AT January Cure #12: The Media Fast

Try on a New You at Home Tonight

Your home a space where you can retreat from the outside world and focus on what is healthful and centering for you. Tonight, why not make that make that retreat just a bit more intentional – a little quieter and deeper than usual – and see how it feels? This evening, take a break from what is for many of us the default way we relax at home; turn off the TV, put down the smart phone and and give a media fast a try.

You’re killing me here. No smart phone?! I can go without TV, but I’m usually on FB and/or imgur instead. Or blogging!! How can I blog about my Cure if you won’t let me on my computer!! ;) Unfortunately I can’t break entirely from technology, because I decided I would read…and my book is on my Kindle. Then I cheated a little bit more, and took this picture, so there would be SOMETHING to this post. #dealwithit

AT January Cure #12: The Media Fast | The Wilson Buzz

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