AT Style Cure #6: Increase Your Color Confidence

​​One of my favorite blogs is Apartment Therapy. For the month of November they’re doing a Style Cure room makeover challenge to help you prepare for the holidays. I’m going to makeover our bedroom – while it’s not really a room that will get a lot of visibility from guests I think having a “safe” place to come back to for family overload recovery will be very beneficial. :)

#6: Increase Your Color Confidence in 5 Minutes.

My initial thoughts when seeing this assignment: Oops. We already picked our colors. I really don’t want to find out we got something wrong. No take backs!!

Okay, now off to read the rest of the article.


1. There Are Warm and Cool Colors
Well alright then…this won’t be too mind-blowing after all. Maybe.

2. Warm Colors are Stimulating
Awww, yisss… ;)

Warm colors therefore work really well in the social rooms of your house, such as the living room, dining room and kitchen. They are also ideal for restaurants and bars, where socializing, eating and drinking are paramount.

3. Cool Colors are Calming
Well I knew that, at least on some level. I did choose mainly cool colors for our bedroom. (blues and grays)

Cool colors are therefore best in private rooms where concentration, calmness and rest are most important, such as the bedroom, office, and nursery.

4. A Short Note on Black and White
Eb-ony, and i-vory….living together in har-mo-ny!

Therefore, remember that when you paint a room straight white, it is going to tend to be cold, and will need a lot of color or other warm elements to make it physically comfortable, whereas black is instantly warm and needs to be used sparingly so that it doesn’t overwhelm. A little black will go a long way.

Hmmm…interesting. I did choose to paint the walls white specifically so I could bring in more color with accents, so I guess I’m still good! And I love my mostly-black bathroom – don’t hate!

5. A Short Note on Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are like mutts; they are mixes where no strong color is evident.

I find that racist!

Neutrals are rarely exciting in their own right, but they become very exciting and sophisticated with put together with one another and with a starring color in their midst. I recommend getting to love the wide array of neutral colors and using them liberally as a base for any room.

I do plan on using quite a bit of natural wood tones, so I think I got this covered!!

6. Putting Color to Use – Be Consistent To Start With!
Consistency – my one weakness! (That’s not even kind of accurate.)

Build a palette that works with one color set and then stick to your guns. If you do, you will find you avoid most of the pitfalls that beset jarring color combinations.

Hmm…are they implying I don’t use yellow with my emerald?? Because I say “poo poo” to that!

THE 80/20 RULE

Use strong colors sparingly. Allow them to punctuate a room, not define it. In any room, go for 80 percent neutral and 20 percent strong colors. Small batches of color have a tremendous effect on the whole and will bring out the neutral colors around them.

One example: A living room with off-white walls (warm/neutral) with rich brown couches (warm/neutral). Add a deep red rug (warm/color) and table lamps in black, silver or red (warm/color).

Hmmm… When all’s said and done the spread will be a bit like this:


  • white walls
  • natural wood bed frame
  • natural wood nightstands
  • natural wood dog houses
  • natural wood desk
  • wood floors
  • frames for the art
  • rugs a mixture of neutral and color


  • yellow stripe along ceiling (warm)
  • emerald painted dresser (cool)
  • emerald ombre starburst (cool)
  • painted some unknown color filing cabinet
  • not sure yet on colors curtains
  • all the art
  • rugs a mixture of neutral and color

If you just look at the number of bullet points, it’s about 50/50, but when you consider the square footage, I think neutrals will win out overall. I don’t know about the 80/20 split, though. It’s probably closer to something like…75/25. Because 60/40 sounded bad and 70/30 sounded too much like lying. >.< And anyway – right up there they say “remember that when you paint a room straight white, it is going to tend to be cold, and will need a lot of color” so take that! 8P

I don’t know if I’ve gained any confidence in my color choices or not… I mean, I was pretty confident in them before. Maybe this should’ve warned me about imminent doom? But I didn’t really get that, either. Hopefully that means I’m on track, and not in denial!! I have a bad imagination when it comes to things like this, but I can kind of get a picture of how I want the room to end up, and I don’t think it will look bad! #OverwhelmingConfidence

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