So last night Mr. T was watching some anime. As he do. It was…ridiculous. As it be. Anyway, he got up for a minute and I was half watching it and I swear they kept calling this guy “Vag”. So when Mr. T came back I was like “Is this guy’s name Vag?” And he got very huffy with me and said “No! He is Vash! Vash the Stampede!”

Well, while he was gone, I had sent a FB message to my friend Little Hippo: “Not sure what this anime is that Todd turned on and then left…But I swear this guy’s name is ‘Vag’. Vag the Stampede.” And right around the time Mr. T came back and was lecturing me on Vag’s name, I get a series of messages from Little Hippo:

vash the stampede
the man worth 60 billion double dollars bounty

To both of them I said “NOPE. It’s Vag.” and that’s the end of my story.

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  1. You have to tread lightly with this one. Trigun is one of the beloved greats in the genre better known as anime. Vash is an adorable character who you come to respect simply for the way he lives his life. I had Laura watch this one with me, and she liked it mostly.

    Also, occasionally I hear the same voice actor playing other roles in other animes, and I’m like, “That’s Vash the Stampede in disguise!”

      • I think I replied to the wrong comment. This new system is confusing. Change it. And while you’re at it, make me a sammich. ;)

      • Yeah, I could have had more comment “tiers” but I didn’t want them to end up being all squished off to the side with only enough room for like one or two words per line like I’ve seen on some blogs.

        I do want to change it! But I’ve gotten more comments on the blogs I’ve posted in the past couple days than I ever did on Blogger. I doubt I’ve gotten that much more clever, so it must be WordPress magic. 8P

      • Ha ha, I don’t think it’s WordPress so much as content. You’ve done a couple things that were of interest to me, so I’ve commented. Like the Bioshock entries and the Vash the Stampede one. I usually don’t comment unless I have something to add or think I’ve got something funny/witty to say.

        And what if I asked nicely for a sandwich? ;)

  2. ZOMG I love Trigun! So good! And what Eclisiast said…

    I can see how you’d hear that. The G could be pronounced like in Genre? :p

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