legs and polish wood. Clean your fridge, stove, sink and cabinet doors. Scrub your tub, toilet, sink and clean the mirror. You get the idea :)
  • Surfaces: Dust, spray, shine.
  • Windows: Use a vinegar solution and newspaper or whatever your preferred glass-cleaning method – totally up to you, but get them gleaming.

Oy. We tried! We cleaned for a good long while on Sunday night. We had a crazy busy weekend so Sunday night was the earliest we could do anything. We had a Halloween party on Saturday and in the process of cleaning the living room/kitchen the bedroom actually got WORSE than it had been in my “before” pictures. >.< It’s still not 100% there, but it’s better than it has been in months. So we’ve got that going for us. Another hiccup in the whole “get the bedroom spotless” plan is the fact that I haven’t finished my closet, so all the stuff that usually goes in there is spread out all over the world. Too many fires with too many irons floating around right now, guys. PLUS we think we have a pretty intense termite problem. *bites nails to the quick* Which reminds me – I need to call a few exterminators to see who can get out to the house ASAP. Anyway – picture time!!

AT Style Cure #7: Weekend Homework | The Wilson BuzzI didn’t have the time/energy to pull up my before pictures and try to get shots from similar angles. #DealWithIt Here is a shot of this side of the bedroom. And Splinter. We both cleaned out our current nightstands – Mr. T’s needed it more than mine, but they were both in rough shape. That box in the left corner is all my Christmas presents for the year. They were in my closet. In the bottom left you can see a pile of clothes…now that I’ve done laundry I don’t have enough room for all my clothes anywhere. Must. Finish. Closet. No, I didn’t bother moving the vacuum to take these pictures. That trash bag is full of donate clothes. The boxes in the top right corner are eventually going to sit on our nightstands (the ones that don’t exist yet) but for now they sit on the floor. And one is full of spare coat hangers that I don’t have room for.

AT Style Cure #7: Weekend Homework | The Wilson BuzzHere is the other side of the room. We cleaned the dresser off! (My goal is to keep it clear until after we have it 100% finished. The stuff on it in this picture will be gone soon.) And I got rid of that plastic underneath it…it was super gross for reasons I’m not going into right now. Or ever, for that matter. I have another pile of clothes in front of the bathroom door, and my hamper is usually in my closet. Plus all my shoes over there on the left… I think Mr. T is going to paint those hooks yellow. That may make the whole thing worse, but whatever. #NoRagrets Should the dresser be more to the left? I can’t decide…

AT Style Cure #7: Weekend Homework | The Wilson BuzzYeah, haven’t done anything with the gallery wall yet, but I did warn Mr. T that I was changing it up. I’m thinking I’ll take the GB prints out, then cluster everything else together in the center of the wall, then build it out as we get more art. The clothes on the floor are real motivation to get my closet finished – I am terrified an animal is going to pee on them.

AT Style Cure #7: Weekend Homework | The Wilson BuzzI was so lazy I didn’t even bother trying to get shots without dog cameos. This is Karizma, in case she’s never been introduced. We’re fostering her for Operation Education, the group that had Vigo. She has heartworms, poor girl. She just finished her second round of treatment, and already has an adopter lined up! Just two more weeks and we’re back down to three dogs, thank goodness. You can see Mr. T got 1/3 of his laundry in the wash. Unfortunately he overloaded the washer, so we had to dry them in two batches, which effectively killed the laundry momentum. >.< And I’m pretty sure that second load was never put in the dryer, because I didn’t do it. He never remembers to do the laundry after I go to bed. You can kind of see his honey-do list on top of the filing cabinet. Tomorrow my requests are: paint the dresser so I can get at least some of my clothes put away (not sure where I’m going to keep the dresser until the closet is finished, but that’s a story for another day); and clean off some display shelves he got for the gallery but never took up there. They’ve been sitting in our driveway, probably getting ruined, for weeks. So I’m going to use them as temporary shoe storage until I come up with a different solution. I just want him to clean them off and bring them into the bedroom – put them against the wall to the right of my clothes hamper up there in Picture #2.

So, yeah – the room’s still kind of a hot mess, but it’s more like “cook a pizza in the oven” hot and less “molten lava”. At least now we can move around a bit more freely. Oh, another fun thing we discovered – the walls/ceiling are SUPER not level. Mr. T was going to mark off where he needed to paint yellow trim around the ceiling, using a laser level. He marked down four inches, turned the laser on, started drawing a line…I don’t remember the exact difference in distance from one corner to another, but it’s pretty obviously different. So no clue what we’re going to do there. Hooray!!

2. Collect Paint Chips

Well I’ve told you allll about my emerald love. For the walls we just grabbed a gallon of “white” off the shelf. And the yellow that we bought…I have no clue what paint chip we used anymore. >.< But we’re set on colors, so I’m not worrying about this aspect of the challenge.

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