AT January Cure #8: Do a Surface Sweep

The Power of the Surface Sweep

Choose one room in your home where the surfaces could use some attention. Set a timer for 3 minutes and GO. Dive in and straighten as if your life depends on it, flat out FAST for the duration of the timer. Scoop stuff up, gather it together and put it where it goes. Glasses and mugs to the sink, magazines in the rack, junk mail in the trash…you get the idea. This isn’t about going on a full room cleaning binge. It’s just a quick reset to get things under control in the speediest way possible and then move right on to whatever it is you want or need to be doing at the moment.

It’s a surprisingly effective tool against creeping clutter, it really works for staying ahead of the tide before things get to the “I give up!” point. It’s most effective when done regularly. Consider doing a 3 minute “surface sweep” once a day for the rest of the Cure – I think that once you see the returns on your (very small!) time investment, you’ll be hooked.

This kind of reminds me of an app I bought but have never used. UfYH (Unf*ck Your Habitat): “Terrifying motivation for lazy people with messy homes.” There are some pre-set challenges you can do… I hit “Random Challenge” and got “Kitchen: Wipe down the outside of your fridge, and do a quick throw-away of anything expired or gross inside.” Oh, hey – I did that yesterday! *high five* You can also set a time limit. If it’s something you think you can get done quickly, you can set the timer for 5 min. There are also options for 10 or 20 minutes. You can also choose “Challenge by Room” which is basically “Random Challenge”, but you pick the room you want to work on from a drop-down. The most fun option is “Random Unf*cking Motivation” – “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GO NOW. RIGHT F*CKING NOW.” – and other such cheery things pop up when you click that. And then there’s the 20/10 timer. Clean for 20 minutes, take a 10 minute break. I feel like the 3 minute surface sweep is for people like my sister, who maintain a relatively tidy house. UfYH is for people like me, who live in total chaos.

What in Sam Hill was I even talking about?

I think my focus today will be very, very specific – the coffee table in our living room. Listen…if there is a surface, we WILL put something on it, and immediately forget it exists. If it’s even slightly out of eyesight, or doesn’t block the flow of traffic, all bets are off. Dude – I watched like 3 episodes of Criminal Minds with a CUP in front of our TV because I was too lazy to get up and move it! To be fair, once the dogs are settled moving generally isn’t worth it. Anyway, I’m gonna clean off this table:

AT January Cure #8: Do a Surface Sweep | The Wilson BuzzReady, aaaaaand…go! The magic of time travel means you don’t have to wait on me to actually do it before you can see the results! And what glorious results they are!! (Not really…it’s still a crappy coffee table, and still has some random junk on it.)

AT January Cure #8: Do a Surface Sweep | The Wilson BuzzI had really hoped to get more done. And this actually took me a full 20 minutes. I did not anticipate that. (I decided to do the 20/10 UfYH method, instead of the 3 minute panic mode clean from AT.) To be fair, my mom called me right in the middle of it and that slowed me down. Not to mention we have dogs. How much can you really get done with THIS happening:

AT January Cure #8: Do a Surface Sweep | The Wilson BuzzAnd THIS:

AT January Cure #8: Do a Surface Sweep | The Wilson BuzzAfter my 10 minute break I was going to do the dishes, but when I tried to hop on Facebook the Internet was misbehaving. Naughty Internet… And no, I don’t mean porn pop-ups. I mean when I went to our download speed was UNDER 2mbps. That is redonk. So that turned into an hour-long chat with AT&T online support. We’re signed up for 45mbps AND I COULDN’T EVEN GET 5. The technician finally got it up to around 20 – if I was standing on top of the router. An irl tech is coming out today to take a look at the setup. And while I’m ranting about AT&T…I called on Jan 6 to cancel our TV and the woman said that since I’d already paid for this month, I’d get reimbursed. I said…well, since I’ve already paid, could I just keep the TV through the end of the month, so I can watch everything on the DVR? Suuuuuure, she says. That’s fiiiiiiine, she says. Well when I logged on to their site to figure out what was up with the Internet, I noticed our upcoming bill still had TV on it!! #rage

What on earth does that have to do with cleaning off a coffee table? ihavenoidea

Here’s a cute picture of Sputnik as an apology. He’s up for adoption!!

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