AT January Cure #6: A Better Kitchen

Clean Your Kitchen and Declutter/Organize as You Go

Remember, this is about investing time now to create a better home for you to enjoy all year – it’s not about perfection, but improvement.

To help you organize your time and your tasks, here is a checklist of chores to tackle:

  • Clean the fridge, inside and out. Get rid of the items that are expired/should be replaced.
  • Clean your cabinets, inside and out. Do a purge of the contents as you go, putting items you no longer use in the outbox.
  • Clean all surfaces with your favorite cleaner.

Oh I needed this. I so needed this. Thank you, Apartment Therapy!!

I still need to clean the oven and clean off the counters, but I made some decent progress! Mr. T is supposed to be doing the dishes tonight – I’ll clean the counters after that’s taken care of. ANT POISON. That was the other thing I was supposed to get at the store. Dangit! Anyway, here are some pictures:

before after
AT January Cure #6: A Better Kitchen | The Wilson Buzz AT January Cure #6: A Better Kitchen | The Wilson Buzz
AT January Cure #6: A Better Kitchen | The Wilson Buzz AT January Cure #6: A Better Kitchen | The Wilson Buzz

Aaaaand here’s all the crap that I threw away that had expired. EVERY bottle of salad dressing. >.< I have eaten a lot of salads! But I usually only make it 1-2 weeks at a time, and then fall off the wagon and when I go back to buy more salad stuff I can’t remember how much dressing I have left, so I buy another bottle. And then I have five bottles of mostly-empty Ranch expired in my fridge.

AT January Cure #6: A Better Kitchen | The Wilson BuzzSputnik was very interested in the old to-go boxes. He followed me all the way to the front door when I took the bag out, too. lol! God bless him.

And my flowers! We got to buy flowers again this week. I *almost* got cut flowers but I just couldn’t bring myself to “throw money away” like that. So I bought some daffodils!

AT January Cure #6: A Better Kitchen | The Wilson BuzzI figure I can plant them when it warms up. Right? Is that a thing I can do? I would assume so. I know my parents have daffodils that sprout up every year, and that’s one of the ways they can tell where old homesteads were. So I think I can plant these and they’ll come back next year. Right?

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  1. Tete-a-Tetes! So cheerful! The secret to Narcissus bulbs is to let them go brown and dry all on their own without prematurely chopping off the browning leaves. The bulbs are drawing back nutrients and energy from the foliage. You should let ’em sit somewhere sunny, and keep them moderately moist while in bloom, but once they start dying back don’t let the soil get wet because the bulbs will rot. Plant ’em outside as soon as the ground is workable in spring. You might want to plant them a little deeper than their pot level. They won’t do anything for the rest of this year, but they should come back next spring! Happy Curing!

  2. The table is lovely, Sputnik is adorable. I bought a hyancynth that’s still all green. And yes, the area I grew up in, we would look for the daffadills to mark the homesteads. I once got awesome day-lillies from an old homestead, they had gone wild, the locals knew where the place was and every year, people would come dig lillies, while leaving enough for the next year. Man, those lillies gone wild were TOUGH! They survived floors and droughts. I bet they are blooming still in my old garden.

    Needlepoint, I’ve never seen that info anywhere! I’m making a note of it!

    Now back to my kitchen cure….

    • I’ve seen people off on the side of the road on my way home from work getting daffodils… I really hope they got the land owner’s permission! :) I know my parents don’t do anything to maintain the ones they have in their yard, which is why I went with these…surely I can’t kill them!!

      • They are pretty tough. Mom had a huge garden of varieties of daffodils. I could literally take armloads of them and still have plenty in the garden. The homesteads had been abandoned for at least twenty to thirty years, and the flowers just spread and spread. One place had about an acre of gone wild daffodils. Unbelievably beautiful.

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