AT January Cure #3: A Clutter Collector

You Need This


  1. Anything can go in the Outbox
  2. The Outbox is allowed to get messy
  3. Everything must stay in the Outbox for at least one week
  4. After that time you have several choices
    a. Take anything back out
    b. Leave anything you are undecided about for one more week
    c. Dispose of the rest by moving to the garbage, recycling bin, or giveaway pile

Ha! I already did this! Of course…I never really used it, and now it’s full of junk/my clothes. Maybe my clothes are the items in the outbox, waiting on their fate!! Okay, okay, enough excuses… I’ll clean the closet out and get back on track with this. I really like the idea of it! I actually felt kind of bad yesterday, because I didn’t get around to doing this. But today’s assignment is to “Purge the Pantry” which I can only assume means what it says it means. If so, I did that yesterday!! The reason I didn’t get around to setting up my outbox was because we went grocery shopping. And our pantry was chaos, so when I got home I reorganized it a bit. I’d really like “A System” to make it much much better…but I don’t know what that system would be.

AT January Cure #3: A Clutter Collector | The Wilson Buzz AT January Cure #3: A Clutter Collector | The Wilson Buzz

*sigh of relief* MUCH better.

I’ve gotten at least some of my clothes back in my closet. My incredibly unfinished closet… I did use it as an outbox, though, because I picked out several items to donate. *high five* This is also where I want to keep our camping stuff, so I rolled up a sleeping bag that we just had laying around for God knows why or how long… I got our broom, dustpan, Swiffer, and vacuum stored in one location so we can actually FIND THEM when we want to clean… And there’s my little basket that I still haven’t done anything with. I threw away some Halloween candy! (Do you see the red bowl on the floor? It had candy in it.) There is also a curtain rod and a metal blinds twisty thing like what you use to rotate blinds, but it doesn’t match any of the blinds in the house…so they were totally replaced when she put the house up for sale.

2 thoughts on “AT January Cure #3: A Clutter Collector

  1. I purged my closet 2 years ago or so. I think I donated a couple of gigantic garbage bag full of clothes (mostly due to me growing out of the size). I still need to go through it and figure out what works for me and what doesn’t.
    My outbox is a big blue IKEA bag that holds things to donate, things to recycle, and some things to free-cycle. Fortunately, because I’m living in the middle of the city, both thrift shop and recycle center are kinda on my way to and from grocery shopping. Much easier for me to take out the bag when I go out for grocery shopping. :)

    • I have to do it slowly. I don’t really love *any* of my clothes, so they’re all on the same “meh” plane… When I try to clear anything out pretty much every item is on the borderline between “just get rid of it” and “if I *do* get rid of it, what do I wear to work??” lol! I’m working on updating my wardrobe with nicer things now that I’m an adult and have to have work clothes, but I’m still stuck in the college kid mindset of “Well that is just way too much for one shirt.”

      Once I finally do get stuff gathered to donate it will sit on our bedroom floor for awhile, then get moved into a trash bag…eventually it will get put in my car…and a month or two later it gets donated!! >.<

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