AT Style Cure #4: Hello Outbox, Goodbye Clutter

​​One of my favorite blogs is Apartment Therapy. For the month of November they’re doing a Style Cure room makeover challenge to help you prepare for the holidays. I’m going to makeover our bedroom – while it’s not really a room that will get a lot of visibility from guests I think having a “safe” place to come back to for family overload recovery will be very beneficial. :)

#4: Create an outbox and put one thing in it.


  1. Anything can go in the Outbox
  2. The Outbox is allowed to get messy
  3. Everything must stay in the Outbox for at least one week
  4. After that time you have several choices
    a. Take anything back out
    b. Leave anything you are undecided about for one more week
    c. Dispose of the rest by moving to the garbage, recycling bin, or giveaway pile

Hmm… I like the idea of this. My first thought would be to use the corner of the room that’s already cluttered, but maybe I need to actually get the stuff OUT of the bedroom to be able to look at it objectively – and to get the room clean! Mr. T is more of a hoarder than I am, so this might be difficult for him. But maybe not, because we’re both sick of living in chaos! Hmm… Decisions, decisions…

AT Style Cure #4:  Hello Outbox, Goodbye Clutter | The Wilson BuzzOkay, so I went with the hall closet. That’s our bedroom door to the left. It’s closed because Mr. T was sleeping. (He’s sick, poor guy.) That is the majority of my clothes from my closet, just condensed down into a very tiny space. I really don’t have a lot of clothes, I just spread them all out so it’s easy to find stuff!! Seriously, I was late for work today because I couldn’t find my friggen pants. DO YOU SEE THEM IN THERE? Well they’re there. 8P

Also, my clothes are not the one item we were supposed to include. Neither is the vacuum. Yes, it’s the dinky little basket. Listen – that had flowers in it from my grandparents’ funeral. I’ve been hanging onto it for nearly five years now. I get sentimental about weird stuff. I’m not as bad as that guy on hoarders who refused to throw away junk mail with his mom’s name on it, but I’m close. It’s all well and good if I had actually done something with that basket, but I never have. It’s just always in the way, and we use it to dump junk in that we don’t know what else to do with. It’s actually currently full of junk. I pulled out some cards I’d bought that I haven’t been able to find in months and left all the other random junk…I don’t even remember what it is – that’s how not important it is. 8P There was a tampon in the bottom, though. STILL IN THE PACKAGING – I’M NOT DISGUSTING.

Fun fact – this closet is probably the cleanest spot in our entire house, because I just cleaned it out last week. And now I’m going to fill it up with junk from the bedroom! So it goes… Although, it was a pretty effective outbox already, because almost all the junk that was in it we decided to donate. Go us!

4 thoughts on “AT Style Cure #4: Hello Outbox, Goodbye Clutter

  1. Tell your fella I hope he feels better. I need to do an outbox too. Honestly, I probably just need to have a permanent one somewhere in my home for the rest of time. I’m always accumulating junk. You could use the basket to hold your keys! Put it somewhere by the door. Or put potpourri in it and put it somewhere to smell good.

    • He’s pretty pitiful. :(

      Yeah, I’m thinking I may make this closet sort of a permanent outbox. Or maybe we could eventually make a place out in the garage. We haven’t been able to keep the garage clean yet, though, so that might not be viable. And now that Todd is sick it doesn’t look like it or the backyard are going to get cleaned up enough to use for the party on Saturday. :\ I’ll do good to get the main part of the house cleaned up!!

      I’m going to keep thinking about what I can do with it…maybe search Pinterest, too. We already have a dish by the door that we don’t use for keys. lol! And I just made that other little dish at The Pottery Place that I don’t really have a use for… I hate to throw it out, but I’d be better off hanging up a picture of them than having a random basket with a tampon in it gather dust in the corner of our bedroom. >.<

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