AT Style Cure #15: Do What You Gotta Do

One of my favorite blogs is Apartment Therapy. For the month of November they’re doing a Style Cure room makeover challenge to help you prepare for the holidays. I’m going to makeover our bedroom – while it’s not really a room that will get a lot of visibility from guests I think having a “safe” place to come back to for family overload recovery will be very beneficial. :)

#15: Catch Up, Get Ahead, or Take a Break.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I’m sure everyone can use a chunk of free time to work on the Cure in whatever capacity will make you feel best about your progress – it’s your day, so make the most of it!

Raring to go? I’ll give you a secret heads up: We’re going to paint this weekend, so tomorrow’s assignment is getting your room cleared out and prepped for painting. Feel free to forge ahead if you are feeling motivated!

Of course this is the painting weekend… Mr. T is going out of town. >.< Just me and four very large dogs in the house with our pistols and pepper spray. Sorry – people always flip out when you mention going out of town or something in a public forum. Just so we’re all clear, we really do have four large dogs in our house that will definitely be left loose at night because Mr. T is the one that doesn’t like them being in the bed. And we really do have pistols in accessible locations. I’m not afraid to pew pew you dead, robbers and rapists!

What was I talking about? Painting??

Right. Mr. T is supposed to paint the yellow ceiling stripe that hopefully doesn’t look stupid, and the ombre starburst over the dresser. It’s not that I can’t and he can – it’s what he wants to do, and well…I’ll let him. Painting makes me hate my life, anyway. Speaking of… I could use this weekend to finish my closet, and then I can gather up all my clothes that are spread to the four winds and put them back where they belong. Of course, the dresser still isn’t finished, so that will have to wait. Mr. T’s projects sure are piling up!! ;) I was about to suggest that I do the ombre starburst this weekend (if I finish my closet), but then I remembered I need to paint the dresser. SO MUCH PAINTING! For someone that hates it so much, I sure sign up for it a lot.

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