Arkham Asylum, Day 1

I’m FINALLY playing Arkham Asylum. I’ve only owned the stupid thing for YEARS. I did learn something valuable from my BioShock: Infinite experience and started out on Easy mode. It’s not so degrading if you start with it, instead of having to switch to it once it gets too hard. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. Honestly, it’s almost too easy. I’ve been playing for over an hour and haven’t died yet! But I’m not changing the mode. 8P I also tried to play it with the lights off, to set the mood. But I’m not familiar enough with mouse/keyboard controls, so I had to turn them back on. >.<

It’s a pretty fun game. You’re Batman, right? And you just apprehended the Joker and are bringing him into Arkham. But you’re all “This was too easy.” and the people that work at the Asylum are all “No, you can’t come in here.” and the Joker’s all like “Joke’s on you, suckas! Now I’m running this joint!” I’m already over Batman and his ideals. Because Joker has told him that he’s planning on killing lots of people and gave Batman a chance to off him and Batman was all “Nope!” (If I had been in control I would’ve at least tried to chuck a batarang at him – harumph.)

All the usual things have happened – Commissioner Gordon was captured (useless, that guy), I’ve had to subdue lots of prisoners. Harley Quinn is there. The Joker is a dick but still totally my favorite villain. Next to Jim Carrey’s Riddler… I’ve had to climb and crawl and use all my bater-tools. It’s a fun game – I like the storyline. And I REALLY like easy mode.

Best thing so far? I just tracked a guard down by his whiskey breath. Heh. Too bad Joker found out and killed him – it was a flawless plan! Also, I’m in communication with Gordon’s daughter? I know nothing about this part of the storyline, because the only thing I know about Batman is based on the movies. And I don’t recall ever seeing Batman having a direct line to Gordon’s daughter. (Aww, yeaaaa…)

The only thing that has screwed me over is I don’t know where save points are. I miss games where there was this big swirly thing you had to step through and it’d be like “BAM! YOU SAVED!” Now there is just this little swirly, inoffensive thing someone in a corner that I never notice. Like, I found the dead booze guard and it was all “Objective Complete” and I was all “GOOD TIME TO STOP, THEN!” and it was all “Are you sure, unsaved data will be lost” (This would be a good place to say “Last saved was: <blah>”), but it always says that so I was like “Yeah, whatever – totes reached a save point.” But I hadn’t! I’m not sure how far back it put me, and I was too upset to investigate.

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