And so it begins…

I uploaded my first blog post, from back in 2011! It’s about like what I remembered. I’ll be curious to see how many images are missing – that one was supposed to have a picture of Mr. T and I and it did not. I was a little worried about losing comments, but… one every really comments on my blog, anyway. 8} So if I do end up finding a post with a comment, I’ll worry about it then. It may not come up for a long, long time. You guys suck is what I’m saying.

I took the dogs to the bark park today and they were soooooo happy! They’re passed out beside me right now. One farted earlier and I almost died. It was the most vile thing I’ve ever experienced. Yay, dogs! I’ve also taken a shower and shaved my legs. Like…real shaving, with the cream and a razor and sitting on the edge of my tub. Not doing a balancing act in the shower. They so smoooooth! I should really maintain that better. I hate having prickly legs but I am so lazzzzzzy. So lazy! In about 30 minutes I’m off to get a mani/pedi also. “Why all this pampering?” you might ask. “Good question.” I might say. Tonight is Two-Tone Art Gallery‘s silent auction!!

Not only are we having a silent auction, there will also be a body paint competition and live music! Mr. T’s friend Jonny Gowow is an amazing and hilarious keyboard player. His band The Japanese Cowboys played at our wedding after-party and were so much fun. They do a lot of covers, but Jonny has started writing his own music. It’s…glorious. lol! You can listen to some of it on his Facebook page that I linked earlier. I just started playing it and scared the bejeesus out of my dogs. 8}

I’m trying to figure out tags and categories. I don’t really know the difference between the two. I think I’ll try to keep it limited to one category and then have a ton of tags. Sure, why not? I want things to be more easily searchable now, but I may go overboard. And you’ll probably never notice either way! I do suggest you add me to an RSS feed or something, if you use one. I used to use Google Reader, but those heartless bastards dropped it like it was hot. So now I’m on Feedly. It’s not so awful. They try to be fancy, though. I just want to read my blogs – I don’t need it to look like a magazine or anything.

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