AT January Cure #17: Catch-Up

It’s a Catch Up Kind of Day

Let’s kick off the final work week of the Cure with a little well-deserved time to catch up on ANYTHING you need to, from an assignment you just didn’t get to yet right on through putting the finishing touches on your project. OR, maybe even a little at-home yoga to celebrate your newly-spruced up living room…

“Cool beans, great chance to take care of Assignment #15, and paint the trim in the upstairs hallway!” << That was my thought when I read this assignment. Guess what I did last night. Go on, guess.




Yesterday morning I woke up to the sound of Chairman gnawing on my poor little bedroom plant.

AT January Cure #17: Catch-Up | The Wilson BuzzI hope he’ll be okay (the plant, not the cat – screw the cat). :( I’m already worried he’s not getting enough sunlight, or not enough/too much water. PLANTS ARE SCARY. And this – THIS – is exactly why I haven’t had any. My freaking daffodils have lost their ever-loving minds (no picture, I have some pride left). I think Angus is doing alright, but Mr. T really does need to lower him a few inches. He’s not getting the right amount of sunlight. Anyway…

So, yeah – I was already a bit bummed about the plant, and was trying to decide if I should just move him or ban the cats from the bedroom. When I got home I decided to hang up the last bit of clothes I had left for the closet, to get it ready to put the dropcloth “rug” down. That’s when I discovered something had peed on them. So I laid down the law. NO pets will be allowed in the master bedroom ever again! *stamps foot*

I need one room – ONE ROOM – in my house that I don’t have to worry about pee/poop/vomit/chewing/massive quantities of pet hair. ONE ROOM. Okay, more like two or three when you take into consideration the bathroom and my closet. But still! I’m so glad Mr. T vetoed the cat spiral staircase plan I had to connect the bonus room and my closet. (Oh, yes – I asked for it. I still kind of think it could be awesome. But no!) Of course, if they had easy access between my closet and their room/litter box maybe we wouldn’t have so many closet pee issues. Well…Khat has gone PAST a clean, accessible litter box specifically to pee in my closet, so I don’t know…

At any rate, NO PETS IN THE BEDROOM. This is going to be so hard, mainly for me. Mr. T never wants them in there, anyway. But I like having snuggle buddies, and Mr. T usually stays up later than I do. Splinter definitely doesn’t understand. He has taken to sitting at the door and whining all morning. :( I almost gave in. It’s Splinter! He’s our buddy! #1 guy!! All the kids love him!! But then I remembered…he’s the only dog that has peed in our bedroom. Probably because he’s most often allowed in there. And to be fair, he peed on the toilet. >.< He tried!! Ugh.

So, yeah. I had to clean up some type of animal urine, and do a load of laundry, so that kind of killed my motivation. We did go grocery shopping, though, and I picked up my living room plant!

AT January Cure #17: Catch-Up | The Wilson BuzzIsn’t she lovely? She’s also on top of our fireplace, so no nibbles can take place. “Sarah, why are all your plants 5′ off the floors?” “Catsssssssss…

This is the first “requires bright sunlight” plant I picked up. Our house doesn’t have a lot of windows, so it’s hard to get a lot of light in. But she also requires “no direct sunlight” (I mean, come on – bright, but not direct…you’re killing me here!) so I’m hoping this will work. I’ve started opening the living room blinds every morning when I leave, so this should be the brightest area in the house…if the sun would ever shine. What are you supposed to do with these things (plants) in the dreary winter months?!

Do you like my decor? >.< We got the little dragon at Dragon*Con, for $15. I got the two green vases at Goodwill. They reminded me of my childhood, because Mom used to have a million of these things. I put the bulb in the one because it’s burned out (I think) and I know you have to do something special when disposing of these bulbs because of the mercury or whatever…I can just never remember what it is I’m supposed to do so I panic and have a bunch of non-working bulbs all over my house. 8}

2 thoughts on “AT January Cure #17: Catch-Up

  1. Take a look at your municipality’s website. There should be instructions there somewhere for you to dispose of Hazardous waste. Then find them all and go take them wherever they are supposed to go on “outbox” day.

    I know your animal pain. I want to banish the dog from the bedroom. My husband doesn’t even have the will to keep him off the bed. (The dog jumps off and acts guilty–as well he ought!–every time he hears me coming!)

    • Good advice! I’ll need to look into that…and then find all the dead bulbs. lol!

      Both of us alternate between being the softie and the grouch…it would probably be easier if we had assigned roles. lol! The dogs know that eventually they’ll win, if they’re just persistent enough.

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