AT Style Cure #3: Finding Focus

​​One of my favorite blogs is Apartment Therapy. For the month of November they’re doing a Style Cure room makeover challenge to help you prepare for the holidays. I’m going to makeover our bedroom – while it’s not really a room that will get a lot of visibility from guests I think having a “safe” place to come back to for family overload recovery will be very beneficial. :)

#3: Choose Your Room and Do the 10 Minute Mindful Makeover

1. Choose which room you will work on this month:

I’ve known from Day 1 that I was going to do my bedroom. So check this bad boy off the list! Also, this paragraph explaining what we’re going to do?? omgyesplease – that’s exactly what I want to do in the room!

…we’ve set aside time to paint or otherwise decorate the walls (one wall or more, up to you), add (at least) one new decor item to go with the refreshed wall (this can be a diy project or a purchase, and can be anything from big to not-so-big, examples might be a new-to-you piece of furniture, or a set of curtains or recovering pillows or switching out a lampshade). We will also deep clean the room, organize it and evaluate the flow, lighting and accessories.

2. Do the 10 Minute Mindful Makeover:

I was about to say “I know exactly what I want done – I’ve been obsessing over it for a YEAR now! It all needs to be fixed!!” and then I read this:

This will reduce stress by helping you to focus on the specific things that really will make a difference, rather than looking at the room as a whole and feeling like it ALL needs to change for improvement to be possible.

Oh. Okay, then. Allow me to 10 MMM…

I think the things I want to get finished the most are…

  • finish painting the trim (white around the doors and floor and yellow around the ceiling*)
  • finish painting the dresser
  • paint the ombre starburst above the dresser*
  • CLEAN everything so the room is no longer cluttered or messy
  • reorganize the gallery wall
  • if finances allow, add curtains beside the bed

*Mr. T is doing the italicized bits, hopefully.

That’s a lot of bullet points, but I don’t think it’s anything too major, really. Just some painting where we already have the paint purchased, and cleaning. The only expense would really be buying curtains/fabric for curtains.

3. Before Pictures

Y’all. You know how people from those totally-not-real-life blogs post pictures saying “I’m gonna be real with you…this is what my house really looks like, without all the staging and cropping magic!” and you look at it and go “Um, really? Because I would gladly take that over the chaos that is my life!” Just take a look at these bad boys. And this is AFTER we spent a good chunk of time on Sunday cleaning it up a lot bit.

In an attempt to get a “fresh perspective” I started out sitting in the corner of our bedroom beside Mr. T’s closet. Since that part of the room is usually under a thick layer of possibly-clean-probably-dirty clothes, I rarely spend any time over there. I see a whole heck of a lot of potential! Just trying to think positive here… ;)

AT Style Cure #3: Finding Focus | The Wilson BuzzThe first thing I noticed was our “gallery wall”. I’d slowly been collecting art (I want to make love-themed gallery wall eventually) but hadn’t hung any yet. Mr. T got impatient and threw what I had collected up there one weekend. He also included some Ghostbusters prints I’d bought him for Christmas. >.< And the mirror is too low for me to see my face when I look in it. And it’s crooked. Ignore the Christmas stocking, mmkay?? A for effort! At least the art is up and out of the way. But I really want this to look less chaotic. :( And even though Mr. T loves Ghostbusters with the fierce passion of ten-thousand suns…they don’t really fit the feel I’m going for. ;) I’m going to add “reorganize gallery wall” to my to-do list for this Style Cure extravaganza.

AT Style Cure #3: Finding Focus | The Wilson BuzzAs messy as it is, this portion of wall is the closest to “what I want” out of the entire room. That dresser needs to finish being painted, and the hardware needs to be reattached, and it needs to be centered back on the wall. But I love my Emerald!! This is the wall I want Mr. T to do the ombre starburst. I think it will look faaaabulous. Another “panic and DO something because Sarah won’t” moment Mr. T had was putting up those hooks. The first night those were in place I didn’t notice them until after I had gotten in bed and I thought for sure we had a creeper hiding behind the bedroom door. Almost peed the bed. THANKS, OBAMA. I’m not sure I want to keep that there, but we’ll see.

AT Style Cure #3: Finding Focus | The Wilson BuzzAfter my little corner sitting moment, I moved around in the room, looking at different things. This is where I want my desk to go. See that three-bucket hamper full of clothes? All those clothes were originally on the floor. Yeah. THAT’S MY LIFE. The bag of clothes in front of it were given to me by coworkers months ago and I’ve never tried them on. So it’s not all Mr. T!! But I’m gonna blame him anyway. So, yeah – I want to paint the filing cabinet and bring my desk back in here. But the desk needs to be sanded and stained first. And before that the garage needs to be cleaned out. So this area is pretty low on my to-do list. I do so look forward to having a desk, though. For now this area is just “meh – whatever” in my book.

AT Style Cure #3: Finding Focus | The Wilson BuzzTurning and looking at my bed… Yeah, it hasn’t been touched since March. Like my fleece sheets from Target? They’re awesome. There is also an emerald-ish blanket from Kroger down on the floor, and a fabulous yellow comforter from Target. We like pillows. Mr. T is part bird, I think, and enjoys building nests after I wake up in the morning. I call that zebra-print pillow the slut pillow because Mr. T would rather cuddle with it than me. >.> We aren’t on good terms, Slut Pillow and I. I want to put curtains on both sides of the bed and get rid of the blinds. Mr. T and Smithy are supposed to be building night stands. I want the one on his side of the bed to be short and wide, while mine is taller and more skinny. The layout of this room is stupid – it’s impossible to center the bed anywhere in it. Do you think any of that will look weird?? I really can’t tell. :\

AT Style Cure #3: Finding Focus | The Wilson BuzzIn this corner, instead of trash and a box of plates (I have no idea how they got in here…) we’re supposed to one day have a custom-built double-decker dog house for Splinter and Vigo. Splinter’s will go on top, Vigo’s on the bottom. I’m envisioning some snazzy digs…if they get built before the dogs die of old age. >.< We’ll just need to always have two dogs of appropriate size in order to utilize such a fancy-pants house! 8} But for now…I just wan to keep this corner clean. I’m not sure what I could put there to prevent clutter from building up, but I need to think of something! Maybe Mr. T’s hamper? Maybe my hamper??

That’s it! I can’t wait for November and my “after” post!! I’m sure it’s going to look fantastical in here. 8}

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