AT January Cure #19: Blast the Bathroom

Clean the Bathroom

I’m sure you have a process down that works for you, but if it helps to have a checklist to follow along with, here goes:
  • Grab the towels that are out on hooks or bars, along with the shower curtain (if you have one) and throw them in the washing machine.
  • Clear the counter, put everything in a box and transfer out of the bathroom temporarily.
  • Put your cleaner in the toilet and let it sit while you…
  • Clean the sink, scrub the tub and give the drains a good flush with vinegar followed by hot water.
  • Clean the toilet.
  • And, then, do a good overall clean of the counter, tiled walls and floor.
    • You might want to try this nifty process, which I tried for the first time after reading about it in Real Simple: spray the counter and tiled walls with your favorite spray cleaner and turn the shower on HOT for a few minutes until it gets steamy. At that point, turn off the shower and close off the bathroom for 15 minutes or so to help make the cleaner more effective (it really works!). Come back and wipe things down with an absorbent cloth (a swiffer-y type mop can help you reach up high if needed). Dry everything well. Finish off the job by wiping the floor tile.
  • Finally, shine up the mirror and replace the towels and counter-top goodies.

…and you are almost done with the January Cure! Can you believe it?

Would you like to talk about how hard I fell off the wagon? I fell of the wagon hard, y’all. But I’m going to finish all this!!

…11 days later…

So I didn’t really follow any of the directions, which I probably should have… But I worked from home on Friday and on my lunch break I cleaned. I kind of forgot to take “before” pictures, but whatever. You don’t need to know everything that happens around here, geeze. Can we get a little privacy?! PICTURE TIME:AT January Cure #19: Blast the Bathroom | The Wilson BuzzHere are our sinks. Don’t look in the sinks. I need to clean the drains. I really hate white counters. They’re impossible to keep clean. Especially if you’re not clean people. If anyone in the world doesn’t need white counters, it’s us. AT January Cure #19: Blast the Bathroom | The Wilson BuzzLook at the rugs I bought! We lived here for over two years before I got bath mats. DO NOT JUDGE. These guys were on clearance at Walmart and they are so squisy and soft…I do love them. I’m not sure on the color, but I don’t know what color I want the bathroom to be eventually, so Clearance Blue is good enough for me!AT January Cure #19: Blast the Bathroom | The Wilson BuzzA rare occurrence: Mr. T’s towel hanging on its hook. That door leads to the bedroom. Fascinating, I know.AT January Cure #19: Blast the Bathroom | The Wilson BuzzLook! A toilet! I really hate the pink walls. What color should we paint the walls?AT January Cure #19: Blast the Bathroom | The Wilson BuzzHere is our shower and my closet door. You’ve seen my closet, right? It’s a nice closet. And another bath mat!!AT January Cure #19: Blast the Bathroom | The Wilson BuzzOh look, the toilet! How lovely. And that is our – clean – master bathroom. Just…just don’t look in the bedroom, okay?

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