AT January Cure #10: Little Life Change

One Drawer at a Time

Pick any ONE drawer and go to work – toss what you should (you’ll know it when you see it), move stuff you don’t need to the outbox, do a quick clean of the bottom of the drawer with a damp cloth, replace the keepers and pat yourself on the back. Done!

Rinse and repeat with a new drawer on a regular basis (one a week or one a month, up to you! no rush) and you’ll find that this chore gets faster and easier over time until you are someone who – miraculously – no longer has cluttery drawers (which is a very good thing indeed).

As soon as I read this I got a knot in my stomach. I knew which drawer needed to be done…

Aaaand then I didn’t get around to doing it, because Tony came over to watch Project Runway, but I’d cancelled our uverse. We’d caught up on all the old episodes last week, and they don’t release episodes online until the next day, so we had nothing to watch. We ended up hooking up the Chromecast and man…was that a struggle bus. I have a MS in computer science and he is working on his – you wouldn’t think we’d be so inept. First I named it “titty bar” until I realized it would show up on EVERYONE’S list of WiFi connection options (it is now “hyperbole”). Then I continuously mistyped the password for our WiFi because after the upgrade it now has letters, numbers, and special characters. I did manage to rename our router (“onomatopoeia”), although I couldn’t figure out how to change the dern password.

I don’t know why I was surprised, but you have to use the Chrome browser with Chromecast. I tried Hulu and ohmygod the LAG!! It was horrible. I thought maybe it was just Hulu sucking, because even with our PS3 connected via Ethernet we had issues. So I was like…well let’s try Netflix! And Netflix won’t play on Chrome!! We got the weirdest error message…something about a Chrome “component” that needed to be updated. Well it WAS updated. Then we closed Chrome, deleted the component, and reopened Chrome (to trigger it to reinstall the component) and still nothing. Finally I deleted Chrome and reinstalled it – nope. So we just pulled Netflix up on my phone and watched through that. It worked great!! He ended up staying until around 10:00, then Mr. T got home from working in the shop, and I fell asleep on the couch. I’m going to try to take care of “the drawer” today when I get home – I’ll update this post after I do!!

I’m ba-a-ack! So, like I was saying, I knew the exact drawer I needed to sort. Look at this thing! Just look at it!! Someone gave us a lovely little island on wheels when we first moved out of Mr. T’s grandmother’s house. I’m not going to post a picture of it, though, because it’s a mess. Just look at this drawer!!

AT January Cure #10: Little Life Change | The Wilson BuzzWell. I fixed it! I don’t have any cute sorting trays or anything fancy like that, so God knows what this will look like in a week, but…at least I’ve cleaned it out once. It has only had crap added to it for four years…nothing was ever purged. I almost couldn’t get it out of its little grooves. I threw a LOT away, found a bunch of random tools to give to Mr. T to misplace somewhere else, there were TWO flashlights with no batteries in them, a few crafty things, a metric butt-tone of pens/pencils, and some other random junk I need to find a home for.

AT January Cure #10: Little Life Change | The Wilson Buzz

2 thoughts on “AT January Cure #10: Little Life Change

  1. I can never find a sorting tray that fits any of my drawers! One of these days I’ll figure out how to build nice ones to fit, but this is not that day and I can’t see that day coming in the next few months. I chose my nightstand catchall drawer. The only reason it has stayed neat has been because I’ve been afraid to open it. Once opened, it will never look neat again. Just about every drawer in this house needs to be purged and straightened. On that day when I finally find the time and energy to figure out how to build neat trays, perhaps they will be.

    • Yeah, most drawers in our house could use a good purging. But so good every other part of our house… I have a feeling the drawers will be addressed ’round about never.

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