AT Style Cure #2: Weekend Homework

​​One of my favorite blogs is Apartment Therapy. For the month of November they’re doing a Style Cure room makeover challenge to help you prepare for the holidays. I’m going to makeover our bedroom – while it’s not really a room that will get a lot of visibility from guests I think having a “safe” place to come back to for family overload recovery will be very beneficial. :)

#2: Go On a Style Scouting Outing

I’m going to cheat a little on this one, since I didn’t have time to go on a scouting expedition this weekend. I already have a Pinterest board for bedroom stuff. There isn’t much on it, actually… *womp womp* So I guess I’m going to go through each of my boards that I’ve set up for a specific room in the house (bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc.) and pick the one image that makes me go “yes – do want”. If I try to go through EVERY board…well that will just take too long and result in like 50 pictures or something crazy.

The ProjectoryThis is so simple, yet so marvelous. Mr. T is going to do something similar for me, in Emerald. We’re also doing it horizontal instead of vertical, and it will go over the dresser that I painted. Or started to paint and haven’t finished so it hasn’t been usable for nearly a year and kind of looks like a hot mess. UGH. There is so much on my to-do list!!

Color of the Year 2013: MugOh, hey – it was Pantone’s “color of the year” in 2013…maybe my subconscious latched onto it if it was used a lot in design due to that most prestigious award?? I hope that doesn’t mean I decide to do a “radiant orchid” room next year… For some reason it’s looking much more green on the Pantone website than it does in my house. I’m posting this image because emerald is one of the main colors for our bedroom. It’s going to be emerald and other blues, yellow, gray, and neutrals like white and wood tones. If we ever finish it…

modern peg boardThis came from my kitchen board. I love that it’s easily modified – if you get a new pot and it doesn’t fit anywhere, just reorganize the wall! And it’s so clean, and pretty. And look! Emerald!! It’s a sign…

DIY outdoor curtains made of canvas panels and grommetsI desperately want a beautiful and peaceful backyard. I doubt that will EVER happen. But doesn’t that look like an amazing place to relax?? Having that many pillows outside seems like too much work, though. I mean, it’s great for this photo shoot, but they gonna get NASTY after a rain or two. And lugging them in and out of storage somewhere is too much work. So take out all those decorative pillows and that’s what I want.

free-standing shelvesAnother item on my home reno to-do list is to build shelves like this in our living room. I want them to line the entire wall across from our couches. Right now we have this huge honking electric fireplace that we’re thinking we may move into the garage at some point, to fancify Mr. T’s man cave. 8} He loves it; I think it’s way too big (especially for our living room) so this way he gets to use it and I don’t have to see it! Plus it will help keep the garage warm in the winter. Now we just have to clean out the garage…

framed pagesThis isn’t the greatest picture, but that’s why I love this blog so much. It seems way more realistic than those picture-perfect blogs that have houses that look like show rooms more than real life. But that’s neither here nor there! This is from my “future nursery” board. Doesn’t everyone have multiple Pinterest boards dedicated to their future children (that they haven’t even started trying to conceive)?? I even have the book picked out that I want to use!

Is…is that what I was supposed to do?? lol!

4 thoughts on “AT Style Cure #2: Weekend Homework

  1. I already have several pages of kid’s room ideas saved. Kid’s, not infants. That’s probably like a decade early. So I think nursery planning at your stage is allowed, lol. Also, I’m stealing that kitchen shelf idea, so nifty!

    • Dude, I have SO MANY nifty things pinned! I just suck at the follow-through! I have a board for the older kid rooms as well. 8} For real – it’s out of control. I just see so many cute ideas for kids and I know there’s no way I’ll remember it for 5-10 years, so I might as well save it!

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