AT January Cure #7: Get a Get-Together Together

Choose a date and time for a get-together.

Getting together with a friend or two (or a whole bunch if that is how you roll!) in your clean and organized home is the very best way to end the Cure. Of course, it’s a very nice way to reward yourself for your work, but I have a (somewhat) sneaky ulterior motive for asking you to plan it now. It will be a great motivator for the rest of the month – knowing that you have the gathering coming up with definitely help keep you on track. So – no excuses – make a plan and get the invites out…and then you are done for the day.

Hmm… I used to try to do a Ladies’ Night once a week (then once a month, then never) at my house. I could try to start that up again? There was also a discussion of our small group at church having a Superbowl party…but I’m not sure those people want to come over to my house. :\ I don’t necessarily think my house is in that bad of shape, considering the sheer number of animals we have had in our possession over the past year, and how disorganized Mr. T and I are in general. But after visiting a few of the houses that other people in our group live in…we’re just not on their level. Like…no where close to their level. But maybe the more normal people are all too embarrassed to host, and we could make them feel more human!! Wait, the Superbowl is on February 1. Pretty sure we won’t have cable at that point. NEVERMIND. Ladies’ Night it is!!

AT January Cure #7: Get a Get-Together Together | The Wilson BuzzI’m glad this was a short one, because I didn’t get around to cleaning out my fridge this weekend (I did organize a couple cabinets!) so this will give me a chance to take care of that this evening!

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