AT Style Cure #5: Focus on a Floor Plan

​​One of my favorite blogs is Apartment Therapy. For the month of November they’re doing a Style Cure room makeover challenge to help you prepare for the holidays. I’m going to makeover our bedroom – while it’s not really a room that will get a lot of visibility from guests I think having a “safe” place to come back to for family overload recovery will be very beneficial. :)

#5: Create a floorplan of your room with accurate measurement info.

Oh this should be fun… I remember Young House Love tested a couple of different floor plan apps, so I went to their site to try to track that post down. Great success. Too bad their reviews weren’t that great… Side note: I’m SUPER BUMMED that they stopped blogging. SUPER. BUMMED. Everything I love leaves me, eventually.

What was I talking about? Oh, right – on the AT site, they recommended 3 different apps, two of which had bad reviews from YHL and one that wasn’t available for Android. There are also 2 tutorials for homemade floorplans. And while I thought that might be fun…I may look into one of the four online programs they suggested. Or I may do all four of them and review them here! LET’S DO THAT. Note: I’m going to post them in the order that I give up on them. lol!


Ugh – you have to download this one. Gonna go ahead and cross that off the list. It might be the best one, but I’m not downloading anything. #lazy


Ugh. So far I’ve only gotten the proper width/height and added in doors and windows (not necessarily in the exact right locations) and this one is pretty lame. I’m not even going to finish, unless both of the other two get super sucky at some point.

AT Style Cure #5: Focus on a Floor Plan | The Wilson Buzz


We got off to a rocky start…when I first started trying to create a floorplan, it would throw an error message when I drag & dropped the first room, saying it had to touch an existing room. I was like THERE IS NO EXISTING ROOM and almost gave up entirely. But I referenced my two degrees in computer smarts and decided to reload the page first. It worked right away. 8}

I had a couple of complainy/ranty paragraphs that I just deleted, because adding objects was hard, and stupid. But then I realized if you add “generic <object name>” everything suddenly gets MUCH EASIER. You an adjust widths and heights and all sorts of stuff! The rest of the crap on this site is just nonsense. Ugh – apparently there aren’t generic nightstands?!

Overall I think it’s cumbersome and not worth the effort. But I guess that’s what’s wrong with my generation, eh? It is free, after all. But I’m calling it quits on this one as well, until further notice.

AT Style Cure #5: Focus on a Floor Plan | The Wilson Buzz


This one was actually mentioned on YHL, so my initial thoughts were that it would be the best. And I was right! It was the easiest to use, and I could’ve added an ALPACA if I wanted to! Man…I should’ve. I totally got the scale wrong, but you can kind of get the idea:

AT Style Cure #5: Focus on a Floor Plan | The Wilson Buzz

The door in the upper left leads into the bathroom. The door in the lower left goes into the hallway. The double doors are Mr. T’s closet (mine is a walk-in in the bathroom). My desk is going to go between the closet and hall doors, but I swear there’s more room than that! Our emerald dresser is the one going between the bathroom and hall doors. I put a dog basket where the epic dog condo will go. And you see how I want one nightstand to be as wide as the window, while the other is a bit more skinny? Will that look okay?? I don’t know yet what we’re going to do as far as rugs go. I just threw that one on there because I wanted to. #DealWithIt I bought a small runner off of Zulily forever ago. It’s like 2’x4′ or something…pretty small. It might go on Mr. T’s side of the bed. The only way I could get him to agree on hardwood is if he could have a rug to step onto when he got out of bed in the morning. 8}

2 thoughts on “AT Style Cure #5: Focus on a Floor Plan

  1. I spent way too long trying to sort out the programs too! I couldn’t get past the scale problem so I just gave up and went to publisher.

    You room looks very sweet, I love how your desk fits so perfectly. Well unless the scale is off and it blocks a door…in which case I think you should move it ;)

    • The scale was all so weird, and I didn’t want to measure everything! I’m pretty sure there will be enough room for a filing cabinet beside the desk!! I failed at creating a floor plan. >.< Should've just used paper and called it a day.

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