Another Project?!

No, don’t worry – I’m going to finish my closet, AND our bedroom, AND MAYBE EVEN the half-bath, before I start anything else.


I’ve been thinking about the reading nook I want to put in the bonus room. PICTURES:

Another Project?! | The Wilson BuzzYou can kind of see the layout here. Sorry everything’s so junky – we’ve never really done anything up here. The bonus room is supposed to be Mr. T’s studio and go steampunk. So, uh…we’ll get to that one day. That door to the left goes into the “hallway” at the top of the stairs. The door on the right goes into the closet. It’s pretty large – 4’2″ x 9’2″ so plenty of room to add bookshelves and a comfy chair.Another Project?! | The Wilson BuzzThe right side of the closet is more shallow and has the slantways ceiling you can see in the bonus room from the first picture. I think this would be the better side to put the chair. Maybe? What do you think? Seems to make sense to me.Another Project?! | The Wilson BuzzHere is the deeper side. It’s kind of skinny, but we could line the two walls that already have a shelf with more shelves that are not as deep. I’m not sure all three walls covered in shelves would work, though… Thoughts?

I’m thinking I want dark walls. Like…super dark. It’s a closet, I know – no natural light. But we could light the shelves and put a good reading lamp in there – you’d see what you needed to see, and it would make the room super cozy. Don’t you think it’d be cozy?! My first thought was green…

Another Project?! | The Wilson Buzz Another Project?! | The Wilson Buzz

But then I saw a picture on Apartment Therapy and it reminded me that MR left a chair upstairs…

Another Project?! | The Wilson BuzzSo….maybe blue?

Another Project?! | The Wilson Buzz Another Project?! | The Wilson Buzz

But is blue on blue too much? Maybe the blue would work with green? Or should I use another color? What other color would work? For the record…this chair is much lighter in real life. The photo made it look much darker – I noticed that when I took it.

Anyway, this is all far into the future. I just get excited at the thought of a new project, before it crushes me with its reality and difficulties. Not to mention, I have specific goals in my 30 Before 30 list for home reno and pretty much none of these projects are on it:

  • bedroom
  • backyard
  • hardwood floors
  • nursery
  • living room

I mean…maybe the bedroom will get done soon? I was saving up for hardwood floors, but Mr. T took that money for his shop. I’M NOT BITTER. The one perk is that I got him to agree to put hardwood upstairs, too. So hooray! Just…who knows when it’ll ever happen. Maybe if I stopped getting derailed with all these other projects, eh? I should just give up on the backyard, to be honest. What a disaster that place is. The nursery will definitely get done. I’m really excited about that. And I have a whole board dedicated to it. 8} I’m excited about the living room, too. But that has to wait until after the floors. UGH. It might be easier to just change my list…

  • bedroom
  • backyard reading nook
  • hardwood floors (NOT GIVING UP)
  • nursery
  • living room

4 thoughts on “Another Project?!

    • I definitely want the bookshelves to be deep wood tones. I need to get paint chips and actually hold them next to that chair… Looking at these photos on my phone, laptop, and work computer they’re all very different colors, plus that picture makes the chair look darker than it is. It’s a pretty light blue.

      What I need to do is clear all the junk out of that closet, drag the chair in, and get some paint samples. But first I have to finish the dozen other projects I’ve started and not finished!! lol I like the planning more than the execution, I’ve discovered. >.<

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