AT January Cure #18: Online Organizing

Mental Clutter Cleanup

Spend a little time thinking about your online homelife and what your #1 source of stress is. My guess is you’ll know right off the bat what could use a little attention. For me, its always and forever my Sisyphean quest to get to inbox zero. For you, it may also be email, or maybe password management, setting up online bill pay, a cluttery desktop that needs cleaning, email newsletters to unsubscribe to, browser bookmarks that need a purge or simply lots of digital photos and videos that could use some organizing.

Whatever it is, find 30 minutes today to dedicate to whatever issue would make you feel good to make some headway on. Just like when I asked you to clean out ONE drawer and then stop, this is a chance to positively impact one aspect of your online life that you’d like to improve today. Think of this as a good 30 minute start and know that you can revisit and finish up this chore soon and that you’ll get to the rest of them throughout the year. Set a timer and give it a go, I know you’ll be happy to get this underway.

Honestly…I spend eight hours sitting in front of a computer at work every day. And then I often spend another hour or two on a computer once I’m at home. I’m very good at keeping my digital world organized. It’s my personal life that is in chaos!!

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